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DCTV sure does love evil versions of its heroes...

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(Evil Barry is a dick but I’m assuming his time in the speedforce helped make him a little unstable)

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(In Ollie’s defense, he was faking it)

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(Drugged, not her fault)

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(More brainwashing…)

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(Legends really likes brainwashing, okay?)

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(And then there’s this guy. No excuse. Just an asshole.)



this was drawn specifically for everyone who BLASTED THAT ANON TBH I love you all thanks for your constant support!!  if I missed you I am so sor r y

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Caity Lotz’ full Instagram livestream, featuring Chyler Leigh and Stephen Amell.

Caity talks about the difficult with shipping characters on tv shows, there is also a little discussion of the Arrowverse Crossover.