Jimmy exits the school wearing this very pink get up. This is his new vision of the safety club uniform. He has also made hats for everyone.

I know Jimmy is only eight years old, but there are fans who have questioned his sexuality. I believe that Jimmy is straight. He is constantly trying to get Sarah’s attention. Jimmy is still trying to understand who he is, along with what the world is about.

He has such a wonderful growth story. If this were Jimmy at the beginning of the series he would be too afraid to take charge and try to make an impact in his society.

Jimmy found his courage again. He never lost it, but he was in fear over his blind actions from Fistful. Running the club with Edd did help him become confident again. If this didn’t happen he wouldn’t have been able to save himself and Sarah from danger in BPS.

Jimmy offers fluffy pink hats to everyone.

Kevin and Rolf immediately bolt. What boys. Afraid of girly things. At least Jimmy taunted them. We all love when this happens.

I remember reading there to be a deleted moment where the kids are attacked by ducks. I’m not sure for what reason. The writers were trying to get as much revenge on the kids as possible.

Which reminds me, where is Jonny?

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Friendly Reminder

Rhys’ mother had to starve herself amongst other things, throughout her teenage years to try prevent herself from getting her period because illyrian sexism is so strong that she would get her wings clipped, which happened to be one of the only things in life that gave her a little happiness