sara lombardi

“A Time machine, you say? Now, that would be interesting.”

Sherlock BBC & Le Visiteur du Futur crossover where Jim hires Sara Lombardi as a time agent. Sometimes they take small holidays together and travel in time to beat up some blokes, for no reason. 

Psycopaths just wanna have fun~


Jim Moriarty & Sara Lombardi - “First contact”, part one.

“- Who am I speaking to?
 - Sara Lombardi, Sir. At your service.
 - Everyone’s at my service. What in hell are you talking about?”


So basically i’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone of crack videos and make something a bit more complicated. It might not be perfect, but I`ve learned some new tricks while doing it. Anyways, here it is.


I got a serious issue going on with this fucking character.


In which Sara Lombardi is being an awful boss and girlfriend.


Sara Lombardi’s got a bad reputation ~

[The beginning is the Visitor insulting her and telling that she’s a huge bitch. Which, well, is kinda true…]