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Weekend Picks: The Beguiled (1971)

Within the first few minutes of Don Siegel’s The Beguiled, Clint Eastwood looks at a little girl and asks, “How old are you?”

“Twelve,” the cherubic girl replies. “Thirteen in September!”

“Old enough for kisses.” Not only can Eastwood narrow his eyes in a squint. Somehow, he can make his voice squint, too.

The willful perversity of The Beguiled has only just begun. Yet Yankee Corporal John “McB” McBurney (Eastwood) isn’t a pedophile; he’s an opportunist. While he distracts Amy (Pamelyn Ferdin), a contingent of Rebel soldiers rides by without spotting them. Amy, flattered by McB’s attention, saves his life by leading him to the Farnsworth School for Young Ladies. Headmistress Martha (Geraldine Page) reluctantly tends to his wounds while Hallie (Mae Mercer), her cynical slave, quietly looks on. Meanwhile, his presence intrigues all the females of the school, from the virginal Edwina (Elizabeth Hartman, who provided the tremulous voice of Mrs. Frisby in The Rats of NIHM) to the resident Jezebel, Carol (Jo Ann Harris).

The Beguiled is an awkward film. Like David Lynch’s Dune, it’s plagued with unintentionally hilarious voiceover narration from each of the characters. The subtext is almost satirically Freudian, as all of McB’s trials–a broken leg, a pilfered revolver–have to do with his penis (or symbolic lack thereof). Yet the film is far too interesting to ignore.

Though it veers into Penthouse territory at times, The Beguiled treats its female protagonists with a surprising amount of respect. I expected Martha to come across as an emasculating monster a la Annie Wilkes in Misery, but instead she is portrayed as resourceful and intelligent. The film takes pains to show that the women’s greatest threat comes not from McB, an enemy soldier, but from the army ostensibly there to protect the school. But the film’s keenest subversive pleasure comes from making a sexual object out of Eastwood. It’s so rare for a film to assert a female gaze, and in this The Beguiled truly has the courage of its convictions. The film lingers on Eastwood’s angular frame with a lushness typically reserved for a Playboy centerfold. It’s also a treat to see McB use the stereotypically feminine traits of flattery and sexuality to his own selfish ends.

The Beguiled was released just months before Siegel and Eastwood’s legendary moneymaker, Dirty Harry, which galvanized audiences with macho fantasies of vigilante justice. Like audiences today, those in 1971 were struggling with recession, war, and damning governmental security leaks, so it’s not surprising that many wished to escape into Dirty Harry’s will to power. For all its lurid hothouse charms, The Beguiled was overshadowed. It’s a shame that happened, since The Beguiled criticized the hubris of those who underestimate the strength of the powerless. Those who tell sweet lies may find themselves tasting the bitter tang of a different sort of justice.

–Sara Gray

anonymous asked:

What color are their eyes? I always imagine that Dallas' are blue because he's actually a redhead. And Malek's are brown. But I could be wrong; I think it's really interesting

Dallas’ eyes are really brown. Like, honey brown. but it has a lot of flecks of gray.
Malek’s eyes are green.
Poppy: black/ very dark brown
Parker: gray
Sara: brown
Phoebus: blue, flecks of brown
Ari: black (out of all of them, I imagine Ari has the darkest eyes)
Tyler: light brown 
Noah: green
Greg: Gray
Charlie: kind of aquamarine??
Paulina: penny brown
Wendy: dark brown
Blake: tawny brown, flecks of gray 
Ben: dark brown

anonymous asked:

Hey :) what's everyone eye color? thanks xx P.s. I love the comic, you're such a talented artist and writer

Oh !!
Dallas: brown, flecks of gray (the only brown I can compare is hash browns, haha)
Malek: green (like moss)
Poppy: black/ very dark brown
Parker: gray
Sara: brown
Phoebus: blue, flecks of brown
Ari: black (out of all of them, I imagine Ari has the darkest eyes)
Tyler: light brown
Blake: brown, flecks of gray (Malek Has A Type)

the raven cycle moodboards (x): dean allen a.k.a mr. gray

He hadn’t felt a thing when the screwdriver had pierced his side. It hadn’t been unbearable when he’d stitched it up as he watched The Last Knight on the television by the bed (Arbor Palace Inn and Lodging, local color!). No, it had gotten terrible only when the wound had begun to close. When he’d begun to regrow skin where it had been chewed away. Now the ragged hole in his heart was regrowing out of the scar tissue, and he couldn’t stop feeling it. 

Updated sexuality headcanons for yoi characters:
  • (Since the recent yuri on stage event and milabek teasing nixed my original headcanons for Seung-gil and Mila)
  • Yuuri: demi-ace, bi
  • Viktor: gay
  • Yurio: ace, gay, trans boy
  • Phichit: demi-aro, bi
  • Christophe: gay
  • Otabek: bi
  • Leo: bi
  • Guang Hong: gay
  • Georgi: straight
  • Mila: bi
  • Sara: bi
  • Seung-gil: gray-aro, gay
  • Jean-Jacques: straight
  • Mickey: bi
  • Emil: gay

       There are so many awesome new releases to look forward to this year !!

                        What are you all looking forward to most ?! 

anonymous asked:

Hermione + siblings and their reactions to magic (tbh I don't remember if she had siblings I think she was an only but still write a story about it pleeeaase)

Hermione Granger’s older brother was a bully, and a saint. If he had been one or the other, dealing with him would have been easy. It was the combination of the two that made life complicated.

He didn’t bully Hermione, of course. No — Titus adored his little sister with the sort of enthusiasm that suggested deep envy. “She’s smarter than me already,” he told everybody in year 5, “and she’s only seven.”

It was true. Hermione was smarter than him already. Titus, however, had his own advantages: he had been blessed with gold-kissed skin and the sort of youthful smile that wouldn’t have looked out of place in an advertisement for children’s dental care. He was polite, hardworking, and generous, with good marks and a knack for football. In short, he was a saint.

But he was also a nightmare.

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