another incomplete list of things that are cooler than sex:

  • sparkly capes
  • bismuth 
  • old people with their hair dyed funky colors
  • cat feets
  • horrible bus seat upholstery 
  • mini cannolis 
  • saquaro cacti
  • bobbit worms (horrifying but still cool)
  • the general concept of dragons
  • egg rolls
  • literally every aspect of the dark crystal
  • whale sharks
  • those little tiny animal sculptures made of glass

(via In Tucson, an Unsung Architectural Oasis -

“One of the city’s better-kept secrets is how often you can find significant examples of mid-20th century architecture.“

  1. A neon sign on Miracle Mile in Tucson. 
  2. The geometric Haas Building of 1957 with other structures on Sunshine Mile.
  3. Dirk J. Arnold’s “Gateway Saguaro” on Miracle Mile
  4. The Arizona Inn was built in 1930 by Isabella Greenway, Arizona’s first congresswoman and a lifelong friend of Eleanor Roosevelt

(thanks to Richard Belas for sending me this link!)