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The Moon Pyramid at Teotihuacan

I wrote a few papers on ritual assemblages associated with this site in undergrad. I was 19 at the time and 100% convinced I was going to end up studying osteology and practicing in Mesoamerican contexts. But then the recession happened and funding for archaeology bottomed out in the States, and I realized I couldn’t afford to go on to grad school without extensive financial aid. It sucked, busting ass for good grades only to find out that hard work and ambition can’t carry you the whole way. It was a really shitty lesson to learn.

It took me six years of working and scraping after undergrad, but now I’ve just finished my first year and first Summer field season in an awesome bioarch PhD program (with full funding!), studying a ritual deposit at a major Postclassic site…in the shadow of another pyramid, no less. (The biggest in Mexico, score!)

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, you can get there eventually if you stay stubborn and scrappy. It sucks, but it’s possible!

You deserve someone who kisses every stretch mark, bump, bruise- every mark on your body. They should love every masterpiece that blesses your skin and wonder how the universe ever created a person as unique and beautiful as you are. 

attention sap

ok so like, calum is a genuine sap. doesn’t like showing it too much, but i swear to the jesus he is. under all of those moody resting bitch faces and edgy middle fingers he just can’t resist being loved on. having his cheeks kneaded in adoration, having fingers digging into his obscenely irresistible curls, feeling your lips just brush over his, being pulled in as a little spoon while he’s off guard, and getting back massages while you wore his shirt. then he’d love when you took the initiative to show him all your love by engaging in the conversation and sincerely complimenting everything right about what he does. all the while he is content and smiling. then when he was around the boys he’d have to lay off a bit to maintain his profile. but he knew, as well as you, that he couldn’t wait to go home and just share that mutual love in various ways.

My dad has been struggling with health problems for a year and a half now and it’s come to a point where we all know the next few years will be hard. It’s upsetting to see him like this, but he still tells me little silly things to reassure me that everything is okay. He told me this last night when I was sitting with him and it’s one of those things I’ll always remember.

My wife leaves before I do in the mornings, like several hours before I even wake up.

She always comes around to my side of the bed and kisses me before leaving, tucking the blankets in around me. This morning, my foot was sticking out of the blankets. There are few things in the world as sweet as a warm kiss to the arch of your foot when you are half asleep.

I’m so goddamned lucky. I’m the luckiest girl alive.