Saqra Sabo

Well, some of you may know I’m from Perú xD a country filled with awesome folkloric festivities, I’m very passionate about my country’s culture~

My dear nerd boy is wearing a Saqra(means little devil in Quechua)’s costume, a dance performed in the festivity I’m going to tomorrow called Paucartambo, which is definitely my fave one. The performers wear a colorful costume and an anthropomorphic -often with occidental monster themes such a this dragon one- masks

Well then I’ll be gone for 3 days~~ I return this Thursday at night, dunno how the hell Ima read the OP chapter in the middle of nowhere -the festivity is far away from the city- but I will have to do it somehow or ima die XD See you all in 3 days people ♥ will miss you.


Saqra León de San Jerónimo. #cusco #cuzco #peru #saqra #video #bnw #bnw_planet #blancoynegro

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