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Red Queen; Genderbend Cast

Mare Barrow; Samuel Larsen

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Tiberias Calore; Emeraude Toubia

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Maven Calore; Alexandra Daddario

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(Diana) Farley; Chris Evans

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Kilorn Warren; Eliza Taylor

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Cameron Cole; Sam Wilson

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Evangeline Samos; Choi Seung Hyun

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Julian Jacos; Sandra Bullock

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Sara Skonos; Simon Baker

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Elane Haven; Eddie Redmayne

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Let Me Introduce You To Someone Named Sara Crewe.

If you haven’t read A Little Princess you should. It may have been intended for children but it’s a classic and has received multiple television, musical and film adaptations since the silent film era. With a successful anime adaptation and an audio-book as well. The story follows Sara Crewe a rich little girl sent to boarding school by her father and due to her wealth, is treated to luxury until her father loses their fortune [and dies] and Miss Minchin the headmistress forces her to become a servant and horrifically abuses her for several years.

Throughout the story however, she is shown to be a kind, polite, gracious, clever and imaginative young girl with not a snobbish bone in her body. Even when she’s rich and is being lavished upon she makes an effort to befriend the students that struggle and the mistreated servants of the school. Even when she’s a starving maid she maintains a positive attitude [A little bit like Cinderella i know] and uses her imagination to cope with her awful situation.  She’s just a really pleasant character.

Next Time: Another leading lady from a horror video game series.

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It'skinda Debbie Downer but hoping 4 great Calzona again means u gotta forget Sara & Jess haven't believed n or supported them as couple 4 long while & sure don't show any longing 4 Calzona story now. We know they aren't exactly friends who stay intouch &miss working together either. What actors like & want makes a difference in Shondaland. Long loving reunion probably not high on their lists.

I think if they found a nice original story they would be on board.