sara and i understand each other

Clip - “Norske partyjenter” (”Norwegian party girls”) - at 15:32, 21.04

Eva: Sorry for being late!

Vilde: It’s incredibly rude to be late!

Chris: Aren’t we just gonna have a look at a bus? It’s not a fucking job interview.

Vilde: No, but we still need to appear like we’re reliable so they can trust us to actually pay.

Noora: But they can’t trust us - ‘cause we don’t have money.

Sana: No-one says a word about us not having money.

Vilde: I-I’m thinking that myself and Sana will do the talking, and you’ll be sort of in the background.

Sana: I think I’ll do most of the talking. 

Vilde: I can contribute.

Sana: You can contribute a little.

Vilde: Yeah.

(Mari and another girl talking as the girls walk up to them)

Mari: Hey!

Vilde: Hi! What an insanely cool bus!

Mari: Yeah, I think it’ll be good, but we’re far behind so it looks fucking awful inside, but you can come in and see?

Vilde: Yes!

(They all go inside except Sana, who checks it out from outside)

Vilde: Holy fuck, it’s amazing!

Mari: Yeah?

Sana: Is it MOT approved?*

Mari: Yes, it’s approved. And all annual fees are paid.

Sana: Does it have any economic easements?

Mari: No.

Vilde: Are many people coming to have a look at the bus?

Mari: Well, we haven’t shared it anywhere because it’s important to us that we leave it in the hands of someone we like. So it’s just another bus who’s coming to have a look.

Vilde: Okay. Who?

Eva: The Pepsi Max Squad..

Ingrid: Hi! You’re here too?

*awkward silence*

Sara: So this is the bus. It’s really cool!

Vilde: Mhm.

Mari: Yeah. It’s not finished quite yet, we’re a bit behind.

Sara: Wasn’t it One Oak who had it last year?

Mari: Yes. And Vogue in 2015, so as I told the other girls, it’s important to us to kind of pass on that tradition, that there’ll be some cool girls taking it off our hands, too.

Sara: I see what you mean. There’re so many weird buses and concepts out there.

Vilde (forced laugh): Yeah!

Sara: But er…I’m not trying to sell myself in or anything, but I feel like we’re kind of like you, cool, normal, Norwegian party girls.

Sana: And you have such a dope name! “The Pepsi Max Squad”!

Sara: We’re not called that anymore.

Vilde: How many seats are there, then?

Mari: 25.

Chris: Enough space, then.

Mari: How many are you?

Vilde: Uh, five.

Sara: We’re twenty.

Mari: Yeah? Um..But as I said, the bus is MOT approved, all paperwork is done, and the annual fee is paid. Do you have any questions?

Ingrid: Yeah. Was it 310.000 you wanted for the bus?

Mari: Three hundred.

Ingrid: Because our budget is 310.

Sana: We’re paying 320.

Mari: Yeah. But then both parties are interested?

Sana and Sara: Yes.

Mari: Cool. We want to make a decision pretty soon, so when could you possibly pay?

Sana and Sara: Right away!

Mari: Cool. But if you don’t have any more questions, then…

(The girls looking at each other, alarm sound blaring)

Mari: Bye.

(The two groups walk in opposite directions, the rest of the girls hurry after Sana)

Eva: Hello?? What the fuck just happened?

Sana: I’m getting that bus.

Noora: But we don’t have money!!!

Sana: I’ll fix it.

EU-kontroll - MOT test (for UK)  - hard to explai, read about it here

Heftelse - Easements - I’ve never even heard of this before, but read about it here - when a prior owner can still use your new property due to some stuff i don’t understand. :D

By the way, english speaking natives - Is it correct to say “I can supplement you”, as in I can add things to what you’re saying? I know it best as a noun, and I know it’s also used as a verb, but I’m not sure if I’ve heard it used like what I just wrote before, so…if it’s completely off, please let me know?
Thank you, @a-fistful-of-stardust !

okay I have a question for anti-Otayuri people…

I’ve noticed that some of you ship Mila and Sara

Why is that ship okay, but Otayuri is not?

I know Mila is 18. But Sara is 22.

The girls have been skating competitively for years. I think it’s safe to say that they’ve probably known each other since before Mila was 18. Especially because they seem pretty close in the show. They’ve probably been friends for at least a few years, since Mila started skating in the senior division with Sara. Perhaps since Mila was 15/16 and Sara was 19/20.

Yall seem to have a problem with people aging up Otayuri. Or with them waiting for Yurio to turn 18. Like yall argue that Otabek would still be a predator for “waiting” because that would mean he had romantic/sexual intentions with Yurio from the start or something.

But Sara and Mila probably knew each other when Mila was still a minor. Why is it okay to ship them just because Mila is 18 now? When they probably knew each other when Mila was still a minor. So going by your logic, why is Sara not a predator as well for “waiting” for Mila to turn 18?

Like this is a legit question, I don’t understand your logic, please explain?

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can i pls request a fanfic of past sara talking to future sara (or vice versa), just like in the finale, about leonard and her feelings for him or something like that? thanks!

Alright here we go! Hope you like; sorry for any mistakes.

For this fic Sara is the Sara who was from the past then becomes the permanent one in present I may refer to future Sara as an aberration or as future Sara to clear any confusion.

Also I had to add some stuff because I’m too depressed irl and this is my only escape ur welcome

Dis. Don’t own this show or else you would have seen shit like this on Tuesday

“I know what your thinking.”

Sara raised her eyebrow at her future self. They had just finished their conversation about the spear and updating the team. They finally had a moment alone as their plan was being set in motion. Both Sara’s were still leaning on the table, mirroring each other.

Thinking about it, Sara’s face hardened and tried to blink away tears welling in her eyes.

“I’m you… Us. Me?” the future Sara shrugged her shoulder; she let a tear fall down her cheek.

Sara looked at her other self and tilted her head in understanding.

“It’s just…” Sara took a breath letting her own tear fall as her counterpart did, “Seeing him…” She let out a somewhat hysterical laugh.

The aberration reached out to put her hand over Sara’s. “I know,” she whispered softly, “I know.” Sara and future Sara looked at each other in understanding.

“No one on this ship knows how much he meant to me…” Sara looked up at her future, “Us. And-”

“And it never felt right to grieve,” the aberration continued, “To Mick. To the team.”

“We could use the spear. Fix it…” Sara muttered. She was still leaning against the table holding her other self’ s hand.

“Yeah, we could,” the future Sara stated as she watched her past self play with Snart’s ring on her hand.

“But we won’t…” Sara mumbled, twisting the ring.

“No,” a barely audible murmur.

A few moments of silence passed by between the two Saras. The ease and comfort Sara felt at sharing her feelings was a sentiment she had not felt since she had been with Leonard. Playing cards, talking, smirking, laughing-

“I’m in love with him.”

Suddenly, Sara gently let go of the aberration’s hand, and looked up. Sara stared into the eyes of her future self; her heart would of pounded out of her chest had it not been stuck in her throat.

“Yeah…” Sara was confused. She knew she had feelings for Leonard, but to what extent? They were a possibility, an almost, but her future self seemed so sure.

“I watched him-” the aberration paused closing her eyes to take a deep breath and hold back tears. “I watched him kill Amaya,” she opened her eyes to see her other self.

Both Sara’s eyes were welled with tears, but both determined to not let any fall.

Sara did not know what to say to her future self. Why would that help her realize that she loved-

“You know why,” the aberration answered her thought.

Sara nodded in realization.

“That bastard had come so far… It just made me realize how much.”

“He wanted to be better,” Sara mumbled.

“I like to think we were a part of that reason,” the aberration smiled.

“Everytime I hear the whir of that gun, feel that rush off cold air… See those, ice blue eyes,” Sara smiled brightly with a sadness recalling the crook, “I think he’s back. He is right there Sara… But it’s not him.” She let out a laugh. “Dammit, I love him.”

“Yeah, we do,” the aberration smiled sadly.

The two Sara’s shared a small smile. Wordlessly, they finished their conversation.
Maybe one day.

Maybe sooner than they thought.


Sara strode into the brig to meet with their final prisoner. Damien and Merlyn had been returned to their respected timelines and homes.

“Alright,” she took a breath avoiding the gaze of the crook, “Malcolm is back in 2016 where he belongs.”

She had saved the crook last, just wanting to have him close for as long as she could. Even if it wasn’t him.

“In prison?” drawled the crook who leaned against the wall, as the assassin came around the corner.

“No!” Sara smirked as she came to in front of the glass door. “His crappy apartment.”

“And what are your plans for me?” Leonard pushed off the wall to stand a few feet in front of her. Only a thin sheet of glass separated them. “I’m dead in 2017, remember?”

How could she forget?

“I’m not taking you back to 2017,” Sara calmly stated staring into his eyes.

He stared right back, mirroring her smirk, but with a hint of confusion.


Leonard shoved the metal door of the warehouse open, grimace present on his face as Sara followed him into the room.

“Should’ve done this back on the ship, Sara” he said. “Would’ve saved us a lot of time,” he sighed.

Sara continued to follow him into the room armed with her assassin skills and the memory erasing gun.

“I didn’t bring you here to kill you Leonard,” she softly stated.

“So what are we doing here?” he drawled without any malice or spite.

Sara went ahead of him opening the exit to the warehouse. “This is where Thawne recruited you for the Legion,” she pulled up the metal door. Sara looked out towards the city to take a quick breath letting the cold envelope her.

She turned to Leonard who was also staring out at the city line.

“I am gonna wipe your memory and put you on the right path,” Sara’s expression was blank.

He frowned. Still not looking at her, he started to walk slowly outside, and he began to speak. “You mean the path where I join up with some Brit-Twit, and die! Trying to save the world.” Leonard stared out at the water.

“No,” Sara looked at him softly with a smile, “You die trying to save your friends.”

“Still a death sentence,” Leonard softly said. He was afraid. Sara could see the fear on his face, and she wanted nothing more to ease his pain.

“Leonard, you end up being a better man,” she whispered just loud enough for him to hear.

“You mean softer,” he turned to face her in a soft growl.

“No,” she said taking a step closer. He looked down at her as they were only a couple feet apart and their eyes met. His pained fearful ones reflected to her sad ones. “I mean better.”

They stared at each other for a second, Leonard frozen in place, before Sara slowly reached to cup his cheek with one hand.

He winced and almost pulled away, but she pulled him down and grabbed his arm to reach up and meet his lips halfway. She pulled him into the kiss trying to pour everything that she wanted to say, but knew she shouldn’t. Couldn’t. Sara’s hand caressed his cheek, while the other pulled his head down closer hers. When the crook takes no action Sara began to pull away, but after the initial shock, Leonard’s stiffness subsided as he pulled his slender arms around her waist and placed his lips back onto hers. The kiss was fiery and passionate, unlike their previous short and sweet one. He was aggressive and despite his initial hesitation, he reciprocated.

After a while they pulled apart, each taking shaky, shallow breaths.

Leonard slowly pulled Sara away, not letting her go, so he could see her face. He had kissed girls and women before, but this was different. He was confused with the way his heart was beating. How he never wanted to kiss anyone else.

He lifted his hand to wipe away a tear that had fallen down Sara’s cheek. When had she stared crying?

“I don’t-” his voice was soft. The voice he saved just for her.

“I love you.” Sara looked up at him with her bright blue eyes with a downcast, but most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

Leonard began to feel tears well into his eyes. Holding the little blonde in his arms, he wanted nothing more than to make her love him. How could she? What the hell kind of person does he become, where such a beautiful girl can… Can- Love… Him?

“I have to wipe your memory now,” Sara muttered softly still holding onto the crook, her hands had slid down to his chest. She was looking at his eyes trying to memorize his features from this close proximity. Her almost lover.

“Wait,” he pleaded. Just wait. His eyes looked at her with a pure innocence that made her want to hold him, hide him, and never let him go. “I know you have to wipe my memory, but… Can you just please tell me what happened?”

Sara took a breath, unsure.

“Please,” he drawled trying to persuade her from rejecting his request.

Sara nodded solemnly. Talking to him, even if he won’t remember might give her some sort of closure.

“Long story short. Couple months after that, uh,” Sara huffed a laugh, “Brit-Twit recruits us, we have to destroy something called the Oculus and the Time Masters, or Bastards according to Mick,” the crook and assassin grinned at each other thinking of the pyro.

Sara’s face grew serious. “When we got there… Things were going okay, we were winning, but there was a fail-safe. Someone had to stay behind. Mick, he… He was there, but you knocked him out,” her voice was soft and sad. “You told me to go, I kissed you, I took Mick, and-” Sara let out a deep breath she didn’t know she was holding.

“I left you.”

“You did what you had to. Mick and you would both be dead had you not. Other me understood that. I do. You should too,” he stated.

“Yeah,” Sara whispered smiling sadly.

Sara’s heart clenched at the reminder that this was not her Leonard per se, but his words comforted her. Sara closed her eyes, and the thief suddenly embraced her pulling her close.

Sara was taken aback by the sudden action, but wrapped her arms around his neck as he pulled her waist. Maybe hearing about his death had been hard for him to hear. He was probably more afraid.

Slowly she pulled back, wiping a tear she hardened her expression.

“It’s time.”

Leonard nodded.

“Goodbye crook.”

Sara pulled out the memory ray gun an quickly flashed Snart staring at him for a second wistfully with a smile before walking away.

Leonard shook his head in a daze until he heard the door behind him click.

He looked down at the battery fuse of the memory ray with a smirk.


“Yeah,” Sara whispered.

Leonard pulled her into a hug, which she had no issue with reciprocating. He felt bad for the way he was going about it, but the hug was for his sake too. As he found comfort in her arms he slipped down one hand into the cartridge of the memory gun. The thief slipped the fuse up his sleeve, all the while finding a tranquility in the blondes arms.

*Flashback End*

“See you soon assassin.”


Woop that took quite the turn there! Please send me more prompts!! Sorry for any mistakes and I hope you enjoyed!

As of Monday, I’ve officially had Sara’s solo blog for 1 month, and I’ve only played her for a little over two months in total. And as much as I get salty about the way season 2 is going, I can honestly say I have never met a more welcoming and kind rp community in my 2+ years on tumblr. You are all literal angels and I adore every single one of you on my dash and in my followers, even if I for some reason don’t have you listed here.

This is just a shout out to all you gems. Thank you for making me and Sara feel loved and welcome here~

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i don’t understand the fans falling into the trap Marc set when it comes to putting the sisters against one another. he treated the sisterly bond like shit when it came to Sara and Laurel, but both women (thankfully) grew from that fucknuts gross, dude-bro sexual exploitation gross men have that results in men nudging each other and saying: “oh man, sisters!” 

people are allowed to love both characters. I don’t need to hate Sara to love Laurel. I don’t need to hate Laurel to love Sara. Both women are strong, fierce, and mighty-fine heroes. I refuse to knock one down a peg to make the other look good. At least the writers of Arrow had ONE good thing come out of that show, and that was the forgiveness each sister gave the other. Laurel of Sara being with Oliver. And Sara for Laurel bringing her back (despite the asshats deleting that scene!)

All I know is, I’m tired of seeing anti-Sara in the Laurel tags. And i’m tired of seeing anti-Laurel in the Sara tags. They are sisters. They loved each other. They were integral parts of the other’s journey when becoming heroes.

Arrow fandom needs to stop pitting women against women.

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nonPathfinder Scott is introduced to the crew

Scott is honestly finding Heleus to be kind of a drag.

The parts of it he’s been awake for, at least. He’s willing to accept that the whole ‘running into the Scourge right as he’s coming out of cryo’ thing might have been an accident, but the ‘get your head cracked open by a genocidal maniac’ part is beginning to feel like a grudge.

Neither of those are the worst part (and Scott’s brain helpfully diverts around the whole Dad thing). He’ll take it to his grave and SAM’s harddrive, but waking up to find his sister - his twin - being the Pathfinder, being this person with the weight of a galaxy on her shoulders, being so damn far away from him?

He’s always been one half of a whole. He’s not sure what he’s supposed to do with this new Sara and all the bits and pieces that seem to have joined her during his bouts of unconsciousness.

…Okay, so they’re people. People who have helped keep Sara alive while the whole universe has gone to hell. He can be a little more charitable, probably.

“So, I mean, they’re a little bit insane, but you pretty much had to be to come to Heleus in the first place, right?” His sister is babbling, because his sister is nervous, and he’s not completely sure if it’s at the prospect of introducing him to her new family, or introducing her new family to him. “But they’re good people, Scott. Not always…nice people, or peaceful people, but good.”

“Sure.” He follows her to the boarding area to the Tempest, letting the doors hiss open before he speaks again. “Just one question.”

“Hit me.”

“Am I the boyfriend or the dad right now?”

She rolls her eyes, checking him with her hip; they’re sixteen years old and he’s just caught her sneaking out again. He grins back at her, and for half a second things feel normal

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You guys don’t understand how important this episode was to me. As an older sister myself, I absolutely loved the dynamic between these two. It made me miss late night movie nights with my brother, watching dumb anime and 80′s movies, throwing popcorn and cracking silly jokes with each other. I’m really liking this show so far, and I can’t wait for more Murphy sibling shenanigans and bonding!

baekthoven replied to your panorama “it’s book six and isabelle is still……… jealous of clary……..”

CC: What do you mean girls don’t have to hate each other???? I don’t??? understand??? Why would they trust each other after six books of development seems unrealistic!!!!! And obviously Izzy is too Dumb Pretty™ to realize girls and guys can be platonic friends!!!

you’ve hit the nail on the head……. i’m sipping my tea ☕☕☕

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Imagine if Sara was/is a biotic too. Biotic children fight club. Alec :D Ellen just done with this.

BIOTIC BABY FIGHT CLUB. Alec definitely threw them in zero g at this point. He’d punt Scott in first then Sara to watch them bounce and ping off of each other and the sides of the room. He’s never seen Ellen mama bear so hard. She fucking lost her mind.

They’d have baby biotics so they’d hit each other with a mass effect field but it’d be so weak (not being fully developed and everything) they’d just kind of topple over and stare at the ceiling like “I don’t understand how this happened”

Alec has never loved anything so much. He just doesn’t quite understand yet that babies are not toys. This is Scott’s problem now as an adult. 

Emichele headcanon(s)

I really love this ship and I have a LOT of feelings about these two cuties. So I’ve decided to write this? Nope, it doesn’t make much sense :P But I really love the usage of Czech & Italian phrases in Emichele fanworks, so…. :D

- Michele has this bad habit of swithching into Italian (really really fast and incomprehensible Italian) when he is nervous
- When he finally manages enough courage to confess to Emil, he is so nervous, he says it in Italian
(- When Sara heard about this, she literally dies from laughing)
- Emil is so shocked, when Michele repeats it (in English), he makes a fool of himself, too - by answering in Czech.
(- At this point is Mila dead, too.)
(- They will tease the boys about this til the end of their lifes, seriously).
- In the end they sort it out & starts dating
- After a while, it becomes a bit of an inside joke (?) between the boys. One of them says something in their native language and watches the other trying to get the meaning
- Neither of them understands the other, but it’s fun
- After a while, they pick up a few words, but nothing much
- Sometimes they try to annoy the other by saying the words the other can’t even pronounce
- After a while, they are both really annoyed they don’t understand what the other says (but are too stubborn to admit they want a translation)
- So they secretly start learning each other’s language
- They start at the same time, not knowing, the other did the same
- Emil has a bit of advantage because Sara
- But Mila is a good soul, so she helps Michele. As a Russian, she is able to understand Czech a little >.>
- On Emil’s birthday, Michele gives him a card written in Czech
- He makes several grammar mistakes
- But it’s really cute
- Emil’s so happy
- Emil tries to thank him & say something in Italian, too (since he is really grateful, but also really wants to show off)
- He utterly fails
- He probably messes even more than Michele
- They are both embarrassed as fuck at this point
- Later, they start learning from each other
- But they both always make fun of each other by mistranslating the words
- They are dorks
- Seriously, Sara & Mila are going to die because of them
(okay, the point is… I just really want to see them picking up random words/phrases from each other’s language and do something like victuuri in ep8, maybe while cheering on the girls)
- Sara totally understands Czech secretly, she took a course when tried to push her brother into confessing bc I said so.

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Trans Yuri and Trans Sara are kind of best friends? Like they text a lot, talk all the time over social media, but whenever they would have the chance to actually hang out at competition, they only nod at each other in the hallway. Till the time they are both at a trans pride parade (neither of them knew the other was trans) and from then on they always talk about Mila and Otabek, hang out a lot and share basically everything ~Kitten

i love my trans bbys!! sara and yuri would be the cutest supportive best friends!! they’d come to each other when they have questions, they talk about their dysphoria and it’s nice to have someone who understands. 

hc that yuri and otabek have an apartment just a few streets away from mila and sara. they’re so close emotionally and physically!! 

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What do you think would have happened if Quinn picked up the phone and didn't decide to go to Syria after he kissed Carrie at the end of season 4? Do you think they would have developed into anything serious or it wouldn't have worked? (I'm planning on writing a fanfic for what I always wanted to happen- Quinn and Carrie JUST missing each other at the end of that season so I'm curious what people think)

2/2: would be canon, but they simply did not want that. If they did, I feel like something caused it to get scratched. That being said, I don’t understand why they had the kiss, the letter, the increasingly obvious and poignant tension? For what point?

My line for a while is that it wouldn’t have worked but that wasn’t totally the point. In any event, I would at least have appreciated seeing them try. 

[ETA: SARA, we love you but Ashley and I WROTE THAT FIC. It’s actually really good. One of the fics I’m proudest to have my name beside - mostly b/c Ashley did 90% of the writing. It’s here.]

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also legends for the send me a show thing

Send me a show and I’ll tell you…

  • The first character I fell in love with: Leonard Snart and Mick Rory. I can’t deny it. The moment they came onscreen, I immediately knew I was going to love them. There was just something about how much of a contrast they were to each other while still being similar that I adored. 
  • The character who I do not understand: Kendra. I am still forever confused at why she didn’t just kill Savage when she had the chance. (Yeah, yeah, I know. “The Time Masters were controlling her!” That’s a BS excuse though.)
  • The character that I think the show ruined: Mm. The show writers have ruined so much, honestly. Sara, maybe? Well, they’re fixing things now. But like me and my friend noticed, in Season 2, she was nothing like the likeable character from Season 1 and it was frustrating. But the most recent episode showed her back more the way she used to be so there’s hope we might get the old Sara back.
  • The most attractive male and female character: Mick and Len, hands down, I’m sorry. Ray and Rip are both very pretty too though. As for female character… I suppose Lisa doesn’t count since she’s never been on Legends, but she’s gorgeous. Sara is pretty, but honestly if I were to go out and about on the town, it’d probably be Kendra who caught my eye quickest. (I’m pan, but I lean mostly toward guys. If I end up attracted to women, they’re usually brunettes.)
  • The character death that was the worst for me: Len’s. I was a wreck after that episode, and couldn’t bring myself to continue the rest of the season for a good few weeks. Every single time I rewatch it or have to see flashbacks, I get all weepy-eyed. 
  • The character that is the most like me: Mick. Cue the nervous glances. It makes me nervous too, trust me, haha. But I look at him and I see so much of myself. It’s a little bit frightening. 
  • The character I think the writer(s) love: Do they really love anyone in this show because they keep fucking it all up Probably… I want to say Sara, simply because out of the entire cast, she’s definitely the one who gets the most attention from the writers, and a good chunk of the fanbase, but I really don’t know.
  • The character that I just want to be happy: Listen to me. Listen. Let Mick Rory and Leonard Snart get the hell back to Central City and just be fucking happy okay stop tormenting them let them live. Also let Jax be happy that poor boy suffers way too much. I mean the entire crew does just give them all happiness already dammit
  • My four favorite characters, past or present: Mick, Len, Jax, and it’s so difficult to choose between Sara and Ray kill me.
  • My four least favorite characters, past or present: -muffled screaming noise don’t do this to me- Oh gosh um. Damien, Amaya (at first; she’s getting a bit better), Stein (most of the time), and oh god um. Savage I guess.

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Writing prompt: One of Kendra's previous incarnations turns out to be Len's mother.

I had never considered the premise this prompt before, but sure, why not?  It’s interesting.

Uh, usual warning for Len’s childhood (ALL the spousal/child abuse trigger warning tags, though it’s only ever discussed by the characters, not shown). Also warning for my disdain for the concept of predetermined destiny, but if you came here, you probably already knew about that.  It does mean that Kendra doesn’t come off that well in this fic (which is a shame because I generally like her), but seriously, her current “should I date Ray should I not date Ray am I cheating on my reincarnation stalker am I destined for tragedy” story arc is a little irritating. Not her fault, Carter clearly just ruins everything he touches.


Len doesn’t have many pictures of himself as a kid, for obvious reasons.

Mick’s been to his house, though – broke in once after a frantic call from Lisa – and there’s one picture of his mom and dad pinned up in a dusty corner. So Mick knows why Len goes quiet and tight-lipped when he manages to tear his eyes away from the time-travelling space ship and sees the young woman who introduces herself as Kendra Saunders.

When they’re back at the safe house, Mick reviews his gun in silence as Len flips through a magazine, tension apparent in ever line of his body.  After a decent half hour of silence for Len to unwind a little, Mick decides to broach the subject.

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I am an olicity shipper but right now I think Olicity is an unhealthy ship and Oliver will always be in love with Laurel. Felicity is becoming too much of an Mary Sue for me, making me like her less and less so

I honestly thought about deleting your ask if it wasn’t for the line “I am an olicity shipper.” I am not sure what show you are watching but I am going to split the ask.

1. Olicity is unhealthy. How on earth did you come to the conclusion that the relationship between 2 people who started as friends, became partners and fell in love is unhealthy.

Originally posted by funnynhilariousgif

The build up for Olicity is completely organic. Their entire relationship is built on mutual respect and understanding.

2. Oliver will always be in love with Laurel: Am I assume anon that you are one of the comic book readers who thinks that just because GA/BC were in love with each other 25 years ago in comics, Oliver will always love Laurel. Silly me, here I thought we were talking about the show where Oliver repeatedly cheated on her, Ran so fast from her when she wanted to move in together and even dragged her sister for some bedroom fun.

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You think Oliver was in still in love with Laurel when he slept with Sara after she came back, still in love with her when he suggested she go and have a drink at his expense, or maybe he was still in love with her when he said the city comes first when she was taken by Slade. Still think Oliver is in love with Laurel dear, well was he in love with her when he called her an addict and she couldn’t remember a time when she was actually in love with him.

3. Felicity is a Mary Sue: Why because she is smart, she is kind hearted, she cared, and she always puts everyone’s welfare before her, she doesn’t judge people. In the show where a couple of boxing lessons can make a Bumbling mess into a vigilante with too many Buckles, you better believe Felicity is smarter than everyone.

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Tegan and I had a long collaborative relationship and there are such incredible moments where I could be so in sync with her, and opposite moments when I feel I’m trying to make music with an alien that I don’t understand. With The Con, Tegan and I were deeply in sync and complimented each other’s stories in so many ways. Then with Sainthood, I struggled so much more to understand Tegan’s aesthetic, and her lyrics and her story didn’t always relate. That album was challenging for me to play live and understand what it was we were offering to one and other as partners in the band. It’s hard to rewrite an intimate connection when you’ve been with each other for so long.
—  Sara Quin’s interview with Chris Walla for Interview Magazine
I don’t get it. What’s with all the Team Arrow and Olicity hate? It’s my opinion, but I don’t think Laurel is suited for Team Arrow. I just want to know other peoples opinions on this..

I’m confused. Felicity did exactly the same thing she did for the finale for season 2, as she did season 3. She told Oliver what he needed to hear. Back then, that he had to do the unthinkable, and this time, that he needed to be something/someone else to defeat Ra’s. At the end of season 2, they were happy, they were on Lian Yu, smiles and all, and this season, they’re happy, driving off. 

So, why are people claiming that the episode was all Olicity, no “Arrow”, when this wasn’t an issue to anyone last time? Is it because they’re an established relationship, and laurivers realise that now, Katie Cassidy’s fantasy bubble of “Oliver loves Laurel, hashtag soulmates, together forever” is deflating? 

Felicity has always been Oliver’s light, and Diggle has always been his rock. When everyone else was calling him a murderer, they stood by him, and they guided him. If you look back the the promo, and attentively look at the flashbacks, Oliver is losing his humanity, and now look at him, he finds another way. Yeah, a mitigating factor is Tommy’s death, but Diggle has given Oliver nougats of wisdom along the way, which have influenced his thoughts, and opinions, even if he doesn’t verbalise it. Felicity has always seen the best in Oliver, and without them, Oliver would not be as guided, and changed as he is. 

I just don’t understand why people think that Olicity, AND the team arrow (Dig, Felicity, Oliver) is ruining the show. You understand that season one was literally ALL team Arrow, and people loved it, that’s why they got renewed. Again, season two, people loved the team arrow dynamic, Roy included. 

Are you really telling me that a better show would have been, Oliver coming back from the dead, not having Diggle or Felicity, the undertaking happening, Tommy dying, Oliver dealing with it alone, probably going back to Lian Yu, and not coming back? Season two would have worked better if Oliver had to face the psychological, and physical trauma of Slade on his own, and this season, if Oliver has to watch a women he loved die, and then die himself, which he probably wouldn’t have revived from, if he didn’t have somebody to want to live for. Yes, he loves Thea, and he would have lived for Thea, but Felicity is an integral part of Oliver, and “love is the most powerful emotion”. 

Diggle, and Felicity are Oliver’s moral compass, whether you want to believe it, or not. And, I personally don’t think anyone could replace the morality they provide him with. Team Arrow is an important part of the show, and people respond to it. People love it, and I’m excited about season four exploring original team arrows lives. To me, Team Arrow is the people who have influenced Oliver, and how he acts out, both personally and on the field. To me, that’s Diggle, Felicity, Roy, Thea, and Sara, to an extent. I don’t see Laurel fitting into that dynamic. Just take the scene at Diggle’s house for example. Diggle WAS angry, and he probably would have done something he would have regretted later, and Felicity knew that. When she told him to think, he did, but Laurel was rash. She doesn’t understand the implications of her actions, and she surely doesnt understand the actions of Team Arrow, despite what Katie Cassidy thinks. Roy, Diggle, Felicity, and Oliver share a bond, whereby they know how each other would feel if they were to do something under a circumstance that could have been prevented. We saw how Roy was when he thought he killed Sara. Diggle was the one to push Oliver to talk to Roy. Laurel thought about nothing, but herself at the moment. I’m shocked she didn’t act out the same way with Thea. I just don’t think Laurel fits into the dynamic, and that’s my opinion. 

  • Queen Latifah: Erm, I do have a little girl crush on Sara Ramirez, your wife on the show
  • Jessica Capshaw: yeah!
  • QL: I'm proud to say it
  • JC: yeah!
  • QL: She's beautiful, she's smart and she just rocks
  • JC: Yeah, she's an incredible actress. I mean, we all work together but obviously in the couples you have this sort of, closer proximity and understanding, and we have to be in these scenes together where you really have to have to have a partner because you're going to places emotionally and you have to have someone that you trust and that you can work with so I think we have both been there for each other. You know, we've had some incredible story lines but they were tough!
reasons why u should be watching legends of tomorrow
  • its entire team consists of diverse superpowered people
  • Martin Stein, a 60+ old man, aka Firestorm, is one half of a fusion super hero. he’s also a super smart scientist who spends time fangirling throughout history
  • Jefferson Jackson, aka Jax, aka Firestorm, is the other half of said fusion super hero. he’s black, comes from a single parent home, and he’s a mechanic.
  • Sara Lance, aka White Canary, is a bisexual assassin who just keeps on fuckign coming back to life like every time she dies she just comes back like “bITCH YOU THOUGHT”
  • Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, is basically Ant Man and Iron man mixed in one and he’s just honestly a ray of sunshine
  • Mick Rory, aka Heat Wave, is an ex convict arsonist who’s done some bad things in the past that still haunts him but he’s like so protective of his friends
  • Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, is played by mixed actor Wentworth Miller, and he’s an ex con who cares about his sister so much that he becomes a thief to support her and stuff like…..he pretends he’s a bad, heartless guy,.,,.but He’s Not
  • Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl, is a 4000+ year old Egyptian priestess played by black actress Ciara Renee who has super strength and huge ass wings. she also gets reincarnated every time she’s killed, but she’s also connected to her soulmate who’s reincarnated alongside her
  • Carter Hall, aka Hawkman, is a 4000+ year old Egyptian dude who also has super strength, a kick ass mace (which is later given to Kendra), and the same huge ass wings that Kendra has. he gets reincarnated too, and every time they die, they lose their memories of their previous lives until they meet again and their powers re-emerge
  • Rip Hunter, aka that dude who played Rory Williams in doctor who, is a time traveler enlisting them all to save his family who is murdered by Vandal Savage
  • Vandal Savage is a 4000+ year old Egyptian dude who was in love with Kendra in their first life time. Since she was in love with Carter, they were never a thing. And, as most men, he couldn’t take no for an answer and so he proceeded to kill the couple, but not before a cosmic event happened that granted them limited immortality. Vandal gets stronger and closer to complete immortality with each time he kills the couple throughout the years
  • basically it’s like doctor who meets the Justice league and avengers
  • a bunch of useless info about time travel
  • you don’t question whatever mumbo jumbo they come up with
  • every single character deserves better
  • the show has one gay character who’s been proven to never really actually die (Sara)
  • three black characters (Jax, Kendra, Leonard (technically))
  • an old man who’s a superhero (Stein)
  • two science nerds (Ray and Stein)
  • two ex convicts (Snart and Rory)
  • a time traveler (rip hunter)
  • hawkmates (the ship: Kendra and Carter)
  • getting revenge on the creepy dude that’s been stalking and killing u and ur soulmate for four thousand years
  • the show has that one iconic episode where they go back to 1958 and a white lady assumes that Kendra is apart of “The Help” and asks for her to get her another glass of champagne
  • Kendra gets sideyed when she says she’s at said party with her “husband”, white boy Ray Palmer
  • The realtor tells Ray and Kendra to buy a house in the town up north where they have more “forward thinking”, to which Kendra says, “I like my towns backwards”
  • how iconic is that
  • and don’t forget when that dude was hitting on Sara at the bar and she said that the girl he was with was more her type
  • LISTEN the entire show is filled with iconic moments like that
  • the show has the most possible pairings ever with ot8’s
  • everyone is actually in love with each other
  • g o w a t c h legends of tomorrow