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My boyfriend always comes home from work with assorted herbs, various chunks of wood, and cool looking rocks he found because “it made me think of you, and that you could use it for your witchcraft” and I think everyone needs someone like that

They’re saps

Of Beams and Broken Hearts

Summary: You’re a gymnast and your (sort of hot) coach…well let’s just say he hates your guts. All that changes when you make a simple error in your routine. 

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader

Word Count: 3,667 words

Warnings: Swearing, a bit of angst, fluff at the end


Based off: An anonymous fluffy friday™ ask on the blog @bucky-plums-barnes 

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“Y/N! That was terrible!” A voice hollered from the other side of the gym.

You exhaled deeply, and brushed your hand across your forehead, ridding your skin of the sweat that had accumulated there.

“Do it again!”

You slowly moved to the other side of the mat and poised yourself at the start position. Taking a breath, you began running, before planting your hands onto the ground. You pushed off the mat, turning in a round off. Pressured, you moved into a high back hand spring before propelling yourself into a double back sault. You instantly knew that you underestimated your height as you spun. When you landed, your right foot hit the mat at a different time to your left foot, making you stumble a little. You stabilised yourself quickly, but your coach had already seen it.

“Not good enough, Y/N!” He yelled, walking over, with his hands on his hips firmly.

He was wearing the same outfit he wore almost everyday-red jacket, blue tracksuit, sunglasses and brown hair swooped back slightly. To be perfectly honest, you thought he looked pretty hot in that ensemble, but there was no time to think about that because he was criticising you again, loudly.

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Ok i wanted to make a sappy shoutout to my faves before s4 starts and then realised you are all so awesome that the list got pretty long and to spare you the compliments that are roughly the amount of words of harry potter book 5 for everyone i will just rap the names (my phone autocorrected that but i think its beautiful i will RAP THE NAMES) and put a gif at the end! heh, i chose the isi way (yes thats how you pronounce it btw)
I LOVE YOU GUYS <3 you made this hellatus amazing and i cant wait to watch s4 with y’all

ok ok *starts rapping names*

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and since i grew up with needy siblings: i rapped in the order of my messegner so dont even start with who came before whom


; v ; Thank you guys so much!

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Honestly my reaction to this prompt was pretty much as follows:
*Reads prompt*
*Deep inhale*

That being said I don’t think any Bumbleby proposal could be better writing than the one in The Downward Spiral by @studiogible2016


Blake watched as Yang stood, clearing her throat and unfolding the crumpled piece of paper in her hands. “So I’ve never been one for speeches,” she began, “I almost improvised this, but my wonderful girlfriend convinced me to come prepared.” She paused to shoot a wink at Blake, who did her very best not to blush. “Anyways,” Yang took a deep breath. Blake couldn’t help but notice that her hands were shaking.

But when Yang spoke again, her voice was clear and strong.“We’ve all been through a lot. Everyone here has lost so much. We have had so many reasons to break down and give up. I…very nearly did.” At this, her metal hand curled into a fist and her eyes went dull. Then she shook her head and turned to look at Ruby, and her whole face lit up. “But Ruby–my beautiful, amazing baby sister–you didn’t! You fought, and you kept fighting even when nobody else would. You have always been the light of my life. I know if mom were here, she’d be proud.” Both sisters were crying now, and Blake realized that she was too. Yang looked positively radiant as she spoke, and with each word Blake found herself falling a little more in love. “And now you have someone else to share that light of yours with, and I could not be happier. I’m so glad you found Weiss and she found you. I hope… I hope you guys are happy. You deserve it. I love you, Rubes.” With a small sob, Ruby leapt from her chair to wrap Yang in a tight embrace. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

They eventually broke apart, and Yang made her way back to her seat by Blake, wiping at her red, puffy eyes.

Blake beamed, reaching out to take her hand. “Yang, that was beautiful.”

“R-really? I thought it might have been too sappy or something. Like I said–speeches aren’t really my thing.”

“No way.” Blake leaned in to plant a kiss on Yang’s forehead. “It was wonderful. You were wonderful.”

Yang smiled, looking over her shoulder at Ruby and Weiss, who were looking at one another like nobody else in the room was there. “Thanks. I just-look at them. They’re so grown-up and happy. I can’t– I think–” Yang’s voice broke and she let out a frustrated huff. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to get so emotional.”

Blake reached up to wipe the tears off of Yang’s face. “It’s okay. Do you need some air?”

Yang nodded. “That would be nice.”

The two of them stood and slipped quietly out the doors and into the garden outside. Blake spotted a bench and led Yang over to it. For a while they sat in silence while Yang composed herself.

Even in the state she was in, Yang was the most beautiful thing Blake had ever laid eyes on. But it wasn’t her hair, or her stunning lilac eyes, or the golden dress that suited her perfectly that Blake saw. It was…it was Yang. Yang, who loved her sister more than anything in the world, Yang who took care of everyone before herself. Just…Yang.

“Will you marry me?” The words were out of Blake’s mouth before she knew what she was saying.

Yang stiffened, turning to stare at Blake. Blake stared back. What should she say? Should she take it back? Apologize? Wait?

“You–you want to get married?” Yang asked at last. Blake couldn’t read her expression, didn’t know if Yang wanted her answer to be yes or no.

And what did she want for herself? Marriage hadn’t been something she’d thought about or planned but… “Yes.” What she wanted was Yang, now and forever.

There was a long pause, and Blake thought the tension was going to kill her before Yang exclaimed “Yes! Oum, Yes, Blake I’ll marry you!”

Blake gave a cry of delight and pulled Yang into a deep, long kiss.

“Dammit, Blake.” Yang sniffed as they finally pulled apart. “You made me cry again.”

Blake just grinned. “I love you Yang.”
I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Hi, everyone! Believe it or not, it’s my birthday again. This past year has involved a lot of change for me. When l look at what’s different in my life, it makes me think about my long-term goals and the prospect of growth.

I feel less certain about what I want my future to look like than ever before. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel discouraged at many points during this past year. I’ve been battling a lot of “I’ll never” thoughts– “I’ll never be able to do this” and “I’ll never have that”, etc.

But when I think about how much has changed since my last birthday, it reminds me of all the things I’ve done and all the things I have that used to be “I’ll never"s. Things that I’ve accomplished and attained purely by living my life and experiencing new things and continuing to try, one day at a time.

I don’t think anyone, at any age, should look at themselves and conclude that by this point in their lives they know the ultimate limit of their capabilities with certainty. Even when my mind is full of "I’ll never"s, it comforts me to think that the things I struggle with now will one day fail to impede me, so long as I continue to try and be better. I know that my biggest, most daunting goals for the far future aren’t going to sneak up on me. On my way there I’ll become a person with the skill, experience, discipline, and stability to achieve them.

My life is better than it was a year ago. I’m a better person than I was on my last birthday. I’ve done more and I have more. I’m proud, and grateful, and excited.

I’m looking forward to the next one. And that’s all I wanted to say. Thank you.


I can’t write sappy lovey things to save my life. I wish I could…

Sounds like Gondor calls for aid!

“So,” Cadance said, breaking protocol a bit as she smiled at the bride and bride with a smile Twilight had often associated with her sister-in-law and her brother. It wasn’t quite barely constrained glee, it was far more warmer and welcoming. Twilight smiled back nervously. “Which of you wants to go first?”

Twilight gulped and glanced at Luna, who seemed to be just as nervous as she was. Their eyes locked for a moment, and the crowds, the world around them melted away.

“I will,” they both said at once.

A peal of laughter rolled over the crowd, bringing a blush to both of their faces.

“Go on, Twilight,” Luna offered with a bow of her head.

“Right,” Twilight half said, half laughed nervously. “Right. Okay. Um.” Twilight could feel the panic rising up inside her. She took a deep breath and remember she was there with Luna, and everything would be fine. “Luna… I can’t say we met on the best terms, really–”

the was a bit of a laugh from the crowd again, and Luna blushed.

“–But, when I first saw you, with your sister, those years ago, I realized that you were someone who needed a friend…. I think it wasn’t until a year later that I got a chance to put those thoughts into action, but I remember how lonely you looked on that bridge that night. And how beautiful. It wasn’t that you were Luna, Princess of the Night, Mistress of the Moon, you were the moon, in all her glory, and it brought back all the times when I was a filly and I’d look up at the moon with my dad and…”

Twilight cut herself off, blushing.

“Sorry, I guess I’m rambling a bit, aren’t I? I don’t know if I fell for you then, Luna, but I know I cherished the friendship we started that night for a very long time, long before I think either of us realized our feelings ran a bit deeper than ‘just friends’. And I still do. I hope the girls can forgive me, but in a lot of ways, you’re my best friend… and I hope you’ll never be lonely on a bridge again.”

Luna took a deep breath, almost as if she was trying to dispel a bit of her nervousness too, but she smiled and Twilight saw nothing else.

“I’m not sure I can top that,” Luna commented, a bit of a playful smile covering around her lips. “But let it never be said that I was one for giving up.” The mare took another, deep breath, then continued: “Twilight Sparkle. I am a very old mare, I have seen nations rise, and I have seen them fall, I’ve know ponies great and small, and I can honestly say that I have rarely met a pony with such a keen mind, such a thirst for knowledge. And such a willingness to put others before herself. I knew from the day we met, all those years past in that castle, that there were few ponies worthy of the title “Princess”, and that I was in the presence of two of them. My sister, and you, my beloved. Certainly not I.“

Luna held up a hoof to forestall Twilight’s protests. "No, Twilight, I merely want you to know my thoughts. The actions of you and your friends may have freed me from my own hate and jealousy, but I feared at the time that I would be forever fallen. I was a mare out of time, and–as I’m sure your fellow Ponyvillians know, I struggled with that. My reintroduction to the world at large could have gone better. Yet, again, you were there. Offering a hoof to help me up, a kind word, a warm smile. Friendship.

“It was something I had long since forgotten, and long since forgotten I had ever had it.” Luna shook her head, then continued:. “You say you don’t know if that was when you fell for me, but there is no question in my heart that that is when I fell for you, Twilight Sparkle. I may have been free of her, but I wasn’t free of my own darkness, my own dark thoughts. But… bit by bit, piece by piece, you were there, and your friendship, your smile, your love–whether you knew it at the time or not, it chipped away at it.”

Luna paused and smiled–Twilight couldn’t help noticing her eyes were shimmering. “'and the stars will come to her aid.‘” Luna quoted, “You saved my, Twilight, not just from the darkness without, but from within. So long as you’re by my side, I can never be lonely again, and if you’ll have an old mare like me, I’d gladly be your Princess. I love you, Twilight.”

“I love you too, Luna,” Twilight whispered.

Holy carp, thank you! This was beautiful! I’m not leaking out of my eyeballs, I swear… 

If anyone else wants to give it a shot, please, go for it! 

thinking of turning blood is thicker than water (the brotzly baking fic) into a little trilogy sometime……


“I always get happy when the sun’s out, shining. I’ve always had a thing about that. Like, I hate it when it’s like raining. But when the sun’s out, I can’t help but be like smiling.” x

Happy Birthday, Alexander David Turner - January 6th 1986

one of my favorite things is when two people are introduced and they lock eyes and one of them just charmingly takes the others hand and kisses the back of it while the other just blushes

so just imagine that with a g/t couple, maybe a tiny princess who’s meeting a giant dignitary and she’s not sure what to expect but they gently lift her hand with a fingertip and presses their lips super softly to it, and she’s just standing there blushing over how absolutely gentle and careful and charming the giant is being

blah blah, green eyes | young justice

sum: you know i talk too much, honey, come put your lips on mine and shut me up
a/n: for @rachelisanerd, as part of the @yjficexchange

“I am so not going on a date with you.”

And she’s not, no matter how long he stands on her porch in that ridiculously lazy but somehow adorable get-up; Artemis never knew she would be so winded by a boy clothed in standard beach garb, but alas, her boyfriend is one of this world’s newest wonders. Wally tilts his head and stares back at her with a defiant and lopsided grin, and her cheeks flush the slightest of fractions.

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it’s good that they have each others

Lily’s “Cute” Fic Recs

An anon asked if I had any good or cute fic recs and, well… I ended up with quite the list! It’s largely 2jae fluff, but there are a variety of ships and ratings included below, and you should all go and read these wonderful stories! 

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Part 1.1 - Sex & Nobu

“So baby please, baby please no promises..”

I picked up the phone right away when he called, because well, I always picked up the phone for Niall. That’s just how our relationship – if that’s what you wanna call it – was, simple as. I had met Niall a little over three years back, introduced to him through a mutual friend while his band was stopped in LA during one of their tours. We hit it off immediately; him a super laid back, genuine, funny and incredibly intelligent guy who always had something interesting to talk about, and me…well, a complete sucker for all of the above and, of course, a good alcoholic beverage. It didn’t hurt that he was literally the cutest guy I had ever laid eyes on, though he was vastly aware of that fact.

I knew exactly who he was even before we had officially met, my friend heeding me a nice warning, I guess you could say. I kept an open mind meeting him but was instantly enamored and blown away by just how normal he actually was. If I hadn’t known how famous he was to begin with, I definitely wouldn’t have guessed just from hanging out with him; he was just that cool of a person. And he seemed pretty damn keen on me too.

We hooked up that very first night we met, going back to his hotel room and fucking the life out of one another. Definitely not in my plan but definitely not a regret on my part either. The sex was fucking fantastic, probably one of the best lays I had ever had and while Niall was eager to keep doing…whatever it was that we were doing, we both made it clear that it was to be nothing more than that. He was extremely busy, as was I with my own life, and he travelled so much that it just couldn’t be any other way.

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Hey there :) I really like your opinions and wanted to ask what do you think how much of dans depressive "branding" is him being relatable and how much is his true self?

oooooohhh thank you so much for the question anon, and thanks also for saying that you like my opinions, that really really means a lot :) this is actually sort of difficult to answer hahah but i’ll do my best with it!!! i’ll start w a pretty enormous caveat that everything i could ever say on this topic is just me speculating and not a firm statement about who dan howell is/what his experiences are. i don’t know him in real life, therefore nothing i say is based in reality, but rather is pieced together from the aspects of himself and his life that dan has chosen to share with us. probably a general qualification applicable to everything dnp-related, and an essential part of being a fan of real people, but important to explicitly state nonetheless.

that being said, there are a lot of things we can probably accurately conclude about dan based on the way he reacts to certain situations and the way that he approaches people/problems. i wrote an entire fucking essay … bc it’s me … idk how to be concise… so i put it under the break. but, on the most general level i think that the dark and cynical ~thing~ that dan has going on is branding in that it is an exaggerated part of his real personality but ultimately it is based in truth. but more specifically:

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