Okay so I’ve decided me and my friends all need OTP names since I’m fairly certain I’ve had a fictional lesbian relationship with each and every one of them at one point or another. 


Sarafer: Sara and Jenn. Obviously. My most OTP of all my OTPS. 

Lava: Sara and Liv

Saraphia: Sara and Sophia 

Jora: Sara and Jordyn (if I’d had an H on my name we would have been a traitor of the seven kingdoms). 

Sardison: Sara and Madison

Samara: Sara and Sam

Saspen: Sara and Aspen (Bespen is still otp obviously). 

Lara: Libby and Sara

Jara: Jessika and Sara 

I’m trying to think if I’ve forgotten anyone. I ship all these ships so just go with it. 

Naubusan ako ng rice kaya nagpabili pa ko. Kwekwek lang dapat iu-ulam ko kaso nakita ko may sinigang na may kangkong so napaulam din ako. Ayyy saraf. Grabe. Solb. Sarap na matulog pagkatapos. Lol

altliviadunhams  asked:

if you were in the hunger games you would be from district 12 and i would be from district 4 and we would become allies and eventually fall in love but you'd die probably by falling out of a tree and then i would avenge your death and slay everyone

hahaha but would i fall out of a tree or would i die cooking you a meal and some career came and buried an axe in me or something. 

Haiku to Jenn.

I love you so much

I was jealous of Rayful

And I want a sheep.

Today, my dear love

I had an ALE8 without

eating. Bathroom breaks.

Oh, did you know that

ALE8 makes you have to pee

like really bad. Cheese.

I had to work at

the art league and it sucked balls

yeah. Also, lost pen.

These were supposed to

be really fucking funny

but they frying pan.

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