sara bilders

What a night... {Open? I dunno.}

Instead of going to the fort like she told Bonibell. They had taken down a camp of fiends. To bad it always seems like they keep popping back up. As she walked she blotted at her arm. The cut was not bad, it was just liking to bleed.

The cannibal was covered in blood and guts. Brain matter was over the front of her armor, a fiend that had decided to pull her down using he bad kneecap. Was not a smart choice on his idea. Some of the blood was her own, but most of it was spray from those she had killed.

Walking she had not paid attention to where she was going, more of just walking to walk. To get away from where she and the tribal had killed the chem addicts. Talking a sniff, to pull the phlegm back into her nose, she looked off to her right. It was empty. It was bright now. The sun was just rising.

Bringing her the hand from her wounded arm to her face to rub away some of the dry blood she sighed.


The cold she had gotten from chasing Outcast toward Jacobstown was bothering her. Coughing and sneezing… Not her favorite things to do with her being sick in the first place. Her chest rattled as she took a breath, coughing down at the ground as she began to walk again.

((Meh...Open RP?))

Sara looked at the King’s school, smiled. Wishing she knew them a bit better. They were all so nice, always waved and talked to her when she passed by. The bird’s eye view from the buiding she was on of the school was breath taking. Not near as annoying as the strip’s lights.

Slowly Sara walked back to the pole she used as a ladder to get up the side of the building. Time to check around town. Never know what goes around here unless you look.

((OPEN RP... I'm bored...))

Sara walked through Freeside. A new file in her hands. The slums of the Mojave. Seems to be the most relaxing. Squatters huddling around fires in Barrels. The manala folder in her hands has been opened yet. Not sure if she should till she gets to her room at The Tops.

She tucked the file under her arm as she pulled out her canteen. Unscrewing it with the  same held that held it, she swore under her breath when she dropped it and the cap flew off. Water spilling from it.

((I don't know... open RP maybe?))

Sara sighed. Sitting on the edge of Lake Mead. Legs in the water. Quickly one of her hands rushed to her neck. A fading bruise. A hand print on her neck. Also a bruise across her face fading as well. They still ached slightly. But this was her time to relax, weapons and bag sitting beside her. She hunched a bit to put her elbows on her thighs, then she looked down at her wrists. Bite marks all her own. In a huff she pulled her sleeves down to cover them.

RP anyone?

Sara stood motionless in front of the General. Never made eye contact once with him.

“Scout the fiends…..Bilders?”

Someone calling her name. The general? Yes, it had to be the general.

“Y-y-yes sir?”

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

Sending me back to a place that changed my life forever. Sara turned and was walking out of the dam. Once she was within a safe distance away, tears formed behind her eyes. She began to cry.

With a sigh Sara looked at the fiends. To many of them for just her to handle. Her chest was sore from running.

A ripper in her right hand with a pistol in her left. Then she ran toward the camp. They were shooting at her. A groan escaped her lips as a bullet entered her already tender chest. Yet she continued going.

One swipe, two bullets, 3 men lay at her feet. But it was all to much for her. She begn to cough. A bit of blood came with each cough. After that she fell to her left knee.


A man screaming, not like he was in trouble but like he was protecting. Shakily Sara looked up. A man, chinese, could not have been very old was standing in front of her. A pip boy on his arm.

“You can leave now. Or I could end your lives now…”

He glared at them through his dark glasses. Reluntantly one began to walk away.


What the fuck? Sara watched the other man sprint at her protector. With great discomfort she tried to get up.

“Stay down. You’re hurt.”

He pushed her back down as her pulled his own gun out. Two bullets left the chamber. Two more dead fiends.

Quickly he turned to check on the woman.

“Are you alright?”


“Well….come on.”

He helped her to her feet, one arm over his shoulders. The other around her waist.

“Name is Emile.”

“B-B-Bilders, Sara Bil–”

She began to cough again.

“You are lucky I came when I did.”

The young woman nodded.


“We aren’t that far off from a place where we can rest.”