relationships are about taking risks man. do you truly realize how much love & trust one must have to give their heart to someone else? i still have moments where I get scared sometimes.. subconsciously bracing myself for any trips that may cause the slightest bruise to my heart. but it’s a risk i am willing to take.. for you.

My dad has been struggling with health problems for a year and a half now and it’s come to a point where we all know the next few years will be hard. It’s upsetting to see him like this, but he still tells me little silly things to reassure me that everything is okay. He told me this last night when I was sitting with him and it’s one of those things I’ll always remember.

A few seconds ago, Danny’s expression was weak and glum, but the man standing before him managed to brighten up his whole face and lifted the depression of his mood. His eyes gleamed with hapiness. He barely even took notice of the flowers within the strong hand’s of the male, as his gaze remained strictly on Desmond’s handsome facial features. Even though the other’s words had seemed sincere at the time, he barely expected anything more then the one night. “You remembered me telling you where I lived?”

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luke smiled proudly at you as he saw you...

walking across the common room. It was known to every Ravenclaw but yourself that he liked you. Luna was your best girl friend and when she pointed out at the Yule Ball your fourth year that Luke looked like he was in love when he looked at you it scared you away. Love was such a strong word and a much stronger force than the magic you were taught and it scared you. Luke was your best friend and when she told you that your whole world suddenly stopped. You were 14 and 15 respectively and never believed in the fairy tales that became true when your Hogwarts letter arrived all those years ago to your muggle parents dismay. You’ve avoided him ever since that night, too afraid to ask him the truth in what your loony best friend revealed. Now here you were about to face the war with Harry Potter in the Order side by side and while you still studied in the library when he was in the common room you couldn’t not ask him the truth. Harry was already out finding the horcuxes and Dementors already surrounded the castle. This was your last chance, to be brave and not turn to books and your smarts, let your heart talk instead of logistics. 

“Hey Luke,” you muttered as you turned around causing the boy to blush. “Y/N” he greeted somewhat icily, you don’t blame him. “I was wondering if we could talk, privately. There’s something I need to get off my chest before its too late” he simply nodded and ushered you out of the party. 

“I’m sorry for not speaking to you in three years. I was scared to” you whispered in the corridors as he let out a chuckle that made your heart burst. “You? Scared of me? I’m harmless” he smiled your way as his eyes twinkled. You were so screwed. “I was scared because Luna mentioned something and I freaked-” “When doesn’t she say freaky things?” He reassured, obviously not getting what I was implying. “She said you were in love with me”. His laughter finally stopped and the regret already started to seep through my body. This is it, this is where he laughs at me and tells me Luna was wrong and that I ruined one of the best friendships I’ve ever had. “Well um, she wasn’t wrong you know” he stuttered as we sat on the bench in front of the library. “That’s what I was afraid of” you mumbled as tears started to fall. “Why are you afraid?” he asked curiously as I fumbled to stop crying. “I’m a muggle, you’re a pure blood. Statistics and logistics show that we’re destined to fa-” he cut you off with his lips, letting you know in the best way he knew how that regardless of the Wizarding World’s current way of living wasn’t going to stop and that he wasn’t going to let Voldemort take you away. 

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every time, you’re a breath of fresh air. i can’t find it in myself to explain it because i’m bad with words. all i know is, i’ve become more bitter as time goes on but i still see a light in you. yes, i know you don’t see it, but it’s my perception. i’m always wanting to know you more and more. it will never end. but i’m ok with that. after all, it’s not waiting when you’re right where you want to be.

Every night I reach out for you,
the warmth of you,
the caress of you,
the presence of you,
I look for your hand while I sleep.
I just want to hold you,
to feel your touch,
to feel your lips against mine,
to feel your tender love.
Oh, to have your body
pressed against mine in golden slumbers,
hearts and bones meld together in spirit,
fireworks of our souls combine
making infinite nebulae
in our vast love–

That’s what I look for at night,
not for a hand,
but for that beautiful connection
we have made,
to never let go of your close embrace,
I look for your love
lying next to me,
ready to hold me when I reach out.

—  TH - 19 September 2014

One year ago, I was helping my sister move out of my parents house when this doofus messaged me asking if we could talk. Surely, I wasn’t going to say no because new people and drum corps. What could be better? Come to find out this kid would become a part of my life. From the first time we met in person on New Year’s Eve, to sneaking in to basketball band saying I was “with the band,” to having him there when I got my first tattoo, to going to hawk mountain and hiking, this friendship has been a blast. Being goofs is what we are known for and that explains a lot of these pictures. Being able to experience WGI for the first time was amazing. Seeing him on tour every so often was so great. And just having him there, as a friend, as a brother has been a great thing to have this past year. Thank you, Greg, for an exciting year. You’re the best. prbuick11

Do you know what feels incredible? The feeling you get when you realize someone genuinely likes you as much as you like them. It’s reciprocated—not a joke or a game or dare or a conquest. Yeah. This feels pretty incredible.

I may be one girl in several million, I may be screaming to the wind but I do want to say that Leigh Daniel avidan, arin Hanson and mark Edward ficshbach have been the only reason that I’m still going. And I dont mean that in a typical teenage girl way. I mean that things that they have said has inspired me.

“I think I was only actually happy when I realized that I was going to die. I realized I was going to die so now I do a lot of awesome shit” ~ Daniel avidan (it may not be the direct quote but it still has meaning)

He made me realize that I shouldn’t always be thinking “why am I here, what’s my purpose” because then I’m wasting all the time I could be using to do awesome shit

“some times you gotta look deep down inside your self and say what am I going to put up with today” ~ arin Hanson (now I know his next words were “NOT FUCKING THIS” but again it has a lot of meaning)

“I’m happy all the time, like all the fucking time because I know what its like to be sad” ~ Daniel avidan

“all the rain is gonna fall and will wash away the thoughts of yesterday” ~ the city as you walk: Skyhill

“us as a community: I’m so proud of what were going to do” ~mark ficshbach
(its stupid but he includes his fans as his world he acknowledges us as a part of his community.)

I just cant fathom how much these people mean to me, and how these are the only people who can genuinely make me laugh. I quote the game grumps on a daily basis because I feel that they deserve to be quoted on a daily basis.

These people are the people who helped me and since I may never actually get to tell them this to their faces this is my chance to tell other people I’m proud to say that these are my heros

*Requested* He breaks up with you and later finds out you’re pregnant. (Zayn only!!) (Part 2)

Okay this is part 2 and i’m not good at part 2’s so bare with me! And thx for all the reads and likes omfgf hf i canthuhie hw! Okay Enjoy

We both stared at each other for a moment, both of us too scared to say a word. To be honest….I was scared! What if I told him and he just left me again? What if I broke down my walls and he leaved me?! I couldn’t bare it. “I have to go.” I whispered. Adjusting Mason on my hip and grabbing his back, I quickly tried to walk past him. “Y/N please!” His voice was so shaky, the crack at the end causing my heart to break. As much as I wanted to just walk about I couldn’t. I loved this man more than I have ever loved anything in my life, besides my son. I needed him. Mason needed him. Slowly turning around I faced him and watched as he stared at me. Normally I would have gotten angry over his silence but there was no need for him to talk, his eyes were saying it all. The way he stared at me, and our son, was something I will never be able to explain. So much love. So much guilt. So much pain. “Y/N I just wish I could take everything back. Every single thing. You don’t know….actually you do..the way you felt when I left you…the way you were on the ground like that….I promise you I was doing the same thing. I had to go through almost 3 years of not seeing you and I have never been so miserable in my life.” Tears ran down his cheeks and I couldn’t help but let tears fall down mine. “I left you for a stupid reason…I thought me leaving you would be good for you..I thought me leaving you would give you a chance…a chance to find someone better. Someone who could be there for you instead of leaving you at home, alone, unprotected…But I  couldn’t just do that because I knew you would tell me it was fine and I didn’t need to worry. But I couldn’t…that day when I left you, I still think about that…And I just want to say i’m sorry. I’m so sorry! If I have to spend the rest of my life proving to you how sorry I am I will. I will do anything just to have you back in my arms. To have my son call me dad and to know that he will have another person who loves him more than words can explain. I want to be there to support you guys. And I want to be at the end of the aisle when you walk down to me. And I want to marry you and never, EVER, leave your side again.” As each word slipped from his lips he moved closer. His last word brought him face to face with me. Ignoring Mason’s calls I grabbed Zayn and kissed him with everything in me. The world around us melted away as we kissed. The only thing I could focus on was him and how much I missed his touch. His soft lips pressed against mine. The way he would hold my face as he pushed all of his feelings into the kiss. Suddenly he pulled me closer, forgetting I was holding our child, and quickly pulled away when Mason let out a loud squeal. Mason smiled up at Zayn and held out his tiny little arms. Zayn smiled, fresh tears prickling in his eyes, and pulled his son into his arms. Smiling, I watched as Masons smiled up at him, almost like he knew his father was going to be in his life.

Okay the edign was really cheesy but I hope you liked it!! I would really love to maeke this into a series but my writing isn’t good enough…..whatever! But anyways thanks for the request and I hope you enjoyed it.

Sorry for typos, cheesiness, and I hope you liked it :D

You wake, slowly, not forced or rush by an annoying alarm. When you have enough consciousness you roll over and stare at the alarm clock reading 5:15. With a small groan you roll back over, hoping to find the comfort of sleep again. But when you do so you realize the comfort and warmth of your girlfriend isn’t in bed with you.

You have a moment of panic, but then there’s the light clinking of dishes from the kitchen. She’s making tea. You slip from bed, padding down the wooden floor to the kitchen, bare chest cold against the early air. Its worth it, though, when you wrap your arms around her from behind and lay your head in the crook of her neck. “Goodmorning.” You say quietly, kissing her neck once.

She tells you ‘I couldn’t sleep’ and you reply with “Well why didnt you wake me up?”. ‘I knew you would wake up soon anyway.’ She responds, and you suppose she’s right.

Her voice still has laces of sleep in it- quiet and low and even the tiniest bit scratchy. Her hair was tousled from sleep and her familiar scent was starting to have the smallest bits of your own slipped into it. Her fruits and flowers started to have hints of your cologne, and your cologne started to smell a bit fruitier. It made you smile, knowing you two were around each other and close to each other so often that that happened.

In the early morning faint light- half sun and half moon with shadows of the city- her pale skin took on something of a faint rose glow, and every freckle popped from her skin. You could see some of her freckles on her hips, her shirt having been shifted up just slightly.

“You’re beautiful.” You say quietly, kissing her neck again. You say it as fact. And she was beautiful, incredibly so, both in appearances and her personality which you came to adore. She may have her faults- who doesnt- but she was essentially perfect, to you. She was beautiful, and she was yours. Yours to hold and kiss and love unconditionally. Yours to make smile and laugh, and her in turn to you.

You smile against her skin. Early mornings may be your favorite time, when there’s nothing to a person but the remains of sleep and whatever has consumed their dreams.

“I love you.” You confirm, your fingers skirting gently over her hips. She doesn’t need to answer, you already know what she’ll say. But it always comes to make you smile when her girlish attitude and snarky remarks fades for just a moment to tell you ‘I love you too.’