sara modeling for tegan

  • Tegan: "We're lesbian elves, we can sexually harass whoever we want."
  • Sara: "Nice one. That's really good. Really good role model for the kids.."
  • Tegan: "I'm not a role model... i'm a model on a roll."
  • Sara: "Did you just make that up?"
  • Tegan: "Yeah! Haha, i'm a genius."
Hey we can be a band for anybody, we’re not just a gay band. We’re a band, where the members happen to be awesome and gay.
And so you know, over the years it has transitioned from just being ‘Hey this is our identity’ to 'Wow, this is our identity and we can do something with this’. We can be mindful of the community that’s in front of us, and sort of speak to them, and nurture them, and talk to them, and be role models for them.
—  Sara Quin (x)