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   So, despite my post last night, I decided to publish all of it. ^-^ Here are all the people I’m following and why I follow them in no particular order. ♥

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anonymous asked:

Can you recommend a personal tumblr blog that you follow who is a web designer and who takes nice photos? Aaaand also, a very pretty one is a bonus! Thanksies <3

Its kind of really hard to find a blog that a personal+theme maker+photographer but here’s the bloggers that I think you may want to check.

Actually all the bloggers that I follow was worth for your time. Check here to view all the bloggers that I follow

panaghiotis223 asked:

21, 40!!

  • 21:What is your favorite font?

oh gosh i dont know im not a font nerd!!! i like the pretty fonts :) (said in a valley girl voice) *hair flip*

  • 40:What brought you to Tumblr?

ohh haha so one of my best friends who i dont really talk to anymore :( but just because different schools and no time, we’re still friends, but she had a tumblr and had the url on her gmail for a while. So I read her blog like, daily, and she reblogged a disney dreamcast photoset by saras-scrapbook (now mostly saradujour) and that made me join tumblr. on mothersday 2011. then i became a total sara fangirl. :)

Recommendations and Explanations

Hi peoples!  Sorry for being somewhat quiet.  School has started becoming a bit of a behemoth and I haven’t been keeping up here.  But the way I see it, my thesis and eventual graduation from university is more important than my blog… at least if it had to be ranked by importance.  Enjoyment level however I’d definitely be here more often.  I suppose I could make posts about my thesis… then again I have a sneaking suspicion you guys don’t really want to have post after post about World War II correspondence, morale and censorship…

SO in the mean time, if I’m not posting enough and you are bored and want something new to look at and you enjoy looking at life style kind of blogs I recommend you check out either The Londoner ( run by the lovely Rose, who is by the way awesome in my opinion because of her use of random words like squidge) or Sara du Jour ( run by the ever classy and fantastic Sara whose blog I have been following for a VERY long time and whose style is impeccable in my personal opinion).  They are both amazing ladies and their blogs are fun because they cover everything from makeup to food to adventure.  They both have tumblr blogs too, but I can’t remember what they are off the top of my head.  There are links on their main blogs though!


Enjoying some #saradujour on a cool #SanFrancisco night.