sara proud

im so so so proud of alec tbh!!! apologies are /hard/ and there are people (myself included) who struggle to apologize to childhood friends, close family members, and longtime partners…. much less someone they’ve known for two weeks, dating for only a few days…. alec is making mistakes, but he is being held accountable for those mistakes and he’s pushing himself to properly apologize to magnus, and i am so proud of him for that

I am proud that Sara is so on top of things.  The team has grown to be quick and professional.  

It is however incredibly sad that the only reason that Rip is out of step with their growth is that he was too busy suffering alone.  

When he was lost, they were still floundering.  Now they’re used to this stuff.  And they got used to it because he was busy dealing with mental electrocution, amnesia, capture, torture, and getting mentally rewritten.

And Commander Heywood is mad at him for his own choices.  That’s pretty rough.  :-(