sara rollins

Ring Of Honor roster
[Circe late 2008/2009]

What an amazing roster this truly was. So many heroes and legends, guys who could be cited as being mat masters and teachers. Some who would go on to headline WrestleMania. Others who’d help pave the way for the future.

Also, that weird time period when Jigsaw wrestled without a mask. :(

pll characters as crayon colors
  • spencer: darker than my soul and my coffee black
  • hanna: code for something gay pink drink
  • emily: cerulean (it's the color of the ocean and NOT BLUE OKAY)
  • alison: i look sweet but i will stab a bubblegum bitch pink
  • toby: i don't care but secretly i do dark blue
  • caleb: hacker grey (like my soul)
  • ezra: F on your midterm red
  • mona: low key lesbian fabulous fuchsia
  • charlotte: s is for scarlet and also stalker
  • jason: i dated my cousin ick green
  • sara: home is where the shower is blue
  • rollins: discount british doctor chartreuse
  • mary drake: orange (because random)

Who I don’t want Uber A to be:

-  Dr. Rollins (No.)

- Sara Harvey (PLEASE NO.)

- Alison Dilaurentis (mmmhh.. maybe, why not?)

- Emily Fields (hahahaha)

- Caleb River (don’t you dare do this to me, Marlene!)

- Spencer Hastings  (why not?)

- Jenna Cavanaugh (her plotline is so gone and dusted. It would have made sense some seasons ago, but no.)

- Maya  (See? I don’t even remember her last name.)

- Jason DiLaurentis  (Don’t see why he would be A)

- Noel Kohn  (Nope.)

- Melissa Hasting (just let her be the sassy and sometimes annoying character.)

- Anyone of the parents  (I will scream if that happens)

Who I want Uber A to be:

- Wren Kingston

- Wren Kingston


Who will probably be Uber A:

- Not Wren Kingston

- The rest is irrelevant.

- Bye.

- ….

- Unless you give me Aria Montgomery.

Rollins Theory

This guy is so suspicious. There is no way this character and whole marriage storyline isn’t leading to something bigger.

We found out in this last episode that Charlotte wasn’t too happy about the whole Alison/Rollins relationship, causing her to storm out of the house. Any bets she went straight to the doctor to confront him. 

Now, we don’t know much about this guy, but I don’t think its too far of a stretch to assume he’s someone who acts in the spur of the moment (we are talking about someone who proposed and attempted to marry his girlfriend of 2 minutes in one episode). 

I’d say that he wouldn’t be too happy to have her come to his door at the early hours of the morning, and might have gotten very defensive very fast. A girl who he has spent so much time helping, all of a sudden is standing in his way of his love, and he would be ready to fight back.

My theory is that Rollins and Charlotte got into a physical fight. When things turned ugly, Rollins, who is a respected doctor and in love with his victims sister would panic, and set up the whole church/suicide stunt in hopes to cover himself. 

Bonus: Rollins wished to marry Alison to help protect himself, in hopes that she will not testify against him once they are married, and in hopes that it will make him look more innocent, i.e. loves Alison and therefore wouldn’t hurt someone she loves. 

You ‘member when Marlene was like 'Emily realised who her soul mate was in the doll house’ and then Emily started screwing around with Sara Harvey and then Marlene was like 'Emily saw Sara as a version of Alison that she could somewhat control’… Long story short, Emily knows Alison is her soul mate and now I’m just waiting not so patiently for Alison to pull her head out of Elliot’s ass and go be with Emily..