sonny is definitely the kind of person to wake up early in the morning for the sole reason of watching the sunrise. he might stay awake after, or he might fall back asleep for another hour or so, nevertheless, he wakes up every morning, just for that purpose.

on the other hand, you couldn’t get rafael to do this for a million dollars and a life-time supply of café bustelo; he almost never wakes before sunrise. but, the very first morning he does, he watches sonny as he sits on the edge of the bed with his hands folded in his lap. he then startles sonny, who suddenly feels a pointy chin dig into his shoulder, blanket-warmed arms wrap around his bare waist, and a pair of lips press against his cheek. they watch out the window intently as the sun begins to peak through the horizon and sigh contentedly as they welcome the approaching day.

I just found my 2016 journal where I wrote a bit of the (few) good things that happened last year! I know I forgot some names but I hope y’all know how much you mean to me. @otonashit-kun, @alterouspotato, @artemi5fowl, @teenagecriminalmastermind, @megalunalexi, @d-butler and @holly-take-the-wheel u precious muffin

Valentine’s Drabble

There are a lot of reasons to consider February 14th.

Pink and red were more prominent in the palette around him, in the shops, on websites, on the TV.

It was impossible to eat out unless you’d booked a month ago, especially in downtown Brussels.

He got eyed up like a zebra at a lion convention just for existing.

As a man who had been working mission control for 37 hours straight, who wanted nothing more than to duck into the nearest greasy spoon for a burger, who wanted to avoid people, maybe inhale a beer or three, and who was ready to snap at the next person who got between him and his bed sheets…

“This entire day can fuck off.” He growled, not caring who heard. 

“Charming, Heero Yuy.” 

The voice made him wince. Two days into an attempt to curb his language and he’d fucked up already.

Messed up. 

An arm linked through his and he slowed his pace for her. As desperate as he was just to get back to his little apartment and sleep, he had always made time for her and now would be no different.

“That means you owe me a favour.” She smiled up at him, a gleam in her eyes telling him exactly what manner of favour she was owed. “And it’s Valentine’s Day.”

On any other day, one where he hadn’t been existing on nothing but adrenaline and coffee while he directed one of the most important but volatile missions the Preventers had stages yet, that gleam in her eyes would have seen her pulled into a dark corner and very quickly ruined.

And an irrepressible part of him still simmered the idea under the surface, underneath all the grime and fatigue and inability to turn his mind off despite those things.

He looked at her, with what he hoped was an apologetic look. “I wouldn’t be much use to you tonight,” he explained. The naughty glint disappeared from her eyes and was replaced immediately with concern.

“Bad mission?” She asked. She would find out either way when she got the report, but reports wouldn’t tell her what she needed to know. Are you okay?

“No. It was a success.” His lips turn up slightly in weary reassurance. “It just took a lot out of me.”

She studied him for a moment, as though gauging whether he was being completely honest with her. The extent of their commitment to each other may only go as far as the bedroom (or wherever else they chose to find release from their stressful lives with each other), but that and their friendship were mutually exclusive.

They made sure of it.

A smile touched her pretty lips, satisfied he wasn’t putting on a brave face for her. “Well, then. You’ll be needing food.” 

A light pulling of his arm steered him towards the crossing, and he had barely enough time to check the roads before being taken across. He sometimes wondered how this woman survived every day life sometimes. When she wasn’t throwing herself in front of actual weapons of mass destruction, she was blindly crossing busy streets and putting forks in the microwave.

Seeing the familiar landmarks, he knew where she was taking him. Her apartment was closer to the centre of the city, mostly because she was of the crust that could afford it. 

“Lena, I need to get home.” He protested half-heartedly, desperately wanting his bed but still mildly entertaining thoughts of soft skin, breathy sighs and hard fast release.

His protests fell on deaf ears, and as he was ushered through her apartment door he lost the fight to repeat them.

He had to stop himself from throwing himself down in his usual spot on her sofa and staying there. If he sat down on anything close to comfortable now, he would be out for the count.

“It should be ready. It’s been going about 7 hours now.” She called back at him as she walked to her small but homely kitchen.

It was only then he caught the whiff of something savoury and spicy floating in and lifting the air. As though the smell itself gave him energy, he picked up pace to follow her.

He found her taking a ladle to an old cast iron crock pot, blowing gently onto it and taking the smallest sip.

“That should about do it.” She murmured, grabbing the only two bowls she owned from the cupboard. Hers and his.

He found himself lingering on the thought. Maybe it was because he was tired and honestly didn’t have the energy to check himself the way he usually would. Maybe he didn’t particularly care to.

She scooped three heaving ladles into his slightly chipped bowl and handed it out to him. 

Spicy sausage casserole.

His favourite and she knew it.

His stomach nearly betrayed his need for cutlery.

“I bought new goose down pillows and a duvet for myself. My treat to myself for the day of considerate affection.” She smiled before blowing on her first spoonful. “I know we can’t Christen them tonight, but perhaps testing them for their actual purpose might be fun?”

She took a bite. And not for the first time recently, he found himself overwhelmed by her.

It should have been simple. They would confide in each other when they needed. Trust each other always. Fuck each other when the urge took them. Help each other when possible. Make each others’ hectic and complicated lives a little easier in any way they could

As separate entities they would be lost.

“Heero?” A voice broke through his thoughts and concerned cerulean probed him from her place against the kitchen counter.

Caught off guard and not sure how to verbalise anything in his head right then, he asked the first thing that came to mind.

“Do you have beer?”

When she obligingly gestured to the little table behind him, and he found six of his Belgian favourites enticingly arranged in a crisp bucket of ice, the little world they’d built themselves between them, the simplicity they had wrought to facilitate their happiness, and his entire self that wanted nothing more than to eat hot casserole and drink icy cold beer in her magical cloud of a bed all converged into one unfiltered thought.

“I think I love you.”

attention sap

ok so like, calum is a genuine sap. doesn’t like showing it too much, but i swear to the jesus he is. under all of those moody resting bitch faces and edgy middle fingers he just can’t resist being loved on. having his cheeks kneaded in adoration, having fingers digging into his obscenely irresistible curls, feeling your lips just brush over his, being pulled in as a little spoon while he’s off guard, and getting back massages while you wore his shirt. then he’d love when you took the initiative to show him all your love by engaging in the conversation and sincerely complimenting everything right about what he does. all the while he is content and smiling. then when he was around the boys he’d have to lay off a bit to maintain his profile. but he knew, as well as you, that he couldn’t wait to go home and just share that mutual love in various ways.

valentine’s shout-out to my forever love. in a few weeks it will be three years we’ve been together. somewhere after Jesus but before coffee, he is one of the greatest loves of my life. he pisses me off to no end but just by virtue of who he is he always reminds me that i am beautiful and important. i’m sorry this is sappy but i’m in love with everything in this photo - the montana mountains and the man who explored them with me. life will be tough soon but i know that having him as my teammate will make things infinitely better. i love you, alek.

English Class (Love I never knew)
  • <p> <b></b> I read a description<p/><b></b> Where a dog called their owner sprightly<p/><b></b> It's a vocab word<p/><b></b> Do you remember our connection to that particular verb?<p/><b></b> I remember our hands touching<p/><b></b> Lips almost brushing<p/><b></b> Cheeks flushing<p/><b></b> Homework I did for you<p/><b></b> Because your love filled holes I never knew<p/><b></b> Couldn't ever make whole<p/><b></b> Up until tendrils connected our souls.<p/><b></b> I remember peering over your shoulder<p/><b></b> Grabbing and kissing your hand<p/><b></b> And you giggled<p/><b></b> And looked at me because you understand.<p/><b></b> English class<p/><b></b> My heart is racing.<p/><b></b> Because I love you<p/><b></b> And you love me<p/><b></b> I'm connected to a heart that's true<p/><b></b> Even if she isn't ready<p/><b></b> The girl I knew<p/><b></b> Threw me for a loop<p/><b></b> Genuine when she calls me perfect<p/><b></b> When she hides her distress with a smile<p/><b></b> My particular notion<p/><b></b> That I'm imperfection in motion<p/><b></b> Bothers her more than I could with quirks<p/><b></b> Or unfinished fanfiction works<p/><b></b> Maybe even the connection<p/><b></b> From Deepblr<p/><b></b> To our teacher saying that something's in our current unit's vocab words.<p/></p>
  • And connecting it to love, because it's what I never thought I knew, but it is, because I love you.
Octoberficfest is almost over.

And can I just say that I’ve been so proud to watch you fic writers do your thing.  Writing great stuff.  Supporting each other.  Reblogging each other.  Praising each other.  We’ve been drowning in amazing fic and drabbles and I hope we keep it up.  

This fandom astounds me.  You’re so creative and giving of yourselves and I appreciate all of you.  All the time.  But specifically for the last month.  

Thank you.  And thank you to @leiascully for hosting the challenge and being such a wonderful source of support and also for posting her own new writing every single day.  We don’t deserve you, dearest.  You’re top-notch.