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‘’It has always been her and Daisy, right from the start. Mags was brainwashed by Garrett and her loyalty was with Hydra. You think, Mags would just like that with snap of the fingers betray Hydra? The only person who really opened her eyes and made her feel like home was Daisy.’’




     Mahogany Sawyer was thought to never let weakness in. It’s how you survive, there’s nothing holding you back. Or no one on that matter. However, Mahogany never believed in that. If there was someone in her life she cared about, she knew for whom she was fighting for. Even if she never believed love was weakness, she still was loyal to HYDRA. So when she was asked to go as undercover agent for SHIELD, she said yes in a heartbeat. 

     Mahogany wasn’t the only one who went undercover as a field agent, in fact Grant Ward joined her as well. Two heads are better than one, referred Garrett as he faced his two students that day. It was easy pretending to be loyal agent for SHIELD for months. However her loyalty was being tested when a girl going under the name Skye was recruited into Phil Coulson’s team. Mahogany never thought she will have to choose if she wanted to stay with HYDRA or SHIELD.

    Oh yeah, not to mention, she was in a relationship with Ward.

okay but can you even imagine how amazing a Captain Canary/Lucifer crossover would be. So like the legends need info on this guy who’ll be this serial killer in the future and they find out he’s committing a crime in present day LA, so they send in Sara and Len to pose as detectives from a neighboring city to help the LAPD and they meet Detective Chloe Decker and her partner Lucifer Morningstar. Chloe and Sara are almost instantly good friends. Sara teaches Chloe better fighting techniques (and how to actually hold a gun properly) and Chloe shows Sara how to interrogate information out of people without hitting them (or punching or stabbing or dislocating limbs). Lucifer and Leonard get on like a house of fire (I mean of course Leonard gets along with the actual devil like does that even surprise anyone?). Chloe and Sara agree that it was a match made in hell. Lucifer appreciates Leonard’s snark and sarcasm, and I’m sure at one point he turns to Chloe and says “see Decker, someone gets the way I think.”. Len thinks Lucifer’s ability to coax desires out of people is cool, until he uses it on him

Leonard, what is it that you desire?

Len instantly looks like he wants to die, Sara’s never seen him look so frustrated in the entire duration of time she’s known him. You can see the amount of energy it’s taking him to resist, but then Lucifer raises an eyebrow and the answer just comes out.



Lucifer’s just a teensy bit surprised because he didn’t think Len would be the type to desire something like that, but Chloe isn’t surprised at all (which makes her think that she’s screwed because she obviously wasn’t oblivious to the similarities between their relationships). Also, they definitely ship the other relationship. Definitely.

Anyway it would be amazing and super badass and the sarcasm would be off the charts and it would be amazing

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I want a PLL version that stay true to the book series with a darker tone, maybe on HBO or Netflix.

I want Dianna Agron to play Spencer Hastings.

Nina Dobrev to play Hanna Marin.

Taissa Farmiga to play Emily Fields.

Kaya Scodelario to play Aria Montgomery.

And Chloe Morezt to play Alison and Courtney DiLaurentis (can’t find a gif of Chloe in hoodie).


Women directed U.S. January releases

January 9th

SELMA (Ava DuVernay) - WIDE

January 15th 


January 30th


GIRLHOOD (Céline Sciamma) - LIMITED

On female relationships

Relationships between female characters, whether as friends, sisters or lovers, is unfortunately not a common sight in popular culture. Too often females are depicted as adversarial toward one another, particularly in the most harmful relationship between women: when they’re both competing for the affection of one man. That’s assuming enough women are even written to make competition possible. In other stories there aren’t even two females in the cast, or the women present never share conversation. Their only interactions are reserved for when men are around.

A healthy, reciprocal relationship between females is among the most unused and underappreciated pairings in fiction. It’s especially harmful toward young girls engaged with these stories, who might come to believe their only value is in relation to a man. Too often fiction teaches little girls that other girls are merely competition in their never-ending quest for a man.

Interestingly enough, it’s television and video games that are leading the charge in changing this trend. Hollywood might be the oldest, but it’s lagging far behind. Critics often accuse video games of being a juvenile medium that needs to mature. But I’ve never seen a beautiful, loving relationship like Ellie and Riley in a mainstream, big budget movie. Black Widow and Agent Maria Hill might’ve been close friends (why shouldn’t they have been?), yet were never even permitted to speak to one another during The Avengers. Remind me again, which medium needs to mature?