Now, in order to capture Vandal Savage, I’ll require the service of..”
                      “Killer, klepto and pyro?”           

Hating on a character BECAUSE of a ship/shippers is one of the pettiest things i saw on tumblr

like fuck characterization, fuck character development, fuck acting, fuck story lines, fuck backstory, fuck all that and let’s villainize the character because said character is either shipped by fans with someone or is in the way of my ship

Haunted- Prompt by Freyreh

“Before we go any further…I need to tell you something…” Sara said to the man who was laying underneath her, hands on her bare hips.

“What is it?” Leonard asked; suddenly worried as he pulled her to his chest. “Did you change your mind about me? Because if you did I can just…”

Sara placed a slender finger on his hot lips to shush him and she smiled softly at him.

“No; but there is something about me that you should know…Something not even Laurel knows…” Her eyes grew darker then; and her gaze became more distant. “Something I did become I became a member of the League.”

Leonard’s brows furrowed, but he turned on his side and propped his elbow to rest his head.

“I am all ears.” He answered and Sara took a long breath.

“It was when I was in high school…” Sara whispered and she bit her lip. “Everyone adored Laurel; the perfect daughter, student and cheerleader. And I was just her little annoying sister who wanted what she had.”

“The only boys that hitted on me, where trying to find a way to get closer to Laurel through me; but there was this guy…Wade…Was just as popular as Olly and he hated him so much. He started to hit on me…and I was smitten…A popular guy, hitting on Laurel’s little sister…I thought I was living the dream.”

“Come on, Sara…Don’t be such a chicken! They won’t even see that you’re gone!”

“But Wade…”

“The motel is just down the street!”

“He took me in the hotel…I didn’t even know why I did it…It was…horrible…I was losing my virginity to this person and…I was a nothing to him.” She whispered with tears rolling down her cheeks now.

Her fingers trembled as she dialed Olly’s number on her cell-phone.

“Olly, please I did something and I just want you to come and pick me up.” She sobbed.

“That night; when Oliver came and picked me up; I didn’t tell him anything. But I knew what I had done that night would haunt me forever. I wasted my virginity only to be like Laurel; gave it to a guy who didn’t give a shit and dumped in a motel room all alone.”

Her eyes met his after a long time; being scared of the look of disgust and disappointment.

“Sara…Why are you telling me this?” He asked her then and laced their fingers together.

“Because…I need to show you what person you are going to lose your virginity too.” She mumbled. “I lost it to this terrible person and I am just asking…Am I worth it, Leonard…?”

Instead he connected his lips with hers; lovingly with his thumb pushing away the tears that still rolled.

“You are practically reborn, so you are going to lose your virginity to me.” He whispered to her lips.

“I like how that sounds…”

And for once, the past didn’t define Sara; now knowing that the man who was her future accepted it.


CanaryColdFlash AU: Teen Wolf

Barry Allen is known throughout the supernatural community as a True Alpha who leads his Pack firmly, fairly, and with compassion.

Sara Lance hails from a long line of ruthless werewolf hunters dating back to 18th century France.

Leonard Snart is a Beta werewolf, originally from another pack, who took the Bite as a way of escaping his abusive father.

Their relationship shouldn’t work, but it does. With help from the rest of the Allen Pack, they fight monsters and magic and strange pseudo-science to keep the people of Central City safe.

All while doing homework, playing lacrosse, and studying for their SATs.  


#he wanted to have a future #a future with SARA #filled with playing cards and starting bar fights and flirting all day long #he wanted to have a future #that was more than just about being a killer and a liar and a cheater #he wanted to find some kind of peace and happiness with her #AND NOW LEAVE ME ALONE BECAUSE LEONARD SNART DEVELOPED SO MUCH #AND THEN THEY JUST TOOK THIS BEAUTIFUL THING AWAY FROM US