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"I’ve looked back to every answer and comment we’ve made over the last month regarding Saul and it’s been fairly even and/or humorous" You must be new here because you don't know anything. Who even are you? I'm not talking about the last month so spare me the false theatrics. I'm talking about the last 3+ years. Your long tiring paragraph about Saul means nothing to me, it's all false platitudes from fake fans like yourself. I'm glad Saul and Khan fans don't walk these parts, we're better off.

I (Sara) didn’t answer the original ask, but you know what? I’ll own it. I DON’T like Saul. I’ve never been shy about admitting that.

Why do you like him? I’d really like to know. 

In canon he has proven to be, since season 3′s ruse, a selfish human being who cares about his own ambitions more than those who love him, namely his protege and his wife, to whom he’s displayed both disregard and contempt. Acknowledging that fact does not make me a fake fan. 

Every time Mandy talks grandiosely about the love Saul has for Carrie and how much Saul values her as a person–rather than merely as a vessel for achieving his own aims–I am ever more horrified. The writers stopped writing Saul that way in season 3. They may be redeeming him now… but some of us won’t forget.

So Flash features Barry and Iris breaking up (? Temporarily??) for stupid reasons. (Not getting engaged yet, totally. ‘Need some space’? what why??? so dumb.) and Barry needed to learn that he has to be the one to save everyone because he’s the only one who can do it??? He was bad for relying on his team????????  

And apparently Legends (which I have not watched yet) is all about how Sara is SO much better as a Captain than Rip. Which I don’t buy. She doesn’t strike me as a natural leader. A strategist yes. Leader no. And basically, I don’t want to watch an episode where the major point is that my least favorite character in the Arrowverse is so amazing and everyone should bow at her feet (I get enough of that in the fandom, thank you very much) and one of my favorite Legends characters is really very bad at his given particular skill and his life’s work. Literally, that’s who Rip is. He’s captain of the waverider. He’s the time travel expert. he’s the one who brought them all together. he’s the one who saw that they should be a team. Sara is the dark element. The second in command who offsets the leader’s more straightforward morality. The assassin on the team of heroes. Arguably the most skilled fighter on the show. What sense does it make to suddenly shift her characteristics in order to edge Rip out and suddenly pretend he’s bad at everything that defined him last season?? I hate it. 

This is why I put my love and trust in Arrow. Not these other two.