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Al-Saheem Meets Felicity Smoak PROMPT FICLET #6

Anonymous said: What do you think would happen if Al Sahim met Felicity Smoak?

So, I didn’t know if this was a prompt or a question, lol, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. So, here it is, wayyyyy more melodramatic than I thought possible. Hope it didn’t disappoint. 

He stayed hidden in the dark like the shadow he was now, just a faceless ghost who left nothing behind but a name. A name that was an echo from a different life, a name that was a reminder of who he used to be but was not anymore. Al-Saheem. The Arrow. 

It had been ages and it had been yesterday. He had stopped thinking about it now, shut the lid on those box of memories tight and thrown away the key somewhere he could never find it. He had ceased to be a man. He was just a symbol. Just a shadow. Just a ghost.

A noise alerted him to someone’s presence on the roof, and he retreated farther into the corner, waiting for whoever it was to leave so he could get down to business, in a city that was nothing but another target for him, a city that was also the echo of a different life. 

He watched her walk across the roof to the rail, gulping in breaths of air, her chest heaving with every inhale, her sun-spun hair in a ponytail, her glasses perched on her nose, her mouth blood red. 

Her color was threatening to fill the void in him. Her glow was threatening his shadows. And he knew how Sarab must have felt that night long ago on top of a mountain. 

He felt detached, like watching something on a film, removed from the character, removed from that embodiment of his past. He was removed and he had someone to kill. Turning to leave, he took silent steps towards the edge of the building, deciding to wait somewhere else when a gasp stopped him.

He looked around to see her eyes latched onto his retreating figure, clad all in black with nothing but the eyes visible. He saw the recognition strike her face, as she took two steps forward. But that recognition was wrong. He was not that man anymore.

“It’s you,” she whispered, her eyes glistening with emotions that were dead to him. He didn’t speak, just stared back with dead eyes, like his dead heart.


He didn’t even blink. The name meant nothing to him. The name was nothing to him. Nothing except another casualty.

Turning around to leave again, he halted at her loud, angry voice, the one that used to amuse the other him once upon a time. He did not even twitch at it.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me!”

He neutrally looked back at her, waiting for her to finish whatever so he would go. He perhaps, didn’t realize, that nothing was forcing him to stay.

“Come home, Oliver.”

Had he still had a heart, it would perhaps have been moved by the way her voice quivered, the way her eyes widened pleadingly at him. But his heart was locked away in that box he had shoved away.

“I am Al-Saheem,” he clarified, firmly.

“Al-Saheem, my ass!”

He felt the first twinge of surprise at her vehemence. 

“You wanted to stick around and play with the new group, you did. Now it’s time you came home because I am sick of missing you and I am done stalking you while you ninja your way around the world!”

Her entire being was lit up with a fire that was seeping heat into his bones, very, very slowly. This warmth was dangerous to him. He was dangerous to her. 

He took one step away and her voice reached him once more. “Oliver!”

“Oliver does not exist anymore,” he firmly pushed back. “All that is here is Al-Saheem.”

A distant part of him recognized that look in her eyes, that look which held challenge and honesty all in one. She folded her arms across her chest and tilted her head at him.

“If that is true, then Al-Saheem would not give a shit if I jump off this building, would he?” 

Something close to his lungs tightened in his chest at the words, his hands clenching into fists beside him. The wait for his response was obvious in her face, her eyes going from hopeful to disappointed to determined in a blink.

With a resolute nod to herself, she took a step back, towards the railing, eyes on him. His jaw clenched.

She took another step back. His knees shook with the effort to hold still, to keep himself in place.

Another step back. His forefinger and thumb started rubbing furiously, his gut churning.

Another step back. His breathing was erratic now. 

She was so close to the rails now that she would plunge to her death if she even tripped. And in that one second, when her foot lifted to take that final step, tears dripping down her cheeks, her entire body shaking, her eyes still waiting for him to react, in that one second he realized he already did.

He was already reacting when he shouldn’t, still able to read so clearly in her what he did not in himself, still anchored to her so much that he couldn’t leave, still seeking her light like the banished moth that he was. He had locked away a box and thrown away what he thought had been the key. It wasn’t. She was. She was the key.

She recognized him when he refused to recognize himself, she saw in his eyes what he could not see in the mirror anymore, she still believed in him when there was nothing to believe in.

Her foot got closer to the rail and his dormant, not dead heart screamed with a vengeance to stop her, to drag her back from the edge just like she always did with him. Al-Saheem or not, whoever he was had no existence without her. She had to live. She had to breathe. 

With one final breath, he let go on the identity he had been clinging to so tightly, he let go with one errant tear, he let go with only one prayer on his lips.


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The Fallen takes the relationship of Oliver and Felicity to a whole new level via a long-awaited sex scene, so Olicity fans are now in a state of catatonic bliss, but all that lovemaking is cut short when reality hits and Queen has to forfeit his life and identity to the League of Assassins. Frankly, I’m disappointed Thea remains the same, but I’m glad Maseo/Sarab has finally shown a decent side. As Ollie is branded with an arrow, Ra’s al Ghul proclaims that his former self is gone and before he takes his place, only the Heir to the Demon, Al Sah-him, remains. Ollie has been fighting his dual identities all season, but it looks like he finally eliminates his first persona. Then again, he’s been “dead” before…


Midnight City

I think the purpose of the whole Maseo/Tatsu storyline is to show Oliver that if you walk away from what makes you human then you’re just a shell, better off dead. Did you see Oliver’s face as Tatsu kissed Maseo and he stood there like a statue? I think right then Oliver realized that was what he has been doing to Felicity 

Maseo became Sarab.

Oliver became Arrow.

Both strong men with soft spots for their families that lost ones they cared about and became hard. They lost their humanity through grief.

I think Oliver now understands that he can’t give up Oliver Queen because if he does he’ll lose everything that makes him the Arrow.

He is not one identity or the other, each broken half makes a whole.

I believe if anything “dying” was a humbling experience for him because now he’s realized that dying without living is worse than anything you can possibly imagine.

He will return ready to live and Felicity will have none of it.

She can’t take it. Losing someone only to have them back with the possibility if losing them again. The pain deep in you’re heart that never goes away. Once you feel something so deep, it never goes away. It scars and you’re left permanently damaged. Even though circumstances may change for the rest of your life you will remember that deep pain and for Felicity I think she knows that if she has to go through that again she won’t come out worse than just scarred, it would destroy her. 

We’ve seen Oliver’s journey to loving her these past two and half seasons. We’ve been patient with him. Now its time we give Felicity the same courtesy. Oliver went through much to get to where he is. If having a relationship with Ray is how she realizes that Oliver is what she really needs than that’s what needs to happen.

Oliver went through Laurel and Sara.

The least we can do is allow Felicity some of her own space. She’s waited for Oliver. It’s time for him to wait for her, to earn her.

It’s time they both decide what they’re living for and if they can do that with each other.

It’s time for them to learn that they’re stronger together than apart.

It’s time for them to stop saying goodbye.

To live while they’re alive, like that day could be their last.