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Sorry I haven’t asked for your permission yet, (should have PM you first…) I did a sketch on your fic (The Fisher’s Lure).  

It’s based on Chapter 12 where Ryder and Reyes reunited at the badlands.  This fic got me “doki doki” every time I read it!  ^____^  

I made it look like a panel from a Japanese Manga….Hope you like it!

And people, read this fic! And if you have not yet romanced this shady bastard (WHY NOT?????) , do it now!!  Right now!!!

Just One Word April BPC
Day 9: Fictional

Some fictional worlds I would like to visit 


The Degrassi cast and crew are excited for tomorrow’s premiere, and you should be too :)


See how it all comes together!

Get the inside look with the Degrassi cast as they learn routines with real cheerleaders!

Featuring interviews with Sara Waisglass, Ana Golja, Sarah Fisher, Amanda Arcuri, Reiya Downs and Stefan Brogren!

"Mirror Series" (San Francisco, 1980) a.k.a. "Exposure on the Mirror"

San Francisco, 1978. Carol Fisher, Sara Leith-Tanous, Sue Rosoff, and Yeong Ja Jung [members of Camera Works Gallery (San Francisco Contemporary Photography Association)]: a quartet brought together by Arthur Ollman to discuss fine arts photography. Yeongja Jung chose to explore the themes: color and abstract, which led to the nascent of the “Exposure on the Mirror” (San Francisco, 1980).


You all are the best. Go behind the scenes with the show’s incredible fans for the #Degrassi season finale party :)