Interrupting your everyday Tumblr broadcast to remind you to look up at the date: April 20th. That struck any bell? Let me take you back. Let me tell you a story. A story? Yes. On April 20, 1990 a little game was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System console, exclusively for the Japanese market. It had an opening with several lines written in (questionable) English, and it followed the tale of a prince who fought to regain back his kingdom and ultimately save the world. A little guy whose portrait, despite graphical limits, had blue hair and an orange background. His name? Marth. At the time, probably not many expected this game to grow into the series that is today. Even fewer expected it to go past the borders of Japan, let alone conquer the hearts of millions of players! But it did, and here we are. Some of us are here for the stories, others for the characters. Some delve head-first into the lore, others can’t do without the addictiveness of the mechanics. And not just from Japan, but from all kinds of places everywhere anywhere, we’re here. For the Fire Emblem.

So, yeah. Your favorite japanese strategy role-playing video game series is now officially, precisely, eliwood-ly 25 years old! Congratulations!!!

(Feel like contributing to the series and/or anniversary? The #Fire Emblem Fan Month is still up!)

VIXX, Starlights and Jelpi

I have been wanting to say this for quite a while and was waiting for right occasion… The thing is…

VIXX isn’t huge like EXO or BTS. (Please remember that I am a Suho and V biased along with VIXX biased)

But honestly, I don’t see them lacking anywhere. The music, dance and acting are all at the same level as any other big group and maybe even better.

Also they have achieved what several groups haven’t…

The above images show the appreciation they have received for their music. Their dancing has always been marvelled at like their concepts.

Not to forget almost all members have had some sort of acting exposure and they have nailed it each time.

Also, VIXX has really good relations with people in the same industry. Even Ryeowook on Sukira noted that.

About the fandom, Starlights aren’t many, but they have loved VIXX in the most innocent and non-troublesome way any fandom could. This has only happened because VIXX has treated starlights specially. Remember all the sweet message they send our way? and the special gifts they prepare for occasions…

As a matter of fact, Jelpi is also to be credit for the support and understanding they have shown towards both the group and the fandom.

Jelpi has never forced VIXX to work in sickness unlike some companies that pressurize their idols to the point of breakage and does anyone remember to when both VIXX and Jelpi went out of their way to fulfill a fan’s wish. 

Also, VIXX has never given single media a spec of doubt for any scandal…

What could you ask more from them? They have proved themselves to the best of their abilities and beyond…

He treats me more like a piece of furniture than his girlfriend. I know I shouldn’t care whether or not he gives me presents or remembers our anniversary but I think I do and then I hate myself for caring. I can’t say anything because then he’ll know I care and it wont be the same as if he thought of it himself and - oh god listen to me!
—  Daria

bob’s burgers and related miscellany turned 1 today!

oh man okay well wow

that sure happened fast.

all day i’ve been trying to figure out the right sentiment to attach to this strange little anniversary but everything has ended up sounding too cheesy or emotional or uninteresting or irrelevant or –


regarding this blog, the past year has been a tremendously unexpected mixture of strange and wonderful and surprising and amazing and thank you all so much for that – i know i’m terrible at responding to messages and have requests waiting in my inbox from january and sometimes leave this alone for days at a time

but you all are consistently thoughtful and sweet and just so damn nice to me

and shoot – i’m quite looking forward to what this next year will bring