When a girl gets off at the wrong bus stop on her way to meet a new friend, she finds herself alone in a part of the city she is unfamiliar with. As she nervously navigates herself through dark Los Angeles streets, she is overcome with terror. The real threat, however, does not come from the streets…


“7th” by Sara Pocock.

The subject matter of this short is pretty dark, so be warned. The animation is very well done, and the concept/story are extremely well executed. An impressive work.

Sara Pocock is also on tumblr:

A little gift for my dear friend Sara Pocock! She’s riding a cintiq pen! Why? Because whenever she’s creating art, she totally ROCKS that shit!!

Sara is one of the most talented people I know, and if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t experience nearly an iota of the beauty and fun that I’ve gotten to discover within Los Angeles. Whenever I’m bored or some friends ask me what to do this weekend, I always know to ask Sara. She’s got her fingers on the pulse of this scene!!


I grew up within a strict religious dogma that taught me my body was a temple.  My body is not a temple.

I grew up in a culture that told me certain dress sizes dictate your physical attractiveness.  My body is not ugly.

In high school I was told that my breasts and how they looked in certain clothing was “a distraction.” My body, just because it exists, is not a distraction.

I belong to a gender that is treated as a prize for sexual conquest.  I am not a prize. I am not an object. My body DOES, however, exist for sex and pleasure and fulfillment: my own.

My submission for this month’s LoopdeLoop, based on the theme of FOOD.

The live screening of all the animation loops is this Sunday, June 30th, at M-Bar in Hollywood, CA.  Hosted by my pal James Urbaniak!  Come on out; it will be a fun night!  You’ll get to see lots of animators get drunk together, which I promise you is ALWAYS a worthwhile sight.  Check out the other entries here.

I’m participating in a group art show at Cartoon Network on April 7th, dedicated to The Powerpuff Girls.

I decided to draw Ms. Bellum.  I was disappointed to learn she isn’t a part of the new series.  I get that there were problems with the way she was portrayed in the original, but she’s always been my favorite character and clearly the smartest (her name is a play on cerebellum, literally a part of the brain).  So as a tribute to you, Ms. Bellum, I drew you as the boss ass bitch I always knew you were.  Send them power texts, just like Hillary.