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Accidental Hiatus

Hi Guys,

So I was completely inactive on simblr since beggining of February.. I did not plan a hiatus but.. my employer demanded I use my 12 days of holiday backlog from last year till the end of March.. So I spontaneusly went on a trip to Madeira island.. I had to plan this last minute and go. I was terrified because it was my first travel ALONE. So I forgot about tumblr.. Then I bought a new phone, to take better selfies with selfie stick, as I went on vacation alone.. and I forgot my tumblr password, hence I could not use it on my new phone until I found enough patience to go through a password reset, which was around a week ago.. I started to slowly catch up with you, my Lovelies, but it will take time after two months of complete absence.. To add to that, three weeks after the Madeira trip, in March, I went to Ireland to visit my Mom and to have another adventure at the Cliffs of Moher.. 

Right now I think I can finally come back here, I always miss this place and you! <3 So hopefully I will get back to posting soon :) xoxo

Fyi: Travelling alone is awesome! :)

I’m back! :)

Picture taken at Solina lake in Poland :)

I would like to thank you all for your lovely messages! <3

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Love You All! <3

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And now I am slowly catching up with your blogs! :D

Thank you @clumsybananapeel and @nocturnalsimmer ! <3

1. Currently I have a HUGE crush on Charlie Puth! <3 Y’all think it’s possible he will be my husband one day? ^_^ I feel like a teenage fangirl xD

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2. I work in a big corporation and I love it. Big corporations aren’t always bad.

3. I live in a big city my whole life, but with age I long more and more to live in a country, close to the nature..

4. Besides my job, I have no idea what to do with my life.. Everything would be much simpler if Charlie Puth could be my husband :P

5. 20th October will be my 28th birthday.