sarabi lion king

Can we talk about what a BAMF Sarabi is? Wife of a murdered king, mother of an allegedly dead child, Sarabi is forced to submit to her tyrannical brother in law/ new king, and she does it with dignity and a quiet strength that’s seriously admirable. I imagine her staying strong for little Nala, for keeping hope alive amongst the women in her family, always prepared physically and mentally for the day they would get the chance to overthrow Scar. Look at her. She is NOT f*cking around here. Walks straight past those hyenas to Scar and looks him straight in the eyes.

I love her.

I’m done


Happy Mothers Day!

(I know some of these ladies are not really moms, but they’re included because not all mother figures are actual mothers)


When parents say no to plans 

bringing home a bad grade 


liking someone who wont like you back 

“you may work with a partner" 

when the eyebrow game is on point

expressing an opinion

after eating dinner 

having a kid

creepin up on yo man 

sucking yo man’s dick

out with your friends and you see other teenagers 

Listening to Drake

A couples slow dance when Im alone

Being a feminist 

Going back to school after break