sara mumolo

Decentralization of Easement

Maybe she’s as lonely as the rest of us, not comfortable with failure. I step into your voice, its outfit. I watch you wear your voice as an outfit. You could say I cultivated a face. In your. Make-up. I’ve packed up all the weather. The men having babies in their paintings. Babies history arrests outside of my museum, which is her museum. I sing into its building, unharvested with echo. Tone on sleeve. She’s as lonely as the rest of us, she says. And wears it, disdainfully. I put my cheek on the frame to cool my eyes. You say you’re writing this one as a woman comfortable with failure. I am breathing this one as a failure comforting her. She writes this uncomfortable movement. This one has a body to zip up. This one is a reel around the baby. A bird’s wingspan in a museum, its echo on my tear.

– Sara Mumolo

Omnidawn celebrates Fall 2013 books & chapbooks  at Moe’s Books , Friday September 20, 2013, 7:30pm!     Six writers will be reading at this event: 

Robin Clarke, Lines the Quarry Sara Mumolo, Mortar    Dean Rader, Landscape Portrait Figure Form Donald Revell, translator of Songs without Words by Paul Verlaine   Martha Ronk, Transfer of Qualities Daniel Tiffany, Neptune Park   
Omnidawn will provide ample hors d'oeuvres, desserts, wine, fizzy water.