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Nessian to celebrate ACOWAR releasing today and my sadness cause I won’t be able to read it until the end of May *cries*

Now what if Allura was a jazz singer?

I got out my sketchbook again! I was just going to practice sketching people, but then I sort of ended up drawing half the BAU…

Page 4 of my sketches and more notebook // 2. April 2017

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”
- Sarah Williams

I actually started this drawing a few months ago but never got around to finish it, but now it is done.

~Please ask for my permission if you want to use my photos (and give credit)!~

Alison : “Come on, guys. You need to be more excited!”

Helena : “…”

Cosima : “Whatever, been here done this”

Sarah : “What the bloody hell is this, Al?!”

Rachel : This is the last time that I said ‘bored’

Krystal : “This is sooo… weird”

* * * * *


anonymous asked:

Oh oh! Mabel in a hijab?

I actually love this idea omg I really had fun drawing this so I decided to colour it as well X))

I’m imaging Mabel throwing a huge Hijab party when she chooses to wear it at around 15 years old? She still wears her big sweaters but wears glittery hijabs to match! I have a friend who styles her hijab with a headband (usually has a big rose on the side) showing. I assume Mabel would do the same, especially with a shooting star headband!

ahhh i all of a sudden have these headcanons for Muslim!Mabel

Thanks anon X))

Send in your fandom prompts!

This took me forever BUT this is for Sarah! hope you like it, I really wanted to draw him with this outfit again eh