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Interesting how Sara has slept with one girl this season and kissed one girl and no guys yet this season and all of a sudden this means that they’re erasing her bisexuality and everyone is saying that they want their bi Sara Lance back. She hasn’t gone anywhere. She’s still there and she’s still bi. As a bisexual person I can tell you bisexual people don’t keep a pattern we don’t go “Okay I was just with a girl so now I gotta be with a boy” that’s not how bisexuality works. Sara is still bi guys. I do wish they would let her say the word bi but this is the CW so I doubt that’s gonna happen. But this doesn’t mean that they’re erasing her bisexuality either. Can they do better? Yes absolutely and it is in no way perfect representation but just cause she hasn’t kissed or slept with a guy yet this season or said the word bi to describe herself doesn’t make her any less bi than she is. She’s still bi and Caity has addressed this. And nothing has happened that has been remotely bi erasure since that one Arrow episode or the episode when Mick said she only liked girls and wasn’t corrected (Although he should have been) So it seems more like bi erasure isn’t your problem it seems like you’re using the term bi erasure because you’re upset Sara is kissing girls.

Sara Lance helping Rip Hunter to improve his social skills
  • Sara Lance: Ok Rip let's see where you are at first. How do you make friends?
  • Rip Hunter: I open with a dramatic line then I kidnap them
  • Sara Lance: That's not.....never do you communicate with your friends ?
  • Rip Hunter: I try to keep as many secrets as possible until everything blows up in my face and everybody is angry at me.
  • Sara Lance: O..k....this brings us to conflict. How do you handle conflict?
  • Rip Hunter: People tend to punch me and then I apologize because they are usually right to punch me due to the fact that I am a horrible monster who deserves nothing but pain and misery
  • Sara Lance: We REALLY need to talk about your self esteem issues later on. Anyway let's continue.How do you make amends to somebody you have hurt?
  • Rip Hunter: I give a dramatic speech and then I try to sacrifice my life for the greater good
  • Sara Lance: This is going to be a long night
Late night struggled (and beers)

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She was clutching his arm as she stood on her tip-toes; cold lips pressed against his hot ones.

Funny thing is that she thought his lips would be cold; ice cold just like the rays of his cold gun.  

But they were hot; burning hot against her and for a moment everything silenced. The noise, the humming of the Oculus Wellspring…

She felt only his lips on hers and the steady beating of his heart. It was so bittersweet. Something that she wanted for longer than she would admit and now that it was finally happening…

She held back tears as she lifted her eyes to connect with his.


“I’m sorry”

She couldn’t say it out loud.

The pain was overwhelming; spreading from her lips all the way to end of her toes and fingers.

So she turned away; grabbed Mick and left.

“I’m so sorry.” She wanted to say. But she couldn’t.


She jolted up; grasping for air with a strangled breath. She put her hands in her eyes noticing the tears there.

Sara was used to it by now. Years with the nightmares torturing her every single night. Sometimes it was her past and sometimes it was that day.

She would hear the sound of the explosion; she would see the Vanishing Pointing blowing up in front of her eyes.

And then she turned and she saw him.  Lying on his back next to her in their bed on the Waverider; mouth parted and a hand reaching out for her.

Sara felt herself smile at the sight but realized that she wasn’t going to sleep anymore, at least for a while.

So she slowly slid out of bed and fastened her robe, before the door opened and she walked out of the room.

Sara thought of going to the training room to blow off some steam but she knew that she would have to shower afterwards and the sound would wake up Leonard for sure. She turned towards the kitchen; walking over the fridge and grabbing a bottle of mineral water. And then her eyebrows furrowed as she realized that this whole time Mick and Ray had been sitting on the table, beers in their hands.

“What the hell are you doing?” She hissed but did nothing to show them that she was pissed.

“What do you think we’re doing? Getting drunk.” Mick said and then looked at the beer Ray held. “Well I am, he is drinking alchol-free.” His tone was mocking and both Sara and Ray knew how he felt about almost anything that was alcohol-free.

“He better.” Sara warned as she sat crossed legged in a chair across from them. “Why are you up anyway, Ray?” The man gave Mick a puppy-eye look; an indication that he really didn’t wanna answer.

So Mick did.

“Stein’s daughter has gotten so big that he can’t fit into the bed!” Mick exclaimed with a laugh and Sara felt sympathy for Ray. The beds on the Waverider weren’t designed for two… Let alone four.

“She is having twins, Mick and the beds aren’t that spacious if you have noticed.” She turned to Ray. “Maybe you can just ask Gideon to fabricate you a real bed if she can.”

“No, don’t worry about it. It’s just for a few more days and then we’re back in Central for good.” Ray answered with a smile. He and Lily both were ecstatic about the twins’ arrivals and he had agreed to stay on the Waverider until she was a week before her due date, before going to settle on Central City for good. “Besides, now is the best time to bond with Mick!”

“Speaking of… why aren’t you in bed? As far as I know Amaya isn’t pregnant? …Or is she?” Mick almost choked on his beer. “Okay got it… Not pregnant.”

“It’s just one of these nights, Blondie… Where I just can’t sleep. Too much shit going on in my head.” They shared an understanding look… Sara knew what he was going through… Even after they fixed time and got Leonard back and even after all these years… The nightmares were still there.

“I get it.”  She responded and Mick knew that shit like that was bothering her too. Sometimes Snart but he  was a master at masking his pain and he had a feeling that only Sara had seen how he really felt after everything… His own nightmares and demons.

Amaya had told him not to hide from her, but his darkness sometimes was a little too much… so instead he chose to leave her in the dark- the light…

“But you have to let her in Mick.” Sara told him softly. “What you two have is so much stronger than all your flaws and mistakes. Leonard saw past mine and I saw past his and that’s what love is.”

Mick sighed.

“Fine…” He stood up and threw his beer on the trash. He turned to Sara. “But you are taking him back to his room.”  

Ray had fallen asleep on the table. Great.

“Night Blondie!”

Sara groaned as Ray started to softly snore.

After leaving Ray on Nate’s room; a late night surprise the man really didn’t appreciate, she headed back to her and Leonard’s room where the man was still fast asleep. The latest mission must have tired him a lot more than he had thought because usually Leonard always knew when Sara wasn’t next to him.

But now she was glad.

The nightmare was still replaying on the back of her head as she lied back next to Leonard and pulled him close… but if the nightmares were the price to pay to have him back, it was more than worth it.

Helpless (MEA Version)

SCOTT: Ooh! I do, I do, I do, I do. Hey!
Ooh! I do, I do, I do, I do.
Boy, you got me helpless.
Look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit.
I’m helpless. I know I’m down for the count and I’m drowning in ‘em.

I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight
We were at a revel with some rebels on a hot night
Laughing at my sister as she’s dazzling the room
Then you walked in and my heart went boom
Trying to catch your eye from the side of the ballroom
Everybody’s dancing and the bass’s top volume

SCOTT and COMPANY: Ride to the rhythm as we wine and dine

SCOTT: Grab my sister and whisper “yo this one’s mine”


SCOTT: My sister made her way across the room to you
And I got nervous thinking what’s she gonna do?
She grabs you by the arm
I’m thinking “I’m through”
Then you look back at me and suddenly I’m

SCOTT and COMPANY: helpless!

SCOTT: Oh look at those eyes, ooh. I’m

COMPANY: Look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit, I’m

SCOTT and COMPANY: helpless.

SCOTT: I know…

COMPANY: I know I’m down for the count and I’m drowning in 'em. Helpless.

SCOTT: I’m so into you. I am so into you.

COMPANY: Helpless!

SCOTT: I know I’m down for the count, and I’m

SCOTT and COMPANY: drowning in 'em.

REYES: Where are you taking me?

SARA: I’m about to change your life.

REYES: Then by all means, lead the way.

SCOTT: I’m Scott Ryder. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

REYES: Ryder?

SARA: My brother.

SCOTT: Thank you for helping my sister.

REYES: If it takes fighting the Roekarr for us to meet, it will have been worth it.

SARA: I’ll leave you to it.

SCOTT: One week later, I’m writing a letter nightly.
Now my life gets better every letter that you write me.
Laughing at my sister cause she wants to form a harem.

SARA: I’m just saying, if you really loved me, you would share him.

SCOTT: Ha! Twenty-two weeks later in your living room, stressing.
My crewmates stone-faced while you’re asking for their blessing.
I’m dying inside as you wine and dine
And I’m trying not to cry
Cause there’s nothing the your mind can’t


SCOTT: My crewmates make their way across the room to you


SCOTT: I panic for a second thinking we’re through
But Vetra shakes your hand and says “Be true.”
And you turn back to me smiling and I’m

COMPANY: Helpless. Look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit I’m

SCOTT and COMPANY: Helpless.

COMPANY: Down for the count and I’m drowning in 'em.

SCOTT: Wooh!

COMPANY: Helpless.

SCOTT: That boy is mine. That boy is mine!

COMPANY: Look into your eyes and the sky’s the limit, I’m helpless.

SCOTT: Helpless.

SCOTT and COMPANY: I’m down for the count and drowning in 'em.

REYES: Scott Ryder, I don’t have a dollar to my name
An acre of land, a troop to command, a dollop of fame
All I have’s a transponder, a tolerance for pain,
A couple of college credits, and my top knotch brain
Insane! Your family brings out a different side of me
Peebee confides in me. Sara Ryder tried to take a bit of me.
No stress. My love for you is never in doubt.
We’ll get a little place on Havarl and we’ll figure it out.
I’ve been living without a family since I was a child
My father left; my mother died.
I grew up buck wild, but I’ll never forget my mother’s face. That was real!
As long as I’m alive, Scott Ryder, swear to God you’ll never feel so

COMPANY: Helpless!

SCOTT: I do, I do, I do, I do

REYES: Scott Ryder…

COMPANY: Helpless!

SCOTT: I do, I do, I do, I do

REYES: I’ve never felt so…

SCOTT: Yeah, yeah

COMPANY: Down for the count, and I’m drowning in 'em

SCOTT: Down for the count, I’m

REYES: My life is gonna be fine cause Scott Ryder’s in it.

SCOTT: I look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit. I’m…

COMPANY: Helpless. Down for the count, and I’m

SCOTT and COMPANY: Drowning in 'em.

COMPANY: In Helius, you can be a new man.
In Helius, you can be a new man.
In Helius, you can be a new man.

SCOTT: Helpless.

Resigned to Sorrow

Thalsian grumbled as he reached the top of the stairs. “… too old for this…” he murmured.

Sara stood at the window, her solemn face looking up at the horror that was a dead and burning world front and center before them. “Argus have you mesmerized I take it?”

Sara glanced absently behind her toward Percy, “Horrified is a better word.”

Percival nodded in understanding. “That seems to be the general consensus on how to feel about it.”

Sara sighed gently, inhaling and exhaling a few times before turning to look at Percy. “How has work been?”

“There’s been a bit of a lull in work. After the fiasco with the Holt women. I’ve been to see Rinoha a few times regarding some personal requests of hers. Aside from that however. Things were at a bit of a stand still… until that appeared of course.”

A nod. “What will your focus be on now? That book, or the current… danger?” she motions to the planet behind her.

“Until passage to Argus is secured I’ll continue with Adhelin’s needs from the book. Once the forces of Azeroth announce movement to Argus however. I’ll be going there.”

A second nod. She motioned to the table behind him. It is covered in stacks of paper, clippings of ads and pictures, the entire surface of the table blocked from view.

Percival looked over his shoulder, examining the cluttered table. “What’s all this?”

Sara bit her lower lip softly. “That is the product of my work these last many months…” Resting atop the clutter was a plain leather-bound book with far too many bookmarks to count sticking out of it. The binding looked very well-worn, and the front flap was untied so that it could be opened.

Percival raised an eyebrow, moving towards the table to look at the pile of papers and clutter. Looking at the worn book, he let out a heavy sigh as he opened it. The inside front page had innumerable scribbles and doodles on the inside, including an abundance of hearts. In the center of the page, written in Sara’s sweeping hand, it read: ‘Starbreeze-Thalsian Wedding.’

“Be blunt with me, Percy… have I wasted my support… my passion… my hard work… my -love-…?” Sara’s voice was calm and collected… as if she had resigned herself to accept whatever fate was going to give her.

Percival steeled himself. erecting as many emotional barriers as the cold warlock could muster. “Wasted, no… I wouldn’t say that.” he stated, trying to find the right words for such a conversation. “Perhaps I’ve simply… changed.” he offered. As weak an explanation as it was. It’s all he could think of in the moment.

Sara furrowed her brow, moving to stand before him, “Then stand before me and look me in the eye… and tell me that you loved me… and that will be enough for me.”

Percival rose to his feet and stared her straight into her emerald eyes. One of his sapphire eyes met hers. The other, hidden behind his monocle offered only the reflection of Argus in the night sky. “Do not doubt for a moment that I didn’t love you. You’ve made me better as a person, a citizen, and a warlock than I could have ever done alone. Yes. I did love you.”

Sara let out a soft sigh, moving to his arms to embrace him in a hug. It had, for the longest time been her safe spot. Now… it was bittersweet. “One last thing… Percy… please tell me… this has nothing to do with that woman…” Minutes of silence ticked by, each feeling like an eternity as Sara stood waiting, the moment heavy and uncomfortable.

Percival wrapped his arms around her as well. No matter how good he was at being the cold scientist, he felt the tug on his heart strings in the moment. When she spoke, they all but broke. “It has nothing to do with her,” he lied, “My heart belongs to the Twisting Nether…” it was a half truth. One he would wrestle with in agony in the days to come.

Sara closed her eyes. It had been his one chance to be honest with her. And he chose not to. She sighed, pulled away from him, and gave him a singular nod. Without so much as a second thought, she pulled the flawless engagement ring he had given her from her finger.

“I will have your things sent to your cabin in the Highlands… anything which may remain at the Estate.” She glanced to the table, snapping her fingers. The entire spread of various papers were suddenly set ablaze in purple fire. She looked back at him, shaking her head. “Should you require my aid in your research… you know where to send a raven… Doctor…”

Thalsian let out a pained sigh, “Of course, Lady Starbreeze.” he said, offering a stately nod.

Sara’s cheeks flushed a little, but she kept her nerve, offering a curt bow and heading out of the tower. Her voice echoed in the hallway as she left: “Lara, please make sure the items I requested are ready for my visit with Lord Holt.”

And just like that, she was gone.

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“When we say crap about Katie Cassidy, we don’t tag her” MY ASS

You guys are seriously pathetic, bullshit liars. You guys may not tag her (as often), but majority of the Twitter fanbase does and y'all let it happen.

Unlike our fandom, we actually call out the people that are disrespectful to real life people, tagged or not. Y'all state that we are giving y'all “death threats” and are misogyny’s (i’m a male feminist off record), but these are the same people that say this shit to Katie Cassidy themselves.

Y'all are pathetic people that have nothing better to do than shit on a supposed failed actress who:
- got promoted to regular for all DCTV shows
- has a successful fashion business blog called “TomboyKC” which got her invited to New York Fashion Week
- has been invited to the Oscars before
- An ambassador for Cybersmile
- An spokesperson for HELP Malawi
- Has a net worth of 3 million which is probably bigger than most of the DCTV actors.

Anyway, the real Black Canary will always be Dinah Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy).

I love ruining people’s opinion on how Sara is the real black canary with real facts :)

News flash: Dinah Laurel Lance was offered the option to join the league, but she said she would rather die than join in the comics, if Sara was the real black canary, she would have chosen death over the league. (Although I still love Sara & her actions were understandable)

News flash: Dinah originally had dark hair and wore a wig. Then, she dyed it blonde & took off the wig. Laurel did that, Sara had the wig forever & the blonde hair originally.

News flash: Dinah’s ideology was never killing & she was very protective over Sin from vigilante stuff. If Sara was the real Black Canary, she would have put Sin in a safe haven outside of Starling city.

News flash: Laurel stood by Justice & giving a voice to the voiceless since she was a little girl, same with Dinah. You can’t say the same with Sara, could you?

News flash: Laurel and Dinah were trained by Wildcat, was Sara? NO.

But those are just a few things, I love Sara Lance don’t get more wrong, but she is no Black Canary.

Regardless, I’ll say it again and again, the Olishitty fandom is disgusting and terrible.

You tag Katie Cassidy on your hate and say false things about her. The worst one was “besides sucking dick”, that’s just disgusting.

Y'all have no lives and will continue to be loners for the rest of your lives, #staypressed.

Olishitty Fandom = Terrible people that call Cassandra “Voldy and 🕷and antagonize Katie Cassidy
Olicity Fandom = Nice good hearted people that give the fandom a good name

I’m not even gonna anti tag this, y'all need to see how god awful y'all can be.

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Guys. But guys, listen.

Bethany and Carver piloting a Jaeger together. A Jaeger called like, Fear & Lothering or some shit.

Neural handshaking over the mean shit they did to each other as kids. Or Carver turning from jerk brother to defensive twin the second someone else picks on her. Or Bethany apologizing because no, he’s not really a brainless brute and she didn’t mean that; she was just angry.

The two of them getting irritated with each other outside their Jaeger, arguing but no one ever wins because they both know each other so damn well. And people are like, “how do they match so well but still argue so often?” but they just subconsciously settle their differences through their Drift while killing some Kaiju.

Carver getting injured and Bethany forcing him to keep doing physical therapy until he’s better because when he’s not at 100% neither is she.

Bethany falling out of alignment in their Drift, getting caught on memories of fear and shame, and Carver hunting her down and hugging her and reminding her she’s done nothing wrong, that no one blames her for anything.

Twins in Jaegers. Hawke twins in Jaegers. Help.

Ten Minutes: That Boy
read on ao3

START TIME: 2:06am

“That boy. What’s his name?”

“What boy?” asked Kara, sucking on the end of her pen while studying her notes. Her eyes narrowed as she focused on a problem and she jumped, steadying her books as Sara kicked out and hit her leg. “Hey! What?!”

“That boy,” said Sara, pointing to a boy who looked older leaning against the lockers. He had on a black hoodie, black jeans, and boots. Kara sighed while Sara eyed him up and down. He was definitely Sara’s type. He just screamed bad boy. “I’ve never seen him before.”

“It’s because he comes when he feels like it,” said Kara, adjusting her glasses before looking back down at her math problem. “That’s Leonard Snart.”

“I’m going to go say hi,” said Sara. 

“Please don’t. Many girls have tried and many have failed. Some boys, too, from what I hear.”

“Well, they aren’t me,” said Sara, flicking her hair over her shoulder. She stuffed her books into her bag and was about to go talk to him when she noticed her sister squaring off to Nancy. Ugh. The girl had been sniffing around Oliver, her sister’s boyfriend. Oliver, the pig, ate the attention all up. Now her sister was paying the price. Going away from her mission, Sara saddled up to her sister and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “Hey there, Nancy, looking as slutty as ever.”

“Sara. How nice of you to butt into our private conversation.”

“It’s what little sisters do.” Sara tilted her head to the side. “Don’t you have a football or basketball player to go bug? You can’t expect to get those much-needed breast implants on the salary of whatever business would want to hire someone with your pea-sized brain.”

“UGH! Sara Lance! You’re such a cow!”

“Moo,” called out Sara as Nancy trounced away. She then faced Laurel and hugged her tightly when seeing her unshed tears. 

“Thanks,” said Laurel softly. “I had her handled though.”

“When are you going to break up with Oliver? He started off sweet, but he’s just not worth this, Laurel. Every day it’s someone new who is flirting with him and he still doesn’t say no. Even if you’re standing right there!”

“He…” Laurel sighed. “Can we talk about this later? I’m late.”

“Sure.” Sara watched as her sister headed off toward her cheerleading practice, her ponytail bobbing behind her as she rushed to the gym. Sighing, Sara turned on the heel of her boot and paused when seeing someone staring at her.

It was Leonard.

She offered him a wink before going to her locker, all while ignoring all the butterflies that were suddenly fluttering in the pit of her stomach. He was even hotter up close. And his eyes. Jesus! When she got to her locker she looked back over her shoulder and sighed in slight disappointment when seeing that he was gone. She gathered the rest of her things then headed outside. While Laurel liked to participate in extra circulars, Sara had much better things to do. Well, except she had to wait for Laurel to be done with practice. Since she drove them to school that day. She blinked when the sun hit her eyes as she exited the school then headed down the steps. She stopped when Leonard stood beside her, bag over his shoulder. 


“Hey,” said Sara as someone else, someone taller and bulkier, stood on her other side. “Um…”

“We overheard some punks talking about getting back at you for mouthing off to Nancy,” said the larger guy. “Len here decided to play bodyguard.”

“Really?” asked Sara, turning to look at Leonard, who only rolled his eyes and shrugged. 

“Anyone willing to stick up for their sister deserves to not get jumped by a group of cowardly girls,” he said, pointing to the said group of girls. At the front of the group was Nancy who was looking more than a little put out. 

“Trust me when I say I could handle them,” said Sara. 

“We don’t doubt it,” said Leonard, gesturing toward a bench. “But considering we both have to wait for our sisters to get out of cheerleading practice, and Mick here has nothing better to do since he was kicked off the football team— How about we keep each other company?”

“Sure,” said Sara. “I’d like that.”

END TIME: 2:16am

I see a lot of people comparing Sara to Buffy, saying that Laurel should have just let her rest in peace and accept her death.

But those two have nothing in common. Buffy was a warrior of the Light. Buffy sacrificed herself to save her sister. Buffy was ready to die because she knew that only in death would she find peace (”Death is your gift”)

If anything, Sara is more like Angel. A lost soul who was forced to commit atrocities. Sara was an assassin. Sara killed people. Sara was murdered by the hand of someone she trusted. Sara wasn’t in peace when she died. She was betrayed.

If there’s truly something after death, then I don’t think that Sara, wherever she was, was in peace. She died before she could get the redemption she craved for and desperately wanted.

Sara’s life was ripped away from her. Because of a mistake that she made (sleeping with her sister’s boyfriend) she lost everything she held dear. IMO, she suffered more than Oliver because we’ve seen that Oliver chose not to go back to Starling City when he had the chance. A chance that Sara never got.

The League turned Sara into a killer. When she fought Helena, her first instinct was to kill her. When Roy was slowly losing his mind, her first instinct was to kill him. Felicity wasn’t wrong when she said that there’s was a light inside Laurel that Sara never had. Laurel suffered a great deal but she never had to go through the darkness that Sara did. Laurel fights because she wants to help, because she wants to make a difference. Sara fights because she wants to be forgiven for the sins she committed.

Sara didn’t see herself as a hero. Sara saw herself as a lost cause. Someone who wanted to be forgiven but felt like she didn’t deserve that forgiveness. Beautiful Sara saw her herself as a monster.

If you want to keep comparing BTVS to Arrow, then Laurel is the one positioned as Buffy. Buffy believed in Angel, saw the man instead of the monster, believed he could be better. From the bottom of her soul, she believed that he was good. And it’s because of her belief in him that Angel felt that maybe, just maybe, he was worthy of a second chance.

And that’s what Laurel does for Sara. Laurel is the reason Sara didn’t kill Helena, Laurel is the only one of the show that saw Sara as a hero. Laurel believed in Sara when Sara didn’t. Laurel took Sara’s codename, a codename the she loathed because of what it implied, and turned it into something beautiful. I mean, look at her face (gifs not mine)

See that look on Sara’s face ? It’s a look full of fear and love and hope. Laurel managed to inspire her sister. And just like Angel, Sara felt that maybe, just maybe, she deserved a second chance too. Maybe she was worthy of forgiveness. Maybe she could become the hero her sister believed her to be. Maybe redemption wasn’t an impossible goal after all.

But Sara died before she could accomplish any of that. Killed by someone she trusted. Someone she loved. That redemption she craved for? She never got to have it because she’s dead.

And Laurel knows this. Better than anyone, Laurel knows this. Her baby sister deserved better, she deserved to live the life she wanted, she deserved to be happy, she deserved everything she ever wanted and more. Instead Sara’s adult life has been full of pain and misery and darkness and nothing else.

So yeah, in a way, Laurel’s decision is selfish. She wants to bring Sara back to life because she needs her, her father needs her, her mother needs her. She wants their family complete again.

But she’s also doing it for Sara. Because her little sister deserves a second chance at life and if she has to sacrifice her own soul to bring her back then she will.

I, for one, am glad that Sara was brought back out of love, not out of hate. Can you imagine if Malcolm or Damien had been the ones who used the pit on her? They would have used her for their own diabolical purposes. Instead of trying to save her soul, she would have been their own personal weapon. And that’s not something I want for my SarBear.

Basically I love the Lance Sisters and the haters can fight me I don’t even care.

Captain Canary Fanfic: Beyond Legends

Title: Beyond Legends
Rating: Teen
Genre: Angst, Romance
Word count: ~2500
Summary: The mission is over, the Legends are back home, and Sara is missing Leonard. A trip to Central City might be the start of a new journey for them.

It’s hard to believe that she once used to be a bartender, and later a vigilante who had the habit of getting into bar brawls with her friends, considering how much she is detesting being stuck at one tonight. Luck is clearly not on her side, because this is the one night when the outlaws of Star City have all decided to be uneventful and unhelpful, and she’s stuck at a crowded pub with pulsating recycled EDM music, cheap beer and Laurel and Thea for company. Not how she had pictured her weekend would begin.

“What about her?” Laurel asks, gesturing at a brunette on the dance floor.

Normally, she would be intrigued. The woman’s cute, she’s single, and life is too short. But she kind of has a thing for someone who is the opposite of cute, she’s single, but with a “terms and conditions applicable” fine-print to it, and life is too short to waste a night on someone that her heart isn’t set on. Sara groans. “Can you kill me again, Thea? Please?”

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

#GrowingUpUgly - Because you know what’s worse than being catcalled by boys in the hallway as you pass by? Hearing the catcalls and then the laughing as soon as they think you’re out of earshot.

I’ve taken a bit longer replying to this because honestly, it broke my heart to read and I wanted to reply in the most perfect way possible. 

You are not ugly. I don’t know you, but I’m confident saying you are not ugly.

This is me. Unedited. All throughout my life. No filters. No touch-ups. 

Do you think I’m ugly? Because I used to think I was ugly. Sometimes I still think I am. I spent every year from Grade 2 until I graduated Grade 12 being bullied. I was called ugly, fat, freak, a piece of meat, four-eyes, I was called racial slurs because I have tiny eyes. I remember someone called me “Cousin It” once because my hair, as you can tell, used to be a little unruly, so for most of high school, I wore my hair in a ponytail. I got called every name in the book. 

And it hurts. It kills. Bullying is one of the worst things that can happen to kids. To people in general. But I need you to know, anon, that you are not ugly just because some bullies, some people who think they’re a gift to the world, think you are. 

I’m 25 now and most days, I can be confident in the way I look. I have down days, like everybody else. And looking back at photos from years ago, yeah some are unflattering. Do you see my tummy, and my bad glasses? Some of these photos are photos I wouldn’t even put in photo albums and I am showing you today. I am owning my flaws. I’m not perfect and I had my awkward phases and I still do. Everybody has those days. 

Own who you are, anon. If you’re being who you are, then there is nothing better that you could offer the world. If you’re being who you are, being true to yourself, then you are beautiful. You don’t exist to make those jerks happy. You don’t exist to please anybody else but yourself. 

You are not ugly. 

You are beautiful. 

And the next time those guys do that? Smile at them. Because you know that what they think doesn’t define you.

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Do you think they erased Sara being bi? She mentioned in Arrow this week that she preferred girls but I haven't been able to figure out if she meant exclusively or just more than boys. But this season as a whole on Legends she hasn't seemed to show any interest in guys at all. Do you think Flashpoint wiped out her being bi, or that it just hasn't had a reason to be brought up?

We’ve been over this argument a lot since Legends has come back. This is a complicated matter and I don’t want to be the person that is, like, “no, that’s not it” but then it turns out that it is it. So let’s run through a few points.

1. Sara said she prefers girls

Television is narrative mean, therefore, it doesn’t work like real life. What I mean by this is that in case they wanted to erase her bisexuality, in terms of writing, “You know I like girls” (or something similar) would have worked better. I think the reason why you see more of Sara with girls on Legends is:
a) It is more interesting in historical context where Sara with men would have no issue, but she does almost get burned alive for sleeping with women.
b) She’s mostly surrounded by straight men. As a bisexual woman, those sort of things they said on the show totally happen to me.

2. Why Flashpoint has nothing to do with it anyway

It’s still unclear how Flashpoint affects the characters on Legends because they’re timetraveling all the time and they should be warned of the effects. Like, we thought Stein was having visions because of Flashpoint, but it turns out it was him who changed it. Also, I don’t really think Flashpoint could change someone’s sexuality. If anything how they feel about it.

3. The CW monster

So, there’s been some discussion that one of the writers said (then deleted) that the CW pressured this a bit because Sara’s sexuality was making them ‘uncomfortable’ or something, idk. That is totally plausible because the CW needs to die and they’re ignorant af, so yeah high risk.

In short: Sara’s bisexuality has not been erased but don’t be too shocked if it happens in the future. Maybe these lines and scenes are the best way the writers can try not to erase it but still following the dumbass directions of their network.

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Prompt: The mission is over and Leonard doesn't want to let Sara even think about come with him to Central City because he thinks she deserves better, so he starts to treat her differently and they have a fight. Maybe then after some months they meet again? I don't know. Love you CC fanfics!

dis: i don’t own lot

He loved her. God did he love her. He never thought he’d feel that way about anyone. He loved Lisa, but this was different. This was new and shiny and at first he’d been greedy. He’d wanted to know everything about her. He wanted to feel and bask in her light. Touch her skin and breathe her in. He would spend nights just studying each freckle and she’d smile, roll her eyes, but allow him the privilege. 

She saw his scars. All of them. He’d been tense and worried and self-conscious but she also showed him hers and suddenly he had no fear. No fear of her seeing that his father had used his back as an ashtray, sliced his skin with beer bottles, or of any of the other horrible memories that were painted on his skin. 

When Savage was finally dealt with, when they could finally go home. He’d been ready to take her with him to Central City…but that was when his overactive brain started turning. What could he offer her? He had nothing. He was still a wanted man. He didn’t want that life for her. To be constantly looking over her shoulder and wondering if that would be the day he’d leave her. What if she wanted a family? They’d never talked about it but the thought of being a father terrified him so much he didn’t want it. 

He couldn’t offer her a home. He couldn’t offer her roots, or children… So what was he doing? He’d started detaching himself. He started sleeping alone. She’d come to his door and he’d ignore her, ordering Gideon to not let her in. He stopped training, stopped eating breakfast with her. When she came to him one day, her face open and pleading with tears in her eyes, he’d almost broke. He’d almost asked her to stay. Instead? He broke her heart. He saw it shatter in a million pieces as she walked away from him, calling him every name in the book before turning back around and punching him square in the face.

Six months later, he still thought of her, even now as he stood on the rooftop looking down at the diamond he wanted to steal. Mick learned to stop saying her name, to stop mentioning her. Lisa somehow found out, probably from Mick, and even she nagged about getting back in contact with her. 

“You aren’t happy, Lenny.”

“When have I ever been happy?” he’d asked.

“Fuck,” he said now, looking down at his mark. Suddenly, he wasn’t in the mood and he turned away from it, only to stop in his steps to see her. “Sara…”

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In that video you posted the question was Arrow would be better without Olicity and Felicity crying all the time and Emily agreed with it, so does that mean Emily doesn't like Olicity?

In her answer, Emily focuses only on the “tears” part of the question. It has nothing to do whatsoever with Olicity.

Emily went through a very hard season emotionally as Felicity saw 

- her heart break

- Her friend Sara die

- The love of her life die 

- Or disappoint her by his poor choices

She thought she lost him again

and again

And again

before finally having him back… 

But the list could go on and on and on…

This was a hell of a season for Felicity and therefore for Emily as well. Emily has to carry and live through Felicity’s emotions but more than that, Emily carries Felicity in a special place in her heart.

I love the idea that Emily and Felicity are like sisters. They share an unbreakable bond but are two different people, two different entities who impact each other, live on the same rhythm but have their own inner strength.

When Emily says that she agrees that Felicity shouldn’t be crying all the time, I think she means that she suffers for her and she wants her to be happy. Nothing else. She wants to protect Felicity, just as you would protect a member of your family, someone who needs your support and your love.

Seeing someone you love suffering is hard, especially when the emotional bond you share with this person impacts your own mood and vision of the world. 

Just like us, Emily surely misses this Felicity

The one who could drop sexual innuendos at any time

The one who was all shade of cute and weird at the same time

The one whose happiness and humour were contagious

The one who could flirt openly.

But Emily knows that this Felicity’s not gone, she was just overwhelmed by the intensity of this year, showing a much stronger, grounded and mature side of her personality - and she will be back along with Felicity’s happiness. 

Felicity’s happiness means being with Oliver now and as a sister or a best friend would know how to recognize true love and happiness, Emily naturally supports Olicity. Because Oliver makes Felicity happy – and this is all that matters.

'Birds of Prey' speculation drabble (that word is used loosely)

Spoilers ahead! Sort of. We barely know nothing other than the title and that Helena is back and yet this plot bunny attacked and turned out longer than intended and…I need it out of my face so I can work on the things I’m supposed to be working on. 


Read it here:

or behind the cut:

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Guys! Ra's Al Ghul has been in the Lazarus Pit himself.

For all the comic-book fans I’m sure this is no big news, but for those who have only read comics once or twice (if not at all) in their lives, this information is sorta kinda a little bomb.

When he said “it’s been 67 years since someone challenged me” we all were kinda like wuuuuut!? Well, here is a fun fact about the Pit:

“The substance possesses the ability to rejuvenate the sick and injured, and even resurrect the dead. The pits also decrease the age of the user depending on how long they stay submerged in the pit.”

Clearly, the Pit will bring Oliver back. (Also #BRINGTOMMYBACK2K14) But Ra’s been using it for himself. That’s the only logical explanation; not to mention that he has zero injuries on his body. Sure, he’s the master in fighting. But he hasn’t been this way since he was a kid, has he? He must’ve been injured his first few years in combat fighting. But there was nothing. 

From what I’ve read, Ra’s was actually the one to discover the Lazarus Pit. And another interesting fact? Also in the comics, Black Canary has used it. Do you think this could be related to the ways Guggenheim said Laurel would have to find another way to help people? Do you think she could ever find herself in the Lazarus Pit? 

Oh, and something else? #BRINGSARABACK2K14 
I mean, it’s already been announced that Tommy is coming back and NOT in flashbacks. What’s better than to get Sara there too? I WANT HER BACK OKAY.

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Sara/Len + 36 - “I wish I could hate you.”

Sara doesn’t talk to anyone after they leave Star City. She goes straight to her cabin, shuts the door. For a day, everyone leaves her be. Then, there’s debate of who should go talk to her. Ray volunteers and Len looks at the man’s face. It’s like a giant shiny sunbeam. He scrubs a hand over his face.

“I’ll do it.” Len says, standing. He waits for the comment. Kendra always has something to say about Len and Sara and - whatever they are. Nothing comes. Kendra gives a sad smile, which is somehow even worse.

Sara’s door is unlocked, so Len just slides in. She’s curled up on her side, facing the wall. She doesn’t move, even after the door slides shut behind Len. Len regrets volunteering suddenly. Maybe this would be better done by someone like Ray.

He has no idea what to say, so he just keeps quiet. Sara’s small enough that she’s only taking up about a third of the bed - and god, he hates thinking about that. It’s not something he realizes often, but when he does, it’s usually when she’s got four guys trying to kill her. He hates that some part of this feels the same. 

Still, there’s enough space on the bed, so Len sits on it. He crosses his legs, leans back on her pillow. There’s space between them for a moment, but Sara shifts a little and then her back fits against his side. 

“Rip said we could go back.” She says, after a long moment. Her voice doesn’t sound teary, not like he’d expected. Sara traces something on the wall. “He said we could go see her in law school or something. Like that’d be the same.”

“Rip’s an idiot.” Len declares it easily. It’s not the first time he’s said it either, but this - this isn’t, Rip’s an idiot for not letting us steal the Mona Lisa just this once. This is Rip’s an idiot and some part of Len wants to yell at him.

“You’ve got a sister,” Sara says. She rolls over, looks up at Len. There’s a smear of mascara on her cheek. Len folds his hands in his lap so he doesn’t do something stupid about it.

“Lisa.” He says. Sara nods. There’s something expectant in her look, so he continues. “She’s a brat. Dyed my hair once when I was drunk and she was in high school. Can’t drive for shit, so she takes a motorcycle everywhere. I’m pretty sure she only got snapchat to send me pictures of Cisco fucking Ramon and piss me off.”

There’s more, he wants to say, about growing up and trying to keep anything good for Lisa. But that’s not what Sara needs to hear now. He doesn’t know exactly what she does need to hear, but it’s not that.

“I was always the favorite.” Sara says. She rolls onto her back and drops one arm over her face. Her side’s flush with Len’s and he’s a little surprised when she wraps her hand around his elbow.

“I think Laurel hated me for a long time for it. Like, dad always showed up to my cheer stuff and he thought it was - I dunno - funny when I got in trouble for stuff. Laurel always tries more and I don’t think they knew what to do with that. So she’d like, be a bitch to me. She, like, would tell boys that I was grounded when I wasn’t or take my Panera Rewards card out of my wallet for no fucking reason.”

Sara sniffs. Len realizes she’s crying. He reaches over, drops his hand onto her wrist. He rubs his thumb over the bone there.

“It’s fucked up that that’s what I keep thinking about, right? Like, all the petty shit she did when she wanted to piss me off. But that’s what keeps playing on a loop.” Sara says. She moves her arm. Her eyes are red and the mascara’s running worse.

“She didn’t hate you.” Len says. Sara huffs and he knows - not all of it, but he knows pieces of the Oliver Queen debacle. Len makes a face. “Don’t be dumb, blondie, you are much harder to hate than you think.”

“Am I?” She asks. Her voice is small. If she was trying for joking, it missed.

“I mean, I tried to hate you for a couple days at first. Couldn’t do it.” He says. Sara smiles, a tiny thing. 

“She did beat up Miranda Lopez after Miranda called me a dyke.” Sara says. She raises an eyebrow. “And then she yelled at me and told me to stop hanging out with assholes like Miranda Lopez.”

Len smiles at that. Sara smiles too. It fades, quicker than he wishes it would.

“You can keep going.” He says. “I’m pretty sure if we’re quiet for too long, they’re going to replace me with Ray.”

“Well,” she says. “I don’t want that.”

And so she talks.