sara collins

If this picture doesn’t represent IRL Mila Babicheva and Sara Crispino then I don’t know which will 

(happily married since forever of course)


Artists from different fandoms uniting against hate.

How many more tragedies are they gonna need before realizing that gun control is needed not because the guns are dangerous, but because they can be owned by dangerous people????

Joanne Kelly | Vanished (1x01)

These declines are remarkable and unprecedented in the survey’s history. They indicate that the Affordable Care Act is beginning to help people afford the healthcare they need.
—  Sara Collins, lead author of a Commonwealth Fund study that found that the number of Americans who put off needed medical care fell substantially in 2014. From 2012 to 2014, the share of consumers delaying a recommended test or treatment or not filling a prescription fell by nearly a third, it found.