sara lou harris

Okay buckle up kids. I’m about to expose everyone.
We know Taylor Swift and Harry used to date. Harry and Kendall might be a thing again. Kendall had a thing with JB who we all know had an on and off again relationship with Selena Gomez. Selena is besties with Taylor. Justin might be dating Hailey Baldwin now who is good friends with Kendall. Selena used to date Nick Jonas the same time Taylor dated Joe. Joe and Gigi Hadid dated for a bit even though she is besties with T-Swift. Gigi might be seeing Zayn now and Zayn used to be in 1d. Which brings us back to Hendall. H dated Cara Delevigne in the past who is best friends with Kendall. I know I’m missing something… Oh! Ed and Harry are good friends and Ed and Ellie used to date (they are both also friends with Taylor of course). But Ellie also had a thing with Niall. And Niall might possibly be dating Selena but don’t forget that Justin and Niall were or are “friends”. Man I’m exhausted. But here we go again. Harry and Caroline dated for a while. Caroline is best friends with Lou Teasdale who is 1d’s makeup artist and friend. Caroline is also friends with Nick Grimshaw who is also good friends with Harry. Grimmy and Daisy are friends as well and Daisy confirmed that her and Harry had a thing at one point. We’re jumping all over the place here but stay with me. Harry and Nadine Leopold dated for a while. Harry was also rumored to have “hung out” with Sara Sampaio who is “friends” with Nadine. Harry was on Georgia Fowler’s snapchat story looking pretty comfortable in that robe. And on Halloween we know that Nadine, Sara, and Georgia all hung out. So long story short, Hollywood is one big dating circle and everyone knows everyone and they all date in a group. The end.