A little gift for my dear friend Sara Pocock! She’s riding a cintiq pen! Why? Because whenever she’s creating art, she totally ROCKS that shit!!

Sara is one of the most talented people I know, and if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t experience nearly an iota of the beauty and fun that I’ve gotten to discover within Los Angeles. Whenever I’m bored or some friends ask me what to do this weekend, I always know to ask Sara. She’s got her fingers on the pulse of this scene!!

I’m participating in a group art show at Cartoon Network on April 7th, dedicated to The Powerpuff Girls.

I decided to draw Ms. Bellum.  I was disappointed to learn she isn’t a part of the new series.  I get that there were problems with the way she was portrayed in the original, but she’s always been my favorite character and clearly the smartest (her name is a play on cerebellum, literally a part of the brain).  So as a tribute to you, Ms. Bellum, I drew you as the boss ass bitch I always knew you were.  Send them power texts, just like Hillary.


I’ve produced my very first video for BuzzFeed and I’m sooooo proud!  Watch and share if you like!


I was looking through some old files today and found an old doodle from months and months ago, from a time when I was miserable and felt abandoned by love, friends, and life in general.

I decided to draw a quick sketch of how I feel today and post both of the drawings together.  That way, the next time I’m going through rough times and feeling hopeless, I can look at this and be reminded that sadness isn’t forever and some of my happiest days are still ahead of me.