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The boy would try to run, but I have the distinct feeling that his little legs couldn't carry him far before Greg or Sara or Jason caught him to try and calm him down. Poor child. Poor children because the other two teens would be like 'what the heck happened?!' :/

Sara would catch him really fast and then simply hold him. Tiny Wirt would be really distressed and tell her to let go and Sara would be really worried about her tiny friend ):


A full day.

Mushrooming this morning with Sara and Jane. Visited a heron rookerie and was duly amazed. Huge birds, 42 nests that I could count, slow circles and gentle landings in tall sycamores. Learned names of many plants, like sweet William and boys britches and multiflora rose. Walked up a tree and swung down from the top. Found a great set of morels.

Came home and showered hard. Napped with Scott and two cats. Oil change and car decisions. Uber successful thrifting: two cardigans and a great pair of shoes: $7.42.

Newman wedding rehearsal. Cute gold temporary tattoos. V good Thai food and too many helpings of it.

Talked to dani while pj snored it out on the couch. Came home, repaired a heel, painted my nails and finished The Mammoth Hunters.