sara katz

To anyone and everyone who wants more diversity in their YA summer reading:

You should 100% read Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan


-Persian lesbian main character whose voice is absolutely wonderful and charming and achingly real. If you don’t love Leila, you don’t love yourself, tbh.

-other notable lady characters include, but are not limited to: a vampire techie, a gorgeous Jewish athlete who’s having a hard time coping with the loss of her brother, a hot hot literature teacher, and, of course, a mysterious transfer student from Switzerland

-(the dude characters are pretty cool too: a WASPy gay drama queen, a laid-back black dude who loves zombie movies, a loud seventh-grader, and a conservative Persian dad who is distressed about how much hip hop is about butts)

-hilarious lines such as: “I try to keep my mind busy through the silence. Is there chocolate-flavored gum yet? Did I remember to clear my browser history of lesbian folk music sites? I’ve been learning a lot about Ani DiFranco. I don’t even like folk music, but I guess I’d better see what all the fuss is about if I am to join my people.”

-it’s very engaging and not too long: I knocked it off in an afternoon because I couldn’t put it down


-(seriously though I teared up a time or two which isn’t actually that big a deal because I cry over everything but still it’s really good and you should read it)


“Due to the necessities of living in space, Newtypes could acquire the ability to transcend the vastness of space and achieve empathy with their fellow humans. The means they used might be something like telepathy.

In other words, even if people were separated by the obstacles of space and time, it was said that these people could overcome them and empathetically connect through their shared love.

In order to attain these abilities, people would have to better understand their situation. In that case, they could infer the situation from what they saw before their eyes, and predict how it might change and what new situation might result. However, we presently describe abilities of this kind as precognition.”

- from Zeta Gundam Novel Vol. 4; by Yoshiyuki Tomino