Mick: Why are we doing this again?

Jax: To save Rip.

Sara: Right. Because Rip’s one of us, and no matter what happens, no matter what obstacles we face, we never forget one of our own.

Amaya: We left Nathaniel and Raymond back in Feudal Japan.

Sara: Okay, from now on, no matter what happens, we never forget one of our own.


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Captain Canary AU: He woke up alone in a hospital bed with no memory of who he was or how he’d gotten there. He’d been told he’d been in a coma for close to five years. He didn’t recognize anything about the man he saw in the mirror. He agreed to staying for a couple days for observation, because he had nowhere else to go, and both nights he dreams of a blonde with beautiful blue eyes. Who is she? A friend? A lover? His wife?

When he finally is released he enlists the help of the firefighter who had responded to the 911 call that’d landed him in the hospital to try and find out more about his life… As well as more about the woman his brain doesn’t want him to forget.  

For me the Arrow in the first two seasons had this great unfolding story, the origin of Deathstroke, Arrow and Canary.

Slade was the man, who trained Oliver and started to forge him into a weapon.
He was the man, who showed him how to survive, and how important it is to unleash this part of you, who makes you a soldier.
Hе thought him how to set a goal and fight for it with precision.
Then came Shado and she thought him how to be hunter, how to accept yourself and be patient. She thought him in the art of archery.
The bond between those three was amazing. But when there is beautiful, exceptional and strong woman there always will be a trouble.
Both of the men, who became brothers fell for her. Of course she made the more easy choice, the charming young man with piercing blue eyes, who always suffer.
The more stronger and though man stays aside and anger and jealousy starts to form.
But Oliver is still young and naive and his past always haunts him. He still have a girl, he left at home and another girl, that he brought with him on the boat.
Sara Lance was this other piece of the puzzle that made this complicated and intersting story.
She was the girl, that Oliver brought on the boat, but she was a mistake. He was dating her sister and both of them knew, it was wrong what they were doing.
They just wanted to steal this little moment to undulge into the desire, they had for each other. But destiny had other plans.
Sara also survived the boat crash and was rescued by a pirates boat, she spent whole year closed in one room with crazy scientist and dangerous men.
When Oliver met her again she was different, she was tough and cold, a survivor in a terrible reality and he didn’t know, who she was now and, if he can trust her.
Mean while on the island Slade had his chance to be alone with the woman he loves. He is injured and in pain and she gently takes care of him, which strnghtened his love.
Soon everybody is reunited back on the island and Oliver brings this new gilr, a stranger to the others. The reaveal who she was instantly pushed Shado away from Oliver.
She couldn’t undertand his complicated heart and relationships. It was obvious things won’t end up well but for now Slade had his Shado
and the future Arrow was united with the future Canary ans what started as a mistake suddenly strarted to make sense and to feel right and meant to be.
What unfolds after, that set in motion all the events, that are about to happen in Staling city five years later, and are all part of the destiny.
Slade looses his Shado, because of a choice Oliver was made to do. His instinct makes him to stand in front of a gun pointed at Sara and Shado is sacrificed.
For five years the remaining alive players in this story are all forged into different warriors. Sara Lance becomes the Canary, the ex assassin,
who has different mission now, to protect women and her family. Oliver Queen becomes the Arrow, the man who hides his face under a hood to tame the monster and clean his city from corruption and criminals. Slade Wilson, the indestructible force, of a man on a mission to destroy another man, that took everything away from him.
He is rich, he is extremely strong and he had planned his revenge for years.
Those three are reunited in present days for a battle. And Shado is there, she is the ghost of the past that haunts everybody.
There are also a lot of new players, new destinies that start to unfold, a lot of new allies for the heroes and villains.
Some fight for the city, some fight for their lives, some fight for revenge, some for power, some for the good to prevail over the bad.
Everything that happens have consequences over the characters. Everyone in the end looses everything. The Arrow and the Canary loose the opportunity to be happy.They sacrifice their love to protect their families. Oliver loses his family and Sara leaves hers again. Slade loses the battle.
The city is destroyed and in ruins. But the hero rises above the monster and gains more strength and conviction to protect his city. So not everything is lost.


Sara Lance bad-ass #1.

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The CW : our gay couples only get quick pecks and implications of sex, but our straight couples can make out and bite lips and get morning after scenes, with half-naked actors ; and as soon as our queer characters are happy, they get killed off or something traumatic happens to them. 

Also the CW : our POCs are given much less screentime than their white counterparts, are treated like crap in general, and are often killed off. They are also sometimes white-washed or played by a non-POC.

Us : the CW is homophobic and racist.

The CW :