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Aesthetics: Sara Lance and Ray Palmer - White Atom

“Out of all the chaos and turmoil in her life…R A Y was a warm and steady constant.[x]

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Some poetic bee for @hauntedhemlock ! I hope u like it!!! I had so much fun with these I need to draw them more!

Wirt is nervous about a school dance Sara asked them to go to, so she’s giving him some pointers on dancing! Wirt is a fast learner but gets flustered bc it’s Sara 😄
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If anyone wants it, I post lotsa otgw, autumn, and halloween posts on my fall aesthetic blog @faull

Sara Ramirez

Ok guys, we have to talk about Sara Ramirez coming out this afternoon. I really hope that you won’t judge me for how emotional I am over this.

I am just…. There is no version of my “coming out story” that doesn’t involve the character Callie Torres. Her time with Erica, Callie figuring out that her feelings for her friend was more than “just friendship”, it turned my life upside down. She was figuring herself out just as I was, at the same time I was.

Their entire plot together was the catalyst to me finally, finally after years of varying degrees of self-denial, accepting my queerness. And I’ll admit to returning to those episodes, along with all of Calzona’s greatest hits, many times in the near decade that has followed- when I needed courage before my first ever date with a girl, when I needed comfort during fits of depression, when it was a quiet Sunday and I just wanted to have that familiar feeling of friends. Those episodes- Callie specifically- have been all of that for me, and so much more.

Sara Ramirez is the first woman I ever publicly adored and and openly had a crush on. Working through my feelings for her helped to teach me to be comfortable expressing my feelings towards women as a whole. She is one of my biggest roots.

And to hear that she came out today… A shiver ran through me from the first mention. I’m almost surprised by how moved I am right now. There aren’t words to describe it.

From one biracial, multiracial, queer, bisexual, Latina woman of color to another… Welcome home Sara, we’ve been waiting for you with open arms.

hey, does anyone know where I can find photo shoot schedules for ab 2017? I’ve tried surfing anime Boston’s forums, but I’ve found nothing D: !


o boy


Sara being so done with Jimmy on the sneak peek for “The Sat Pack" 

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Relationship Status: in a relationship

Favorite Color: Blue

Last Song I listened to: Whatever was playing on @gabriel-fucking-agreste‘s stream playlist before I finally passed out… 

Favorite TV Show: Miraculous Ladybug (duh) Battlestar Galactica, Buffy, Firefly, Leverage, and a few animes. I watch a lot of TV honestly….

First Fandom: Gundam Wing and Harry Potter. Those were my first two big FANDOMS. 

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, all kinds of music, costuming, and cooking ^_^ 

Books that I’m currently reading: Rook

Favorite Book: Too many to name. If pressed I would say either The Scarlet Pimpernel or Ender’s Game. But I love classics, fantasy, and I have the weirdest obsession with collecting YA literature.  

Worse Thing You’ve Ever Eaten/Tasted: Squid. But that’s also cause I am allergic and it was a really nasty evening when I tried to eat it for the first time. 

Favorite Place: Disney World. 

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name/nickname: kate, KG

height: 5′0

hogwarts house: not a harry potter fan

last thing I googled: migraine lyrics by twenty one pilots

fictional character you’d like as a sibling: uh..i’m watching law and order SVU so i guess olivia benson cause she’s badass 

number of blankets I sleep with: 2 

favorite bands/artists: Prince, twenty one pilots, fall out boy, panic at the disco, bruno mars, one direction, little mix, nicki minaj, 

when did I make this blog: July 2016

how many blogs do I follow: 97

what do I post about: mr robot and rami, shameless (mainly mickey), other random stuff, shit posts lol

do you get asks on a regular basis: no 

aesthetics: i had some but i can’t remember at the moment (i’m on this new medication that makes my memory bad)

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Smoaking Canary Carmilla AU

“Why are you so damned obsessed with this?”
“I hate mysteries, they bug me.”
“Get over yourself, Carmen Smoak Diego. The sooner you learn to stop running playing hero, the better off you’ll be. Some things are what they are, cupcake.     
"I don’t accept that, and you shouldn’t either.”

Felicity Smoak is thrilled to be out of Vegas and away from her overbearing mother, and Silas U—wonky internet aside—is great! That is, until her best friend and roommate Iris West goes missing. To honor her friend’s journalism major (and her own relentless thirst for knowledge), Felicity investigates the disappearance and faces danger at every turn.

And then there’s her mysterious new roommate. Sara Lance, who seems to enjoy making her life a living hell. Together with her floor don Caitlin Snow and Caitlin’s best friend Sin, Felicity will uncover a dark and ancient conspiracy, race against the clock to find Iris, and—if she’s really lucky—pass her classes.

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Rules: tag 20 followers you want to get to know better
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Name: Sara
Nickname: Saradoodlebug. Only family.
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5′6 (ish)
Sexual Orientation: big ole shrug of the shoulders
Hogwarts house: My best guess is hufflepuff
Favorite color: blue!
Favorite animal: panda
Time right now: 2:00 pm
Cat or dog person: both but dogs if I have to choose
Favorite fictional character: Katniss Everdeen and Peter Pan
Favorite Singer/Band: twenty one pilots, Panic! At the Disco, and Scotty McCreery
Dream Trip: going to every single Disney park!
Dream Job: being a Sign Language interpreter at Walt Disney World, Florida.
When was this blog created: June 12th 2016. Though I’ve been on tumblr since eighth grade. Had to switch blogs because a toxic person wouldn’t leave me alone. Much happier and feel safer here.
Why did you pick your URL: there is a spring awakening song called the guilty ones and I love twenty one pilots so I smushed them together!

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GENDER:  female
FAVORITE COLOR/S:  most shades of blue
NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH:  2  –  a blanket and the warmest duvet in the universe
DREAM VACATION:  I always go back to London with a light and happy heart,  but I’d like to visit anywhere?  there are so many places I need to visit yet,  like Japan or India or Russia 
WHAT I’M CURRENTLY WEARING:  black trousers,  comfy shoes and a white and grey stripes sweater
WHAT I POST:  roleplay-related stuff,  Riz Ahmed’s precious face + the beauty of the entire cast / characters of Rogue One,  ramblings about me and what I’m doing tbh
DO YOU GET ASKS ON A REGULAR BASIS?  I get some when I reblog memes.  not too many,  but it’s normal since this is basically a newborn blog uwù
AESTHETIC:  coffee,  warm and comfy clothes,  rain
STAR SIGN:  Scorpio
LAST THING GOOGLED:  a streaming for star wars the clone wars
DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS?  too many!  current active ones other than this are  @fightingsouls  and  @whorebels.  and I have a Newt Scamander I’m probably reactivating soon  @imperfectunderstanding
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL?  well,  I think K2 says that to Bodhi on Eadu and that’s basically it:  Bodhi is a rebel now and it means a lot to his character,  from where he begins to where he ends.  when K2 tells him that he’s  “ a rebel now “,  it’s basically Bodhi embracing the rebellion,  finally finding his place.  what a luck it was a free url!
LUCKY NUMBER:  3,  maybe?  I don’t really have one
FAVOURITE CHARACTER(S):  Sirius Black,  Jessica Drew,  Manolo Sanchez,  Luke Skywalker,  Bodhi Rook,  Cassian Andor

TAGGING:  @arkreacts,  @scavengered,  @rebelvoiced  +  whoever wants to do the thing tbh!  consider yourself tagged uwù