He treats me more like a piece of furniture than his girlfriend. I know I shouldn’t care whether or not he gives me presents or remembers our anniversary but I think I do and then I hate myself for caring. I can’t say anything because then he’ll know I care and it wont be the same as if he thought of it himself and - oh god listen to me!
—  Daria
Daria - 502 - Sappy Anniversary

Flower guy stops by for Quinn. Who else would he stop by for?
After an excrutiating conversation with Quinn, Daria discovers that her six-month anniversary with Tom is later that week.
Helen circled things in help wanted section in the newspaper for Jake. He decides to start a new job.
Daria’s over at Tom’s, and it seems like she wants him to remember even though she didn’t.
Jake has an interview. I couldn’t follow half of it.
Daria’s over at Jane’s, and she’s complaining because she cares about Tom caring and she doesn’t want to seem like she cares.
Tom is over at Daria’s, and she’s making a big deal in her head over the anniversary thing. She also thinks Tom’s treating her like a piece of furniture.
Jake’s not fitting in at his new job. Daria ‘helps’ him back at home.
Tom stops by Daria’s the next day and accidentally perpetuates Daria’s irritation. Quinn’s also not happy.
Jake’s really trying…and his laptop quits working.
Tom’s finally realizing that Daria’s upset, but she won’t say why. Ugh.
Daria interrupts Helen’s doing nothing. Helen thinks it’s about sex, but Daria tells her that it isn’t. It’s actually about their anniversary. Helen explains that it’s not the present, it’s how you feel about each other. And show no mercy if he forgets.
Jake freaks out during his presentation, gets fired, gets hired as a consultant.
Daria feels bad for playing games. Jane tells her to talk to Tom. Daria does talk to Tom. She explains that anniversaries aren’t important to her, but she doesn’t mind celebrating them anyway.
Jake thinks he let Helen down, but she’s glad he’s back to normal.
Tom and Daria end up eating some of Quinn’s chocolates to celebrate. After all, it was Quinn’s idea in the first place.

Funny personal story time: my boyfriend and I started dating on July 31 of this year. I pointed out to him how bad of an idea that was because not every month has 31 days, and we agreed to observe it on the last day of each month. September 30 rolls around, and what do we do? We forget. Both of us. It wasn’t the 31, so why would it be important? I was the first to remember at 11:30PM that day, after he’d been asleep for at least an hour. Oops. Guess that means we don’t really care, according to Quinn’s standards. I’ll let you know how three months turns out after next week.

Anyway, about the episode. It feels forced to me. It’s somewhat irritating. Where’s the Daria we fell in love with? Sure, people change, and this show does a really good job of showing that. It’s just irritating that she changes like this when she’s with Tom. Whatever.

Remember - my ask box is always open for anything! Tomorrow’s episode is 503 - Fat Like Me. See you then!

Daria - 502 - Sappy Anniversary


Daria’s pretending she doesn’t care again. Let’s see how well it works out for her.

Jake is pretty much clueless, but he wants to try, which I think is nice.

Daria talks to Jane about what’s going on, but then doesn’t say anything about it to Tom. That doesn’t sound like anybody else I know most especially myself nope uh-uh no way.

Quinn cares about Daria enough to try (in the wrong way) to get Tom to remember/think of it/whatever.

Daria doesn’t even bother telling Tom because she wants him to think of it himself, and yet that’s the only way it’s going to happen. What a pickle.

Again, we see Daria going to Helen for advice. I do enjoy those moments, even if Helen doesn’t always do a good job.

Jake still uses “edgy” for things. And he still has some sort of job, which is good.

Tom has a good grasp of why he does things. Much better than most of the other characters that age.


Jake at night in the office is done well.

Other/Final Notes:

Relation-date-ship thing. Ha.

Also, this is the second episode in a row that Daria cares about something, and I really like this side of her. She doesn’t have to tell the whole world that she cares, but she still cares anyway. It’s a good direction for her.

I think that’s it for this episode. I’ll be back soon with 503 Fat Like Me. See you then!


Try #2 at cute, sappy, anniversary post. Hopefully tumblr doesn’t delete it this time.

Happy [slightly belated] [official] six months. I haven’t celebrated a six months in so long that I forgot how important stepping stone anniversaries were. In these last few months I’ve had many reasons to fall in love with you. Like the way you cuddle up against me and let me hold you sometimes when you’re feeling sad or how you’re so good with the kids I babysit and so helpful or how you’re so generous and would literally give an arm or a leg to help me or the ones you love. Or how you always surprise me with little flowers or gifts or food, serving as little reminders of your love for me or how you leave me notes in my lunch for work or how you babble in your sleep. These reasons are just among thousands but I think my most favorite is that you taught me how to love someone right. You taught me what it means to be in a respectful, loving, committed relationship. Something that I’ve always wanted but had never been able to obtain. You’ve taught me to be a better person overall, and for that, I will always love you.