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Izzy’s Theatrical Adventures: Bare

This was probably the show I was most looking forward to seeing. I fell in love with bare: A Pop Opera a few months ago, and I was thrilled to find out that Bare was going to be off-broadway while I was in New York. That being said, I’d heard some mixed things about the changes made to the show, and I was somewhat hesitant going in to see it.

I was beyond blown away by this production of Bare, so much so that I ended up going back to see it a second time. I’ll admit, there were a few changes I wasn’t in love with (the biggest being the character of Sister Chantelle being replaced with Sister Joan, although Missi Pyle is amazing), but all in all I adored what was done with it. Taylor Trensch took a completely different take on Peter than I’ve ever seen anyone do with the pop opera, and I completely fell in love with his Peter more than I could possibly have imagined. Jason Hite conveys such real emotion that he had me literally sobbing in my seat both times I went to see it. Elizabeth Judd was perfection as Ivy, although I have to say that I may have fallen even more in love with Sara Kapner who understudied for Ivy during the second show I saw. While I was at first a little turned off by all the changes to Nadia’s character, by the end of the show Barrett Wilbert Weed and her absolutely magical voice had me completely converted. Gerard Canonico (who I didn’t manage to get a picture with) was an amazing Matt, and his voice is to die for. I loved all of Alice Lee’s parts as Diane, and the entire ensemble was incredible. My favorite addition has to go to Alex Wyse’s character, Alan, who added some of the funniest and most clever lines in the show.

So, to any Bare fans out there hesitant about the new version, go out and see it. I can almost promise you that you won’t be disappointed.


Alice Lee & Sara Kapner (Bare) - “You Don’t Know” from Bare (by Broadway Understudies)