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Tegan and Sara - Just Like a Pill Cover

I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
The Carter Family
I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes

so this is one of the carters’ most well known and enduring songs, and the tune has been used as the basis for numerous other songs (the wild side of life, it wasn’t god who made honky tonk angels, the great speckled bird, etc). 

ap and sara seperated in 1932, after sara fell in love and had an affair with ap’s cousin, coy bayes. coy’s family then moved to california, partially because some of them had tb and california was supposedly ideal for recovery, and partially because coy was disgraced for his affair with sara.

sara said that she “loved coy better than anything [she] had ever laid eyes on." 

a few years later, the carters were living in mexico to play on a border radio station. obviously, things were uncomfortable between sara and ap, especially considering that he still loved her. one day, even though ap usually did all the talking on the radio show, sara stepped forward and introduced this song, and dedicated it to coy bayes. nobody can remember if ap joined in.

would’ve been better for us both had we never

in this wide wicked world had never met

for the pleasure we’ve both known together

i’m sure, love, i’ll never forget 

oh, I’m thinking tonight of my blue eyes

who is sailing far over the sea

oh, I’m thinking tonight of my blue eyes

and I wonder if he ever thinks of me

upon hearing this broadcast, coy took a train to mexico to find sara. they got married and moved back to california to live together.