sara burns


“We’re a couple hundred years away from gender equality.”
“Only a couple hundred?”


You knew that Laurel was gonna die. And now you’re gonna take me back, and I’m gonna save my sister.

when you think about all of the burned episodes of Doctor Who that may never get recovered and all of the wonderful acting that’s probably lost forever

It’s in the Stars (It’s been Written in the Scars/On our Hearts) - katevw8

Word Count: 39, 213 (and counting)

Summary: Post-Medusa Supercorp with a side of Sanvers, in which Kara is a confused bisexual, Alex is a mostly happy gay, and they both get the girl. Though not the same girl; it’s not that kind of story. Also, some Sara Lance for the Arrow fans among us…

Sara Norton (1884). Edward Burne-Jones (English, 1833-1898). Oil on canvas. Historic New England.

Half-length portrait of Norton as a young woman in profile facing right, holding a violin. Norton was at the center of New England’s privileged class, the kind of Bostonian equally at home in drawing rooms on either side of the Atlantic. Burne-Jones painted this portrait for Sara’s father, Charles Eliot Norton, a Harvard humanities professor, editor of North American Review, founder of the Nation, and frequent contributor to the Atlantic Monthly.

Sometimes, when people Insta-like on our Instagram say really mean things, it’s a bit of a thrill for me to like click on their profile to see what’s happening. So much is always happening. It’s not like a normal person. It’s always someone who has like a Bible and a gun and like a carcass and they’re like (poses)… And I’m like “Oh yeah. Yeah, of course”. Or like, it’s someone who’s outrageously badly dressed and they’re like “You’re style sucks!” And I’m like, “Okay, you should be you. But also your style sucks so bad, you can’t possibly know if this (points to self) is good or not”.
—  Sara Quin