sara mchenry


One week from tonight! And it will be DJed by me (Tony Breed) and Shannon Stewart, right after the Ignatz ceremony.

Thank you to all the fantastic artists who contributed art for this! Some of them will be at SPX, too.

Here’s the roster of dancers, roughly left to right, with tables noted if they’ve got one:

Josh Cotter (W53-55)
Bob Glascock (K6B)
Jasmine Pinales
Jeremy Sorese (W49B)
Beck Kramer
Emily Huff (G8A)
Sfé Monster
Neil Brideau (C8)
M R Trower (N4)
Eireni Moutoussi 
Blue Delliquanti (K10)
Chas Foster
Jessi Zabarsky
R M Rhodes (I5-I6A) 
Jess Fink (L12)
Paul Cleland Smith (D5)
Sara McHenry (L13)
Molly Ostertag (B14B)
Eric Colossal (L12)
Kory Bing (K11)
Tom McHenry (L14)
Kat Verhoeven (A1B)
Clíodhna Lyons
Shannon Stewart