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VH1′s 40 Hottest Hotties of the 90′s

40. Tiffany Theissen / 39. Jenna McCarthy / 38. Tyson Beckford / 37. Cameron Diaz / 36. Denise Richards / 35. Johnny Depp / 34. Shania Twain / 33. Dean Cain / 32. Sarah Michelle Gellar / 31. Fabio 

30. Janet Jackson / 29. Ethan Hawke / 28. Jenna Jameson / 27. Demi Moore 26. Lenny Kravitz / 25. Toni Braxton / 24. Keanu Reeves / 23. Jennifer Aniston 22. Tupac Shakur / 21. Joey Lawrence 

20. Luke Perry / 19. Jennifer Love Hewitt / 18. Antonio Banderas / 17. Gabrielle Reece / 16. Heather Locklear / 15. LL Cool J / 14. Tyra Banks / 13. John Stamos / 12. Heather Graham / 11. John Kennedy Jr. 

10. Denzel Washington / 9. Mariah Carey / 8. Leonardo DiCaprio / 7. Christina Applegate / 6. George Clooney / 5. Alicia Silverstone / 4. Brad Pitt 3. / Cindy Crawford / 2. Pamela Anderson / 1. ‘Marky’ Mark Wahlberg

Some guy will probably ask you what your biggest turn on is. What really gets you hot? Is it his eyes? Is it his touch? Is it looking at dirty pictures together? Too bad your judgement is too clouded with all of the steam from all of the things that make your blood BOIL. When people say that it’s all in your head. That you should just be happy. That you should just let it all go. At least that’s what it’s like for me. But you wanna know what gets me hot? You really wanna know what turns me on? Try understanding. Try respect. Just try love.
—  I Hope I Never Have a Daughter: Reason #32, © 2015 Sarah Marie Pardy
Spring Cleaning Read-a-thon | Day 2

Books Read Today:
- East of Eden by John Steinbeck (31 pages)
- A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas (32 pages)
- The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan (154 pages)
- Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (22 pages)

Total Pages Read: 433

Books Finished:
- East of Eden by John Steinbeck

So, today I jumped around a bit between books, but overall I got some solid reading done. I finished East of Eden, which had such a great ending, and finally started The Tropic of Serpents. I’m still finding acowar not very interesting, while today’s Les Mis reread involved me suppressing the urge to punch Tholomyes in his fucking face. Good times.

Coffee shop.

@ffremontt: hi! i was wondering if you could do a spencer reid fic where the reader and him have known each other since they were kids and he had the biggest crush on her and the BAU does another case in Las Vegas and spencer runs into his old best friend and he confesses to her that he never felt like he was good enough for her and she’s just wtf you’re a genius! or something like that lots of fluff!! please okay love you bye

Originally posted by sweetg

“We have two victims, my sweet gum drops.” Garcia announced, the soft glow of the sun illuminating her colourful features through the window.

“First we have Molly; 30 years old, fair complexion, light brown hair and green eyes. She was found at 8:31am in a coffee shop in Las Vegas. Then we have Sarah, 32 and has an eerily similar appearance to Molly. Same location, found at the same time but other than their appearance I can’t find any other connections.” Garcia finished, with a click of a button, images of the mutilated women haunted the large screen.

“Are those…” Rossi began, his rough voice ruffling through the silence.

“Bite marks…yes.” Garcia winced, trying to look anywhere apart from the harsh photographs.

“Bite marks are frequently associated with sexual crimes, possibly a sexual sadist. Anger or sexual impulsed bites satisfy control or relive frustration in dealing effectively with conflict situations.” Spencer rambled, furrowing his eyebrows when he had finished, “Wait, how did they die?”

“Suffocation. They seemed to put up a fight as well, according to the unnecessary bruising on Molly’s shoulders and Sarah’s chest.” Garcia speculated. Spencer’s deep brown eyes pierced the image intensely.

“Either that or our unsub purposely drags the act out. The girls are petite and the hand prints are rather large so i doubt the unsub would have had much trouble. Sexual sadists are aroused watching their victims suffer over extended periods of time. They tend to inflict additional physical or psychological suffering to enhance their own pleasure, hence the biting.” As the rest of the team discussed possible aspects of the unsub or victims personal life, Spencer’s eyes continued to burn into the women’s faces. Memories attacked his over-worked brain, her gentle green eyes, her light brown wavy hair.

“Genius, you in there?” Morgan teased, waving his hands in front of the doctors saddened eyes.

“Y/N,” he whispered gently, focussing on nothing in particular but avoiding the teams confused glances.

“What?” Morgan questioned, concern laced in his deep voice. Spencer’s eyes snapped up, quickly being drawn from his racing mind as he cleared his throat.

“Oh, n-nothing. We setting off?” The words spilled rapidly from his mouth, earning a nod of clarification from Hotch.

“What is it pretty boy?” Morgan questioned, driving to the crime scene with Reid at Hotch’s order. Spencer’s gaze flickered between Morgan and the road.

“W-what?” He stuttered, unable to focus on one spot.

“You live in this area when you were younger?” Morgan tried to draw a conclusion at his defined silence. Spencer nodded, eyes lighting up slightly.

“My best friend, uh- childhood best friend lived around here with me.” Spencer spilled, voice quiet as similarities of her and the victim grew stronger in his head.

“You going to see them while we’re out here?” Derek wondered aloud, genuinely curious about the doctor’s life outside of the BAU.

“Oh, no. I haven’t spoke to her since I joined the FBI.” The doctor stumbled on his words, eyebrows furrowed as he thought about her broken face as he boarded the plane.

“Ah, so it’s a girl. Do you have her number?” Derek wiggled his eyebrows, making Spencer chuckle as his voice grew stronger with happiness.

“I doubt she even has a phone.” Derek smiled widely at the fire in Spencer’s dilated eyes.

“So she’s a female version of doctor Reid?” Derek joked, causing Reid to bow his head as his heart fluttered.

“You have no idea.” He whispered, almost silently before the car came to a halt outside of the targeted coffee shop.

“Damn it.” Y/N muttered, her attention fixated on the police tape on the door of her regular coffee shop. Seconds afterwards, a tall, muscular man emerged from the closed off shop, laughing softly at the obviously sleep deprived girl.

“FBI investigation, sorry sunshine but you’ll need to find a new place for the next couple of days.” Derek approached Y/N, eyes dancing across her.

“Well shit,” Y/N mumbled, shaking her head softly before her sight was drawn to the tall, unidentified figure at the shop entrance. Spencer turned, heading towards Derek until his brown eyes met Y/Ns green ones.

“Spence?” She frowned, as his brown curls fell into his eyes as he quickly walked towards her.

“Well damn, didn’t you grow up.” She giggled as Spencer pulled her close to his chest, embracing her in a hug, shocking Derek who gasped at the action.

“Oh my gosh, how are you?” Spencer exclaimed, his expression glowing as he observed her curled hair and dainty features. Quickly, Morgan interjected, smirking slightly at Spencer as he realised that she was the girl that brightened Spencer’s eyes.

“Actually, she was just about to get coffee. We’re finished here, why don’t you go show her the nearest place?” Morgan gently elbowed Y/N knowingly, causing her cheeks to turn pink as she giggled softly. Spencer frowned towards Morgan, unsure if he was telling the truth or just trying to purposely make him awkward.

“You were?” Spencer asked Y/N, eyes softening as he met her gaze again.

“Yeah, I was actually. You up to it?” Her excited expression became evident.

“You okay here?” Spencer quickly asked Morgan, silently pleading him with his eyes.

“Dude, just take the girl to a damn coffee shop already.” Morgan chuckled, winking towards Y/N.

“6 years, 37 days and 4 hours.” Spencer recalled as they sat at the small coffee shops’ window, the darkening sky twinkled faintly, scattered with stars. The darkness causing streetlamps to reflect through the window onto their pale skin.

“What?” Y/N scrunched her nose as she smiled at the unpredictable man.

“…since we last spoke.” His voice softened as he played with the strap on his bag to avoid eye contact.

“I missed you.” Y/N whispered, her bright orbs falling from his tangled hair as her fingers mindlessly drew circles across her coffee cup.

“Y-you did?” Spencer stuttered, eyes wide as the butterflies in his stomach intensified.

“Of course I did, how could I not miss the stupid guy that I loved,” giggled Y/N, sipping her coffee innocently.

“L-loved?…me?” Spencer choked on his coffee, earning playful eyes from Y/N as she tried not to laugh.

“Your IQ just dropped from 187 to 20 in the space of 5 seconds.”

“I’m actually a genius and it was 13.7 seconds. Not 5.” Spencer quickly corrected, a smirk prominent on Y/Ns’ gentle face.

“You had no idea did you?” Y/N seriously questioned, eyes bright as Spencer shook his head, curly hair falling in his face in an attempt to cover his growing blush.

“I had no idea I was good enough.” Y/N quickly interrupted,

“Good enough? If you’re a god damn genius, work it out. You meant everything to me Spence.” Y/N grinned at his oblivion.

“Past tense?” Spencer cross-examined as she stared in confusion, “You said meant.” Y/N reached for his hand and her fingertips twirled across the back of his hand.

“You mean everything to me.”

Masterlist           PART 2

I hope you liked it! I’m getting back into writing so if you have any Criminal Minds requests, feel free to send them in!