Saprophyte wandered the Underworld as she did everyday. There were always new ghosts to meet. People died a lot after all. She enjoyed talking to them. Everyone was full of different memories. Different stories.

She skipped after wilted flowers and noticed something she’d never seen before. She didn’t get a good look at it so she called out to it.

“Hello! Hello there!” Upon getting a closer look she realized it was not a ghost. It was some sort of undead creature. She could see its skeleton, but it had hair and eyes “Who are you?”

Fungi are simple plants that lack chlorophyll, true stems, roots, and leaves. Fungi are incapable of photosynthesis and live as parasites or saprophytes. Ordinary fungi are well known to man: molds, yeast, mildew, mushrooms and puffballs. These plants include both useful and harmful varieties.

Combat: Ordinary fungi do not attack or defend themselves, but they are prolific and can spread where unwanted. Adventurers who have lost rations to mold or clothing to mildew have had unpleasant encounters with fungi.

Habitat/Society: The bodies of most true fungi consist of slender cottony filaments. Anyone who wishes to see this for himself need only leave a damp piece of bread in a cupboard for a day or two. Examining the black mold on the bread with a magnifying glass will show off not only the filaments, but also the spore bodies at the top of these. The spores are what gives the mold is color.

Most fungi reproduce asexually by cell division, budding, fragmentation, or spores. Those that reproduce sexually alternate a sexual generation (gametophyte) with ah a spore-producing (sporophyte) one.

Fungi grow best in dark, damp environments, which they can find all too easily in a kitchen cupboard, backpack, or boot. A warm environment is preferred by some, such as yeasts and certain molds, but excessive heat kills fungi.

Proper storage and cleanliness can be used to avoid most ordinary fungi.

The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual, p. 120

It goes on in this vein this for another six paragraphs. Evidently, this is vital information for running a game about pretending to be an elf.

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