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No one has a bio except Fel because Thea is still working on hers.
Sara doesn’t do that kind of thing (Me tbh).
and Felicity made Oliver’s but like Sara he just decided to go without.

Is it weird that I kinda would like to see Felicity and Samantha being close friends in season 6 (assuming they’re both alive and well)?

There was a speculation post floating around (i cant remember by who) a couple of weeks ago re: William and Samantha, contemplating what could happen in the aftermath of them being wrapped up in everything that’s happened:

-If Samantha died and the subsequent Oliver the single parent storylines,

-if Samantha doesn’t die and possibility of she and William coming to Star City because a. Obviously being apart from Oliver doesn’t keep William safe, Samantha’s had the misfortune of seeing that twice already, better to stay close to Oliver to keep William safe. B. Let William and Oliver spend more time together.

The person who wrote that post said Samantha alive+they’re in Star City seems like the better option since it allows some dad!Oliver storylines, without having to commit to needing to have William involved in all storylines.

I kind of agree with that. It would let the show have dad!Oliver, but also have the freedom to treat William like baby Sara/John Jr ala “where’s baby Sara/john jr? Oh s/he’s with Lyla they’re safe”. “Where’s William? Oh, Samantha took him to visit her family in [insert DC city here]”.

Anyway, so if that happens, yeah. I’d like their to be some Felicity and Samantha friendship. First of all, if Olicity’s on track, I’d see Samantha being like “if she’s going to be my son’s stepmother, we have to have some sort of relationship”.

Plus, Felicity really should have a female friend. I think even Emily has said so in interviews, hasn’t she?

We had some glimpses Sara and Felicity friendship in season 2, but it wasn’t really expanded on and then Sara died/came back to life/went off to Legends, and really since season two more emphasis has been put on Oliver and Sara’s friendship (which isn’t bad, I really love the two and the sort of platonic soulmates place they seem to be at these days).

There were some moments of Felicity and Laurel friendship here and there, especially in season 3, but it more so felt like Felicity was just there to be a sympathetic sounding board/superhero cheerleader for Laurel. Again, not bad, but still their friendship could’ve had more to it. And I’m forever salty that there wasn’t any Laurel+Felicity talking about Quentin/Donna and joking they could become stepsisters. Such a wasted opportunity!

We sometimes get glimpses of Felicity and Lyla friendship, which I love, I mean if I were to pick favorite possible Felicity lady BFF of them all it’d probably be the Sara friendship in season 2, but with Lyla as close second. I’m sure a lot of why we don’t have more Lyla and Felicity friendship is because the show only has Audrey but so often, but sometimes (especially this season) it feels like if Audrey was bumped up to full cast member (or more frequent recurring than she currently is), we’d see more of them actually being friends and not just “here’s a crisis, Lyla’s working with Team Arrow”.

Dinah has more of a connection with Diggle, Rene, and Curtis, and we haven’t seen too much of just her and Felicity being friends. The most was I think Felicity giving her the mask and expressing believing in Dinah. Which goes back to Felicity The Superhero Cheerleader.

We have been getting more and more Felicity/Thea, which, YAY! I love them together. But even so, their friendship is kinda framed within a sisterly bond (not that there’s anything wrong with that! It’s great, honestly), and framed around Oliver ala future sisters-in-law sort of way. Their friendship only came to be after Olicity had commenced (of which I count season 3’s year long Olicity angst to be. So even though we saw some Thealicity friendship at the end of season 3, it revolved around Oliver).

This season also had Alina, and the whole Felicity having a friend outside of team arrow was nice, but who knows what’s going to happen with her+Helix next season or beyond?

Felicity should have just a full on close female friend, and I’m kinda liking the idea of it being Samantha. Is that odd?

Sure, there’d be a bit of “okay, but this still revolves around Oliver” like with Thea, but I feel like that wouldn’t be so bad in Samantha’s case.

Plus can you imagine the awkward moments and lulz at either Felicity or Samantha being like “….is it weird that we’re friends?”, or Oliver himself being like 😳😬 at them bonding?

Both times we’ve had Samantha involved in Team Arrow stuff, she and Felicity have shared moments together. Why not expand on that if Samantha has more of a presence in s6? Bonus if in their initial bonding one of them (probably Felicity) makes a joke about it being the first time they’re talking without William being in danger/talking about anything other than Oliver.


“the spear doesn’t need someone pure of heart. it needs someone strong enough to do the right thing. sara, it needs you.”