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The One With the Cereal Box Badge
The One With the Exploding Girlfriend
The One Where Neal and Peter Switch Places
The One With the Nazi U-boat
The One On the Island
The One Where Peter and Sara Make Out
The One Where Neal Hugs a Pillow
The One Where Mozzie Is Married WTF
The One Where Neal Goes to Paris 

Imagine #17 Peter Maximoff (Request)

Requested by @fragcc: Could you do a Peter x human reader? Like, they’d meet at library and become good friends bc they like the same stuff and then after some time they’d start dating and he’d confess to her that he’s a mutant but she doesn’t care bc it’s her love… =]

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Words: 2263

Warnings: typos, fem!reader (though not necessarily, I think, I’m just not sure), SWEARS

A/N: So, I was in a really no-cheesy mood when I wrote this, I hope, y’all like it anyway! xoxo

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”, you muttered under your breath as your eyes fell on the empty space in the shelf, where your favourite book was supposed to be. Some idiot had been hogging it for the past two months and you had been counting the days until you would finally be able to read it again – for about the 56th time. And now here you were, on the day it was supposed to be back, in front of the shelf where it was supposed to be, and yet… Right at that moment, your glare could have killed a man.

And yes, you could have just bought a copy of your own, but that wasn’t, what this was about, you insisted. This was about order, structure. You wanted this copy and you wanted it now.

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The Last TIme I Slept In This Bed

I was involved in the serious business
of ripping apart my own body.

I’d run my fingers over it,
seeking but never finding

the right point of entry,
so having to tear one myself,

though midway through
I’d always tire,

and let night enter
like a silver needle,

sewing my eyelids shut.
This was not an original practice,

but thinking, for a time, that it was
felt like being able to choose

when spring would arrive:
engineering an April

that opened like a parasol,
even in thoroughest winter.

–Sara Peters

anonymous asked:

Who inspired your art style? Artists, manga, cartoons, movies, etc? Like an art influence map.

Good question!! My art style has been all over the place lately tbh…

Anime and Adventure Time were my main influences until 2013. When I got into Homestuck and Steven Universe (2014-2015) I think my inspirations were the well-known names on Tumblr, the ones doing a mixture of cartoony and semi-realism.

Then Wander Over Yonder happened and I think it made such an impact on me! Also I found out about UPA style and fell in love with it, and in general with all those illustrations with a retro vibe. Derek Yaniger, Sara Ogilvie and Peter Donnelly are just three of the names that come to mind, I’m crazy about those kinds of drawings.

Also, here’s some tumblr names that come to mind atm: confineddclone, cowmart, fremergencyfronfract, hamotzi, honinan, jbillustration, maxvelocity, n0raramegalotisquibbs, rollerdog, sarakipin, spmatss, tortoisefeet


What breaks my heart about this is the regeneration is that he is the total opposite of what Eleven (Twelve, if you count John Hurt) is. Eleven said before he regenerated that he will always remember when he was the Doctor, and that’s okay that people change, even if he changes. Twelve (Thirteen), has so much much to learn and that’s why he doesn’t want to change. He gets so used to one body just in time when he needs to change, and that’s what breaks him.


Requests- Like a Romeo and Juliet type forbidden love between Tom and Reader

Where Peter broke up with the reader to protect her, but after he saves her from the Vulture, he apologises and they make up and fluff.

Prompt- “Did you think leaving you was easy? No! It was the hardest fucking thing I’ve ever had to do.”

AN- I got two requests for this prompt and they both gave me an idea, so I’ll use both of them and an idea of my own. 


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It wasn’t all plain sailing being thrown into the spotlight from the second you were born, Y/N Stark, the next heir of the Stark fortune and undeniable brains that came with the name. But you had never had the chance to flourish, instead you held firmly under lock and key by your father, constantly protected by the grey walls of the compound you called home.

You had grown up with your father spending multiple weeks and even months away, forcing you to be brought up by his endless amounts of staff. Happy was always your favourite, especially after he was no longer ‘Iron Man’s’ body guard, he was around a lot more than your dad.

Sure, you had the company of the World’s Mightiest Heroes, but you never clicked with any of them, with an exception of Natasha. That was simply because you’d known her the longest out of all of them. Yet, just like your dad she was away most of the time, saving the world and all that jazz.

You had always sworn you wouldn’t get attached to any of the heroes, it was too dangerous, they could get ripped away from you at any moment. And you probably aren’t going to have a chance to say goodbye.

That was until one day you heard your dad enter the lab where you were currently messing around with some of the bits he had laying around. It was pretty much the only thing you could do without Tony freaking out so you took full advantage of the slight freedom. You were used to him coming in alone checking up on you, and occasionally messing around with you, though this time there was another voice with him.

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