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Since it's on it's way: imagine having to explain April Fool's Day and/or the concept of pranking one's friends for the sake of amusement. Like, maybe the aliens understand setting something up in regards to honing reflexes or something, but things like whoopee cushions and complex Rube Goldberg machines to fling shaving cream at someone just baffle them. Also the concept of a prank war in space is just amusing.

Thrnawxh watched in confusion as Human Frankie attached some sort of transparent film to the entryway, snickering to themself and occasionally looking over their shoulder as if fearing they were being watched. It put Thrnawxh ‘on edge’ as the humans would say.

In xir experience, if a human was worried, anyone else ought to be terrified.

Eventually, xir worry won out, causing xem to ask what Human Frankie was doing.

“It’s the first day of April.” Human Frankie said, baring their teeth in a show of either aggression, or bizarrely enough pleasure. Usually Thrnawxh would be able to guess which one it was based on a human’s statement, but this one made no sense.

“Also known as April Fool’s day, and oh boy does Sara got something coming for her.” Frankie continued, apparently having no idea that xe didn’t understand their explanation. What’s worse was that Human Sara apparently had something hunting them.

“And this device will stop Human Sara’s would-be attackers?” Xe asked, not sure how that would work, but xe had seen humans accomplish much more demanding things with seemingly worse odds.

“No, no what I meant is that Sara doesn’t-” they began before pausing, seemingly to reconsider whatever they were going to say. “You remember when I explained human humour to you, right?”

“Yes, when I believed you were ill because of your stomach contracting while you looked at an oddly shaped root vegetable.”  Thrnawxh confirmed, not seeing the relevance.

“Great. So this is a joke. I’m going to play a prank on Sara, because it’s April’s Fool’s day.” They said, though some of the words didn’t seem to translate well or at all to xir native language.

“I do not understand,” xe said, looking up at them in a way xe hoped Human Frankie would realise was questioning. Xir hopes were however not high.

“Shit, right okay. Erm. So a prank is a trick - you know what a trick is, right? Good. It’s a trick that you pull on someone because it’s funny, or like today, because it’s tradition. Sometimes they’re mean, but unless you’re a dickhead, they’re just funny. Like… shoving a pie in someone’s face, or pulling cellophane across the doorway and having them walk into it. Just, harmless fun, you know? And April Fool’s day is the first day of April - that’s one of our months; one of the sub-parts we divide the time it takes for our home planet to orbit the sun into. So it’s the first day of that sub-part, and it’s tradition to prank people.” Human Frankie explained, giving a small nod when they were done as if confirming what they’d just said.

“Why?” Xe asked, getting only a shrug in return - a signal of uncertainty or non-commitment. “What purpose does it serve?”

“Oh, no no purpose. I mean, maybe it did at one time? Superstition or what ever, but it’s just fun.” Human Frankie said before delving into a story of a prank they and a friend did on an authoritarian learning monitor when they were younger.

The story itself was interesting, though Thrnawxh was hardly able to focus when xe had so much new information to process about human behaviour.

Xe certainly had a lot left to learn.

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If you're still doing reactions, could you maybe do another Jaal/f!Ryder baby reaction where the crew meet the baby (or babies) for the first time, maybe include Jaal's reaction to meeting his new child(ren) for the first time too? :)c

Oh hell yes baby!!!
This is Part 1 of 2 :) part one is Jaal’s reaction. Part two will be the companions reaction.

Jaal had been pacing outside the door of the room Ryder had been wheeled into. His mother’s and a few of his sisters had come to be present for the birth.
Lexi came out through the door, hospital scrubs on, slowly pulling off her plastic gloves and stuffing them in her back pocket.
Jaal and the rest of his family, including Drack, Cora, Vetra, Scott and Liam, immediately crowded her.
“How is she? Is my sister ok?”
“When can we see her?”
“Are the children alright?”
“What’s taking so long?”
The plethora of questions hit her like a shotgun.
“Where is Sara?” Jaal asked.
Lexi could see the nervous fear in his eyes and her heart went out to him.
“She’s fine. It’s taking a little longer because we want to be careful. These are hybrid human-angara infants we are trying to bring into the world. We don’t want anything going wrong.” Lexi explained.
“That’s alright then, and what about - wait did you say infants?! As in… More than one?!” Jaal exclaimed.
Lexi smiled. Nodding in affirmation.
A smile broke out on Jaal’s face and he turned to Sahuna, who wore the same expression.
“Two children. Twins. It does tend to be genetic.” Scott explained.
“Yes. It was surprising we didn’t catch it on earlier scans. But they are both healthy. You will have to wait another bit but it’s almost time. Jaal, if you’d like to be there, you can come with me.” Lexi explained.
Jaal nodded. Hugging his mother he turned to Scott.
“Give her my love ok?” Scott smiled, patting Jaal’s shoulder.
“Of course brother!”
“Yeah, still not happening with the brother thing.” Scott laughed.

Jaal entered the room where Sara was laying on a white hospital bed. He rushed to her side. Clasping their hands together and kissing every finger, placing a final kiss on the inside of her wrist.
“Jaal.” She smiled, already seeming tired.
“Darling. How are you feeling? Can I get anything? Do anything?”
“I’m fine Jaal. Just a little nervous. Excited but still nervous.”
“Nervous about what?”
She was silent for a moment?“
“Do you think I’ll be a good mom? My parents were… A little distant. Weren’t big on emotions or expressing affection… I want to love these babies with everything I am, but what if I end up being…”
“Do you love me?”
“Of course I love you Jaal!”
“Are you excited to meet them?”
“More than anything.”
“Then you are off to a great start.” Jaal reasured, smiling and placing another kiss on her hand.
“I don’t know what I’d do without you.” She smiled.
“You will never find out.”

10 hours of labour, and Jaal stayed with her through every second.
When the first cry was heard Jaal’s heart soared. He could barely catch a glimpse of the child as it was rushed off to be cleaned and wrapped in cloth. He didn’t have much time to ponder it as another cry was heard. This time from Sara.
Her face contorted in pain.
“My darling one..” He cooed and squeezed her hand rubbing circles into her back, kissing the side of her face.
“I see the head.”
“Keep going Sara.” Lexi said, holding her other hand.
Another voice entered the room. Crying it’s tiny lungs out. Sara slumped back into the bed, exhausted.

The two babies were brought back into the room to the two awaiting parents.
“A girl and a boy.” Lexi said, handing each a child.
Sara held their boy while Jaal help their little girl.
The children had angaran physiology, but with human skin pigment and green eyes like their mother.
“Your eyes.” Jaal smiled, looking over at Sara. The mother of his children. The light of his life.
He pulled her close tucking his head underneath his chin, humming in satisfaction.
“I love you.” Sara sighed, which only made Jaal’s heart swell more. So much he felt he was bursting from how perfect this felt.
“Have you thought of names yet?” Lexi asked.
Jaal pulled away and looked down at Sara. She seemed to be thinking.
“I was going to ask Sahuna her opinion.” Sara smiled.
Jaal’s heart had officially burst. She knew how much Jaal loved Sahuna and knew having her say on it would make him happy, but she also valued her alien mothers opinion and insight.
“Then why don’t you ask her?” Sahuna smiled, strolling in, Scott in tow.
“Mother! Brother!” Jaal exclaimed.
“The brother thing is still so not happening.” Scott sighed, making a bee line for Sara, kissing her forehead and taking a look at the two babies.
“Luke and Leia. That’s my vote.” Scott snickered to which Sara simply smacked him, leaving Jaal and Sahuna to stare quizzically.
“Don’t mind him. He was dropped on his head as a baby.” Sara dead-panned, turning their attention to the bundle in her arms, cooing and tickling the baby.
Sahuna took the girl from Jaal, cradling her and staring down lovingly at her newest grandchild.
“Uthreya. A family name. She will wear it well.” Sahuna smiled.
“It sounds beautiful.” Sara said, grinning over at Sahuna and Jaal.
“I agree.” Jaal affirmed.
Sara turned her attention to the little boy in her arms again. It was reaching up, grasping at her cheeks and ears, gurgling and grunting in its cute baby way.
Sahuna say next to her, placing Uthreya back in Jaal’s arms and the placing a hand on the baby boy’s head. Looking up at Sara she smiled.
“Feeling like an ‘Alec’ to me.” Sahuna announced, smiling at the dumbfounded Sara.
“But… It’s a human name.” Sara said.
“He is half human. His mother is a human. So was his grandfather. And without his grandfather, you never would have made it here, and made my son so happy, made me so happy or gifted our family with these beautiful children. I am grateful. To him. It is a wonderful name that I hope he will appreciate one day too.” Sahuna finished.
Sara nodded, fighting back tears of joy and cuddling her baby boy to her.
Jaal joined her, wrapping an arm around her once again.
Sahuna ushered Scott out of the room so they could give the two more privacy.
“Uthreya and Alec. An unusual pairing.” Jaal chuckled.
“Kind of like us in a way.” Sara giggled.
Jaal nuzzled his face into her neck.
“Very much like us. I love it.” He sighed.

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Ten Minutes: That Boy
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START TIME: 2:06am

“That boy. What’s his name?”

“What boy?” asked Kara, sucking on the end of her pen while studying her notes. Her eyes narrowed as she focused on a problem and she jumped, steadying her books as Sara kicked out and hit her leg. “Hey! What?!”

“That boy,” said Sara, pointing to a boy who looked older leaning against the lockers. He had on a black hoodie, black jeans, and boots. Kara sighed while Sara eyed him up and down. He was definitely Sara’s type. He just screamed bad boy. “I’ve never seen him before.”

“It’s because he comes when he feels like it,” said Kara, adjusting her glasses before looking back down at her math problem. “That’s Leonard Snart.”

“I’m going to go say hi,” said Sara. 

“Please don’t. Many girls have tried and many have failed. Some boys, too, from what I hear.”

“Well, they aren’t me,” said Sara, flicking her hair over her shoulder. She stuffed her books into her bag and was about to go talk to him when she noticed her sister squaring off to Nancy. Ugh. The girl had been sniffing around Oliver, her sister’s boyfriend. Oliver, the pig, ate the attention all up. Now her sister was paying the price. Going away from her mission, Sara saddled up to her sister and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “Hey there, Nancy, looking as slutty as ever.”

“Sara. How nice of you to butt into our private conversation.”

“It’s what little sisters do.” Sara tilted her head to the side. “Don’t you have a football or basketball player to go bug? You can’t expect to get those much-needed breast implants on the salary of whatever business would want to hire someone with your pea-sized brain.”

“UGH! Sara Lance! You’re such a cow!”

“Moo,” called out Sara as Nancy trounced away. She then faced Laurel and hugged her tightly when seeing her unshed tears. 

“Thanks,” said Laurel softly. “I had her handled though.”

“When are you going to break up with Oliver? He started off sweet, but he’s just not worth this, Laurel. Every day it’s someone new who is flirting with him and he still doesn’t say no. Even if you’re standing right there!”

“He…” Laurel sighed. “Can we talk about this later? I’m late.”

“Sure.” Sara watched as her sister headed off toward her cheerleading practice, her ponytail bobbing behind her as she rushed to the gym. Sighing, Sara turned on the heel of her boot and paused when seeing someone staring at her.

It was Leonard.

She offered him a wink before going to her locker, all while ignoring all the butterflies that were suddenly fluttering in the pit of her stomach. He was even hotter up close. And his eyes. Jesus! When she got to her locker she looked back over her shoulder and sighed in slight disappointment when seeing that he was gone. She gathered the rest of her things then headed outside. While Laurel liked to participate in extra circulars, Sara had much better things to do. Well, except she had to wait for Laurel to be done with practice. Since she drove them to school that day. She blinked when the sun hit her eyes as she exited the school then headed down the steps. She stopped when Leonard stood beside her, bag over his shoulder. 


“Hey,” said Sara as someone else, someone taller and bulkier, stood on her other side. “Um…”

“We overheard some punks talking about getting back at you for mouthing off to Nancy,” said the larger guy. “Len here decided to play bodyguard.”

“Really?” asked Sara, turning to look at Leonard, who only rolled his eyes and shrugged. 

“Anyone willing to stick up for their sister deserves to not get jumped by a group of cowardly girls,” he said, pointing to the said group of girls. At the front of the group was Nancy who was looking more than a little put out. 

“Trust me when I say I could handle them,” said Sara. 

“We don’t doubt it,” said Leonard, gesturing toward a bench. “But considering we both have to wait for our sisters to get out of cheerleading practice, and Mick here has nothing better to do since he was kicked off the football team— How about we keep each other company?”

“Sure,” said Sara. “I’d like that.”

END TIME: 2:16am

The Lady In Black & Avenger A

Let’s start with the The Lady In Black AKA The Black Widow.

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Marlene has said multiple times, “The Lady in Black is End Game”, “Black Widow is PLL’s EndGame” Etc. 

However, so many people have this hatred for Sara Harvey, that they forget her story isn’t over. 

Think about it for a second, we don’t know anything related to Sara’s motives. We don’t know –why Sara helped torture the girls, why she was helping CeCe, if she was or wasn’t kidnapped, why she was willing to blow herself up in the dollhouse. etc.” 

Sara is one of the biggest mysteries on this show right now and people are blinded by her acting that they aren’t paying attention to the character itself. A girl from another town that parallels Rosewood has had her hands directly in the torturing of the Liars and no one knows why. 

Now let’s get to Avenger A. It’s been pretty clear to me since the beginning that Sara Harvey is Charlotte’s avenger. It’s almost too easy. But don’t forget they revealed Charlotte three times as A and people were still lost. They revealed CeCe as red coat after Aria kicked her mask off, she was wearing the hoodie outside of Ezra’s door, and she unveiled herself at the christmas ball in the white cloak. (Now the last one can be argued, but the previews kept acting as if A was in the white cloak and wouldn’t show her face). Take a look at this promo picture below hyping the reveal of red coat (the same red coat who stole the game from Mona) (A) in season 4: 

Yet no one connected the dots then that CeCe was said Red Coat.

Now to the clues as to why I think Sara Harvey is Avenger A. 

Let’s start with the graveyard. We are led to believe, Avenger A was placing the flowers on Charlotte’s plot. 

Which we can determine based on the flowers next to Jessica’s headstone (the purple ones) that Sara was also there visiting Charlotte’s plot. 

Next clue, which is my favorite–The Gloves! We see Avenger A leaving the hotel to get into the town car and get a really good close up of her gloves. 

Now an episode later, the liars break into Sara’s room to investigate her as the crazy stalker and what does Spencer find under the bed? The same white gloves, Avenger A is wearing in the episode before! 

Now for some dialogue clues. When Ali and Sara had their conversation in the school, a few things stuck out to me: 

“We both knew what it mean to be close with Charlotte, I felt like we were sisters. When no one else was there for her, I was… We never really knew all of her, but I was hoping, maybe you and I could put our pieces together and understand her a little better….we’re all she had.“

Another thing I noticed from the dialogue was when Sara said, 

“I guess I just wanted to say, I’m sorry Alison..Sorry for your loss”

Avenger’s A driver just said that to them a few episodes ago. 

Sara was a lot closer to Charlotte than we thought and she is staying in Rosewood to learn more about Charlotte, as well as AVENGE her death. 

Obviously, whoever is avenging Charlotte was close to her. Right now there are only TWO characters that we know of, that was close to Charlotte - Alison and Sara. Sara clearly has plans for Alison as well. You can tell by her little sinister smirk at the end. 

Now what was also interesting in the scene with Alison and Sara was that Sara flat out lied to Alison and then questioned why she did it. 

“I didn’t realize you worked here? I’m looking for room 19…. I knew you worked here, I don’t know why I lied..”

Clearly, Sara is a manipulator and has no problem lying to fix her situation. She even did it to the judge to get out of going to jail. Who else did we used to see lie flat out? Charlotte. One particular scene I remember, where they showed CeCe lying and the viewers knew she was–was the time she told Aria that her car was towed WHILE she was sitting in it.

Let’s go backwards a bit and talk about Aria and the drive. A is notorious for having dirt on the girls. However, you can usually go back and figure out which characters had prior knowledge of the girl’s secrets and help you narrow down who A is. You can do it with Mona and with CeCe. 

The tape with Aria sneaking out was only revealed to the Liars in the beginning. However, over time other characters were starting to get looped in. So before Avenger A sent them a message about the drive, the only characters that we know that had knowledge of it were 1. The liars 2. The Cops 3. Hanna’s mom and last but not least 4. Sara Harvey. 

How did Sara know? The Liars being as naive as they are, discussed the murder and the tape with Aria and Ezra during their little Spa trip. And who was there the whole time listening? 

Yes Ms Harvey. She has learned a thing or two being with Charlotte for so long. 

Next up is the golf club picture, Avenger A sent to the girls. 

We find out from Hanna later that the carpet is from the rooms at The Radley hotel. 

Then later on, we find out from the cops–that the Golf Club is not actually the weapon. Oh and anyone notice that Sara’s gloves were so bulky in 6x15? That’s because she was wearing GOLF GLOVES. 

Similar golf gloves above. 

Fast forwarding… Marlene has been known for being extremely blunt in revealing A. So blunt that us viewers think it’s a red herring. Not only did she reveal CeCe as A so many times visually, but she has done it in countless dialogues. For example, she revealed that CeCe Drake booked the flight that A used at the lodge. Marlene even mentioned in an article that she was being really daring when she revealed that piece of the puzzle to the audience, but not many people picked up on it. They swept it under the rug as a lie and a red herring. 

Now the reason I bring this up is because they show Sara in the hospital doing something to Emily. We are led to believe Emily was seeing things, because of the drugs she was under. HOWEVER, we see Avenger A at the end wearing the EXACT same gloves, Sara had on in the hospital scene.

This is so blunt and obvious, I almost couldn’t believe it. Marlene is counting on everyone to explain it away. Let’s not forget, the liars were hell bent on calling CeCe A. They even used CeCe’s name as a substitute for A during season 4. Who else are they doing that too? Yup Sara Harvey. 

Another interesting thing I noticed was the files on A’s laptop that was shown when Caleb hacked it. One of the files was Art Archive. 

I instantly started thinking about the people on the show that has artistic abilities. Then it clicked to me. The painting that Charlotte received in 6A on her birthday was from Sara! Her one and only Ally. 

It’s clear that Sara has some artistic abilities and knows her way around a paint brush. It also means CeCe trusted Sara enough to let her know that she was once a boy named Charles–as well as show her tapes of her past! Additionally, CeCe must have really adored the painting because she places it in her room, in Radley, alongside her other special mementos. 

Last, but not least! Let’s jump into the rabbit hole they found in Sara’s room at Radley. Sara is clearly obsessed with Charlotte, that she would break a hole into a closet that was Charlotte’s old room. I mean, who has the balls to open up a hole in a hotel room? We understand now, why she doesn’t want the maids cleaning her room and how she has been able to sneak in and out of Radley without being seen. 

Does no one see this parallel? CeCe also used to sneak in and out of Radley to do her dirty work. Marlene is slapping us in the face with clues right now. I mean she has to right? We only have 1 ½ seasons left to tell Avenger A’s story and Charlotte’s killer. We don’t have time for a whole lot of red herrings. Sara already has 2 episode titles directly related to her, “The Gloves are On” and “Do Not Disturb”. She’s a really important character and her story is not over. 

Later, they even show us, that avenger A was in the hole messing with these torture switches at the end. We only know of 6 characters, that know about the Radley hole so far. The 4 liars, Alison, and Sara

There is one more parallel, I want to briefly discuss. So we know Charlotte revealed to the liars that she used Sara as a decoy red coat when she needed her to be. Which means that Sara was the red coat in 6B who joined her in the surveillance room. The most interesting thing though, is that Sara was seen looking into the Marin’s house which directly parallels Charles looking into the Dilaurentis house. 

Which leads me to question– why did Ashley Marin purchase the Radley? That is so odd to me! Out all the people and parents to become the owner of that place, it would be Ashley Marin. This sort of reminds me of how Alison’s mom placed herself on the board at Radley to keep close to her child.

Now I am starting to think the twin ghost children may not have been such a random incident. Think about it, the twin ghosts are only shown to the Marins. Now we see Sara looking outside their home as if she should be apart of their family. 

Could the notorious ghost twin represent Sara after all? What does this all mean? I have yet to figure this part of the story out, but I won’t be shocked if Sara ends up having the twin.  Maybe, Sara and CeCe weren’t so different after all. Long lost siblings? 

Either way, I hope everyone is ready, because Sara Harvey isn’t done…not yet. When you lose someone you love, most of us tend to mourn their loss. Not Sara, she plans to get even and she has her eyes set on the Liars. But is Sara working alone or does she have a partner? If she does, my guess would be either Alison or Rollins.

In my next post, I’ll discuss who killed Charlotte and why

+ brandonxjacobs

Despite her dismissive attitude, Sara actually hated being alone. It was one of her biggest secrets but not one that people had to look very hard for if they knew her lifestyle. She had four siblings and a grandmother living in the main house, she lived with her twin and almost all of her spare time was spent with Margot, Jocelyn or Aria. Or boys. Sara rarely found herself alone with her own company and she was thankful for that, being by herself only reminded her of how lonely a person like her could be.

She had expected Brandon to find a better offer, or to at least send her a photo of him in his own bed, telling her he was just simply too lazy for her. She didn’t love the fact she expected a stand up from him, but at the same time, it was kind of exciting. He kept her on her toes more than she would ever admit to his face, so when he texted asking for her address, a shit-eating grin spread over Sara’s face. 

She texted him back, but added to let her know when he was out front. Last thing she wanted was him going to the wrong house and having him come face-to-face with her mother. Or Connie. So while she waited, she changed appropriately, only putting on her favorites under her shorts and top before glancing herself a quick once over in the mirror. Yep, she still had it.

Jogging through the gardens to the fencing around the estate, she opened the gate and poked her head out to find him. It was down the ways from the main drive, and easily considered the quick escape. “Hey–” She called out to get his attention, gesturing for him to line the foliage until he got to her, “Over this way. It’s quicker.”

Italian headcanon

So ever since @enikawamoriko came up with the idea of Emil’s surname having Italian roots, I’ve been thinking a lot. It turned out to be a false alarm, but let’s just say this:

  • Emil’s dad going on a lot of business trips due to his job
  • Ever since Emil could remember, they always went for a vacation to Italy because dad had some business to do there, so they could go for free
  • The first year Emil didn’t like it there. He felt alone, his parents only met with other adults.
  • But then Emil’s dad was invited to the Crispinos to do some business with mr Crispino and Emil and his mom were welcome too to meet the rest of the family.
  • Emil became best friends with Sara the second they met. She told him about her being a figure skater and how much she wanted to achieve in the future and she showed him some pictures of her in the nice costumes
  • “You’re so cute, Sara! I wish boys could be figure skaters too!”
  • “But boys can do it too, Emil, my brother Mickey is a figure skater!”
  • Sara shows Emil a video of Michele skating
  • Emil falls in love. With figure skating.
  • Every year from then he goes visit the Crispino twins and they spend most of the time together.
  • That’s why Emil looks up to Michele so much, that Italian grumpy cat awakened the love for skating in him. He’d been looking up to Mickey since he was a child and then it slowly turned into way more than that as they got to know each other.
  • That’s why Michele acts like an asshole and doesn’t really notice Emil, he’s literally takes him as an annoying younger brother. :’)