Next Boruto Episode: This is agony

Alright, I know Boruto episodes come out on Sunday, but…


After that eating contest and watching the preview for the next episode (which is finally about the Uchihas)…

Seems like Sasuke will actually ask Kakashi for help/parenting advice (or the former Hokage will just offer it without being asked, which seems more likely) since Sasuke’s been away for so long, he has no idea how to properly interact with his daughter.

That mini SasuSaku scene where they are on a bridge?

I hope the beginning goes something like this:

Sakura, blushing: “Ah, I hope your time with Sarada went well, today is parent and child day, after all. And she’s been secretly looking forward to it.”

Sasuke, smiling slightly: “It was good. I… still don’t know how to act like a parent, but I do understand Sarada a bit better after today. No thanks to Kakashi anyway.”

Sakura, giggling: “You asked our sensei for help?”

Sasuke, embarrassed, “No. He just came by to see Sarada and I.” looks at Sakura sadly, “I’m sorry, today is parent and child day but Sarada spent it with me.”

Sakura, smiling, “It’s alright, Sasuke-kun. I see her all the time. You two deserve some time to yourselves.”

Both go quiet, Sakura staring at her feet, Sasuke out at the river, “You know, this reminds me of our first date ”

Sakura, her soul nearly leaving her body, “Y-you remember i-it?!”

Sasuke smiles slightly, “Hn.”

Sakura, blushing and looking at the river too, moving closer to her husband, “Yeah…me too.”

Both lean against each-other and enjoy the atmosphere, Sarada watching them from behind a building and smiling.


Here’s wishing to the most beautiful, beloved and favorite hero, protagonist, shinobi, friend, student, son, husband, dad and last but not least to the most awesome Hokage


  • SasuSara in one frame *whale noises*
  • Boruto Episode 95 Spoilers
  • My man doesn’t need Tsunade’s jutsu to stay being a heartthrob
  • I love Sasuke but sometimes he need to calm down, I’m already dying here 😍

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Enjoy the story! I hope you like it💖