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U of York just finished this huge project called England's Immigrants (first result from a search) that archives tens of thousands of immigrants who were subject to immigrant taxes or submitted denization forms from 1330 to 1550. Turns out there ARE, in fact, a significant number of religious and racial minorities in England at the time, ranging from "Indian" wealthy merchant couples to servants to "converted" Jews to Saracen residents. And this list isn't even close to exhaustive, they say.


There’s an interactive map, too!

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Friday Night Lights AU?.. 😉🙏

okay first of all, just in case you haven’t read it, there is this one fic already and it’s really good and it’s pretty much an FNL AU: you and me were kings.  fanfic heaven!!!!

okay, also I just want to focus on Harry and Louis as Tami and Eric for the time being.  Harry as the guidance counselor at the high school, taking kids under his wing and getting their grades up and forcing them to go out for volleyball!!  Louis as a father figure to all those football players!!  tough but huge-hearted and always laughing!  I can’t even handle the idea of him telling his QB1 that he’s proud of him and the whole team after a hard loss.  The two of them would care so much and would be so devoted to each other!! Coach and Mr. Coach.  <3 <3 <3 <3 ahhhhh plus Harry would get so nervous for the kids and for Louis before the big games!! 

“you alright? you gonna relax at all?” - louis, crinkled eyed and amused, as harry takes four tries to get his car door open on game day so they can drive to school together. then harry glares at him over top the car and he shuts up, still amused. but he grabs Harry’s hand and squeezes it when they get in the car because he knows Harry’s taking on a lot of the stress for him.  and also he loves him A LOT.  

The book will be used by British girls and boys who will look to its imagined past and dream the possibilities of their own world. An argument that the visual and textual signifiers of racial difference might also find a home at the Arthurian court was not in contrast successful.

Could there not have been some variation in complexion, religion, origin? Might not one of the pallid angels on the Holy Grail page have been modeled on late medieval depictions of St Maurice, or the magi Balthazar?

Should not the Saracen knights Palamedes, Safir and Segwarides- important figures at the Arthurian court- mingle with Lancelot, Perceval and Gawain? Why could a more varied Middle Ages not be conveyed, especially given that the book’s audience is diverse?

Representing the matter of medieval race is intimate to imagining community, current and across time, and that intimacy matters. Race matters differently, and yet with a recurring sameness.

—  “Race, Travel, Time, Heritage” Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Karl Steel. postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies. Volume 6, Issue 1 (Spring 2015) Making Race Matter in the Middle Ages

She sighs and shakes her head, averting her eyes from the bare man in front of her.
‘When will you ever learn Saracen? It’s not good for you.’ The concern clear in her voice.
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Skulduggery Headcanon!!! XD

Right, so my friend and I were talking and we accidentally came up with a really (in our opinion) awesome headcanon.

Since Ghastly died before Skul could pay his tab, he thought about donating to a school for hopeful tailors. Instead, he bought one of those skeleton models, dressed it in a suit and told Val that a small society of his worshippers built the statue in his honour. Which gave him an idea.

So he bought 6 more skeletons (Vex, Rue, Bespoke, Shudder, Cain and Gordon) and every Halloween he gives Val the day off so he can go out without his façade and uses his air magic to make them all dance. He calls his little group the Dancing Dead Men plus Woman. Surprisingly, he’s quite popular, especially with the ladies. Once Val finds out, she never lets him live it down. Ravel Skeleton, however, has to stay at home and face the corner to think about what he done.

On the days Skul is bored, he takes Revel Skeleton’s head and used the other skeletons to play catch with it while Ravel runs around trying to catch it. All the while shouting ‘IF YOU DON’T LIKE PIGGY-IN-THE-MIDDLE, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE KILLED OUR FRIENDS!!’

The children’s crusade is an apocryphal synthesis of two movements of “crusaders” within Europe

“In the first movement, Nicholas, a shepherd from the Rhineland in Germany[3] who possessed an extraordinary eloquence, tried to lead a group across the Alps and into Italy in the early spring of 1212. Nicholas promised that the sea would dry up before them and allow his followers to cross into the Holy Land. Rather than intending to fight the Saracens, he said that the Muslim kingdoms would be defeated when their citizens converted to Christianity.[3] His disciples went off to preach the call for the “Crusade” across the German lands, and they massed in Cologne after a few weeks. Splitting into two groups, the crowds took different roads through Switzerland. Two out of every three people on this ghastly journey died, while many others returned to their homes.[3] About 7,000 arrived in Genoa in late August. They immediately marched to the harbor, expecting the sea to divide before them; when it did not many became bitterly disappointed. A few accused Nicholas of betraying them, while others settled down to wait for God to change his mind, since they believed that it was unthinkable he would not eventually do so. The Genoese authorities were impressed by the little band, and they offered citizenship to those who wished to settle in their city. Most of the would-be Crusaders took up this opportunity.[3] Nicholas refused to admit defeat and traveled to Pisa, his movement continuing to break up along the way. He and a few loyal followers continued to the Papal States, where Pope Innocent III treated them kindly. The remaining ones departed for Germany after the Pontiff exhorted them to be good and to return home to their families. Nicholas did not survive the second attempt across the Alps; back home his father was arrested and hanged under pressure from angry families whose relatives had perished while following the child.[3]“

May 10: Blessed Giusto Santgelp


Born to the nobility.

Secular Mercedarian knight.

Ransomed 200 Christian slaves from the Saracens in Muslim occupied Granada, Spain in 1284.

Born: France

Died: Mercedarian convent of Saint Anthony the Abbot, Tarragona, Spain