sara bugoloni

Interview #280: Sara Bugoloni


q: Why do you take pictures?
a: The main reason why I take pictures is because I have a lot of things on my mind, often coming across my head one over the other: memories, feelings, rational considerations, dreams, analogies.

Moreover, I have a really bad relationship with the concept of time, I’m always feeling overwhelmed and powerless.

My pictures join this two elements, allowing me not to miss anything of what happens/pass in my mind and freezing, often for less than a sec, the time.

q: What inspires you?
a: Lately I dream a lot: Sometimes I remember every little detail of my dreams and sometimes only the taste it left in my mouth, and then I try to reproduce it or, better, to evoque it.

Moreover I guess that the fact that I am in a continuos stream of conscoiusness between things and memories, analogies and feelings helps me to create concepts that I reproduce with photography.

q: Where are you from?
a: I come from north Italy, precisely from a really small hamlet between the mountains. As a kid, it was like living in a magic place: the woods, the secret shelters, the animals and so on.

q: Any music to recommend?
a: I am COMPLETELY in love with Porcupine Tree. They are like storytellers: the reproduce stories, feelings, moments, and the music is awesome.

I really feel like their music and my soul are in total empathy.

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