sappy morning

That feeling when you’re reading a book and maybe it’s a love scene, or maybe it’s a character learning something about him or herself, or maybe it’s something that you’ve always thought but never knew anyone else thought or felt that way too, and your whole body grows warm and tingly and there are tears in your eyes… that. That’s why I read. To feel. To connect. To understand. To have my whole body warmed while I forget to breathe.

They’re saps

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Does Keith harbor any physical attraction towards Shiro at all? I don't know maybe he's not sex repulsed or just likes his aesthetic?

Keith isn’t sex repulsed ace. If he was, then he’d never even let Shiro be intimate with him in bed. However, he’d rather not have it as much as possible, which Shiro is aware of, hence their deal. 

Keith is physically and emotionally attracted to Shiro. 

He’s not blind after all, he knows that Shiro is gorgeous and heaps of people know that too. One of the reason why he’s a bit insecure because what if someone gorgeous would come along and take Shiro away from him, someone who could offer things he couldn’t. Of course, Shiro makes sure that that isn’t going to happen because he chose Keith and only Keith.

Shiro just makes Keith feel so many emotions that are so new to him. Shiro was Keith’s first crush and is his first love which he finds a little funny—he’s a late bloomer. Shiro just makes Keith so happy, yknow? Even after so many years, seeing Shiro’s face in the morning is definitely one of Keith’s fave things about his day. Like God wow. I love this person and this person loves me, too? Amazing. 

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I'm so upset by what happened during Game 3 that I cannot think of anything other than the hit and how Sid should feel. Could you write something cute about how Geno takes care of Sid after Game 3?

Hey Anon, thanks for your patience, I know this took a while. This is…sort of maybe following your prompt?

standing right there next to you

Zhenya isn’t sure what possessed him to follow Sid home. He’s seen Sid hurt before. He’s seen him spit blood and teeth onto the ice.  He’s seen him walk down the tunnel limping. He’s seen him on his knees in front of a toilet, puking his guts out due to post concussion syndrome.

It’s just…something about tonight has snapped the last frayed nerve Zhenya has in regard to watching Sid get hurt. He’d skated over, stomach heavy and sick, as the trainers had gotten Sid up because he couldn’t get up on his own at first. And he’d felt an impotent rage rise up in himself. He’s no stranger to rage, to anger, to the desire to make an entire team pay for the cruelty they mete out on Sid, night after night after night. Just because the of how beautifully and perfectly he plays.  

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  • Yurio: Dude if you like someone just fucking tell them.
  • Otabek: What if that person doesn’t feel the same way?
  • Yurio: Holy shitballs that person will. Try and practice with me.
  • Otabek: I-I’m in love with you and you changed my life. You are my muse, my inspiration and I’d like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life by your side. I would work hard for the rest of my life to make sure you wake up smiling every morning.
  • Yurio: Sappy as balls but good job. Go tell that person now. Woot.
  • Otabek: I just did.

Jinki’s Shinees strength. He’s there, strong, quiet and unrelenting. Protecting them and helping them have the strength they need to keep going.

Jonghyun is their comfort. Soft gazes and words, warmth and safety, he’s home to come back to when everything is amuck

Kibum is their determination. He is there set in his ways, strong in his own right. Never letting them give up on the things they want and each other.

Minho is their heart. He’s a warm chest always ready for a hug and strong arms to keep them safe from sorrow. He’s their passion, and love.

And Taemin is their youth. Smiling, eyes crinkled. Happy as can be to just be with his members. He’s the sun to their little world, reminding them what the warmth of happiness and youth feel like.

At least… to me.

looking back on the last 3 months with snk s2

After watching the subbed version of the season 2 finale tonight, I find myself feeling very emotional. While I haven’t shed any tears (yet), I can’t help this sense of finality, that something that had a huge effect on my life has come to a close and left me with some long-lasting effects.

Over the last 3 months, I’ve had so many amazing experiences because of snk. I’ve screamed and shouted about the new episodes with other fans, began talking with so many new people in the reibert fandom and snk fandom at large, made so many new friends to share art and ideas with, and was blessed with a new best friend who has inspired me endlessly and encouraged me to come out of my shell ( @alinajames​ you’re the best and I love you). I’ve cried while listening to Alternative Drive, lost my shit while watching the live episodes, read some of the funniest memes and thought-provoking meta, spent countless hours on fanart for this series, and been blessed to swap and share art with artists I admire. While not without its faults in canon and fandom, SNK has inspired me to grow, reaffirm myself, work on improving my art and writing - and I find myself a stronger and more self-assured person than ever before.

To all of you wonderful, amazing, funny, inspiring people that I’ve interacted with over the course of season 2, I’m so grateful that we have been able to share these experiences together. There’s been so much good to come out of this, and it has resulted in a time that I’ll cherish where I have felt truly excited and passionate for something. While I know there’s more to come, new manga chapters and anime, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget just how much fun these last 3 months have been.

I Love You

A huge s/o to everyone who liked my previous fic and it was so immensely amazing to see the response you guys are the best I love all of you thank you so much okay I’m going to stop now.Also,again, thanks to @ghostiemakingposties and Shradha(who still,apparently,has her wits about her and isn’t on this site) for beta-ing this.
Also, I’d just like to say that this? It’s tooth-rotting .I shit you not,this is so mushy I might puke.
That being said,constructive criticism is,as always,appreciated.Come talk to me.
Spread the love y'all!


The sun is what wakes him up and at first,Alec can’t place where he is.He feels a warm body pressed against him and an arm thrown across his torso.



Magnus Bane.High Warlock of Brooklyn. Possibly the most powerful downworlder in the state.

Extreme cuddler.

He slowly turns to his side, careful not to jostle the (beautiful) man next to him.The sight takes his breath away.

His boyfriend’s face is devoid of any make-up whatsoever and Alec feels so tremendously privileged to see him like this.
He’s told Magnus countless times that he’s beautiful without all the glitter and eyeliner but he respects his decision to use it because I don’t do this to look beautiful,Alexander.I do this to feel beautiful.

And right now,in the calm,with the sun streaming into the room through the cracks in the curtain and the tranquility the early morning offers,Alec can sort of see what he means.

His boyfriend is,no doubt,absolutely breathtaking without all the make-up on his face but it’s like all those products make him seem so much more…in control.It’s like an armour.Like this mask,preventing the world from seeing him as vulnerable or in need of help.

And Alec still feels honoured at being able to see this man without the façade he shows everyone else.

At getting the opportunity to see him so bare,but at the same time,so whole.

Right now,he sees the way the sun falls on his face,highlighting the hollows of his cheekbones and jaw.

He sees the way his nose slightly shifts and the small movements his lips make as he breathes in his sleep.

He notices the slight stubble on his chin that Magnus will no doubt shave off when he gets up,because Beards are for old people,Alexander,and I’m too fabulous to age.

He notices the soft sounds he makes as he exhales.A slow phew.

He notices his hair spread out around his head on the pillow like a mane.

He can count the number of eyelashes on Magnus and he does, because anything to do with Magnus is magical and beautiful and so absolutely lovely and Alec wants to know everything about him.

He looks at this man lying down next to him,cuddling into him,so calm and serene,and has two thoughts.

The first one is about how Magnus right now,this Magnus,is a contradiction. He’s so completely different from the one awake. The one who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing pajamas,albeit silk ones,on the streets unless he feels like starting a trend.The one who wouldn’t dare be seen unshaven and makeup-free.The one who would rather have dinner with Maryse than not be the life of the party,bright and exuberant and fun and so alive.

The second thought is about how lucky Alec is.He hardly dares to think about what his life could have been if Magnus hadn’t entered it when he did.He came in like a hurricane and refused to leave and for that Alec can’t be more thankful.

He vaguely thinks that he’s being exceptionally sappy this morning when his train of thought is interrupted by a voice.

“Staring is rude, I’ll have you know.”

It’s mumbled and a bit hoarse with remnants of sleep but nonetheless, Magnus’s voice makes him feel all warm and cozy inside.

“It’s more of an appreciative gaze than an intrusive one, really.”

He feels tingly,knowing that they’re so comfortable around eachother, that he can say these things to him, unreserved,without overthinking it.

“Well,in that case,appreciate all you want.”

Alec lets out a small laugh and marvels at this man’s ability to get him to show some kind of positive emotion before 8am and his cup of coffee.Actually,the fact that he gets him to show any emotion at all.

Magnus has made him feel so much in this short span of time and it’s like he brought so much light into Alec’s life with him.

“What are you thinking about?”

It sounds more awake but it’s somehow softer,more gentle.Like he knows.

And as Alec looks at this magnificent warlock next to him,this stunning man holding him like Alec’s his lifeline, clinging onto him,he feels so full of affection and there’s really only one thing he can reply with to that question.

“I love you.”

It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again

“do you love me?” 

dean murmurs this into the room, voice barely above a whisper. he keeps his eyes forward, staring in front of him, because this has been bugging him for a while but he’s not sure he can face it head-on if the answer is no. 

“cas,” he repeats, voice still soft, “do you love me?” 

beside him, cas rolls over on the bed, turning his back on dean and burying his face in his arm. he heaves a sigh.  

“dean,” cas’ voice is low, slurred with sleep, “it is four in the morning. go to sleep.” 

“but do you love me?” dean asks again. this is serious; dean feels anxiety curl up in his chest. dean loves cas more than anything, but what if cas doesn’t feel the same? 

there’s a slight touch of exasperation to his tone when cas says, “dean, we have been married for eight years. shut up and go to sleep.” 

dean stays quiet, staring up into the blackness of the room at the ceiling and thinking. then: “… does that mean you love me?” 

“i will make you sleep on the couch.” 

dean rolls over, curling up against cas’ back and throwing an arm over cas’ waist, feeling where his shirt has ridden up. he nuzzles his nose behind cas’ ear, laying soft, light kisses there, and hears cas sigh in content. their fingers thread together at cas’ hip. he can feel the cool touch of their wedding rings.

“i love you,” dean whispers, and cas finally turns his head, his lips brushing along dean’s cheek. 

“i love you, too, dean,” cas replies. he turns back over and shuffles back to press against dean. “now go to sleep.” 

i’ve been thinking about larry’s plans for today all morning i can’t do it… is one of them flying to the other today?? was harry already there? or did they have a sappy morning facetime talk with clifford getting all up in the camera? did they both send a giant flower basket to each other trying to outdo what they were expecting? do they have a tropical valentine’s getaway scheduled for next weekend? is that what their earlier mia time was for, an early celebration? what jewelry did louis buy for harry? what vacation did harry plan for louis? WHAT CARDS DID THEY GIVE EACH OTHER?

the best part is there are SO MANY options and larry stay winning every way… i hope they have the best celebration w each other!!!!!! ❤️

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Romantic/nsfw hc's for Thatch, Marco and Kidd pleaseeee

hope you like! Warning NSFW!

•there is date night every week, he loves a candle lit dinner with you.
• he buys you really nice cloths.
• he gets really flustered if you buy him a shirt or something and say something like “I though it’d look good on you.” He’d blush.

• he’s really sweet and not too rough.
• he’d be pretty vanilla!
• but if he’s angry or aggravated he’d be a little rougher.
• he loves that sappy sweet morning sex.

• he loves just cuddling together and running his fingers through your hair.
• Marco loves getting his nose kisses, like he loves it.
• if you leave the ship or even on the ship, his hand is always in yours.

• he is alway up to try new things. He really like experimenting.
• he secretly likes restraints, but he’d only use them if you’d suggest it.
• he like being restrained and like restraining you.
• he has a thing for handcuffs.

• loves it when you put your head on his chest.
• he loves it when you sit on his lap, when you do that his heart flutters. (But he won’t tell you)
• kid tries to pay attention to everything you say, but he’s too slow.
• kid loves holding you, feeling your skin, your hips and shape.

• rough. Hella rough.
• kid would make you scream, he’s so rough, he doesn’t know how to make love.
• kid dirty talks, he grunts and growls.
• all you’ll hear in the room is skin on skin, kid’s growls, and your screams.

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waking up next to h, unsure of where you were at first but comforted when you saw harry sleeping peacefully next to you. you would smile to yourself at the way he looked in the glowing morning light and the way his chest rose and fell with each small breath. you cuddled up next to him resting your arm around his chest. his eyes slowly open at your touch. "good morning my love" you smile at him He stays quiet for a moment until he says "its nice that your voice was the first thing i heard today"

And you blush. “Sappy in the morning, aren’t you?” Which makes him chuckle and pull you even closer to him.

“Can’t help it wakin’ up next to you.”

You hum in response and press a tender kiss to his neck. “You look handsome when you’re sleeping.”

“Oh god,” he scoffs. “Don’t lie to me like that.”

You giggle. “You do! Like sleeping beauty.”

“You’re talkin’ about yourself, love.”

“Am not.”

He kisses the top of your head. “Well. Want you to know that your flattery is working. Whatever you want, you’ve got it.”

“Mmmm….. another kiss.”

He chuckles. “As you wish,” he mumbles and kisses your head.


He laughs and kisses once again.

“One more.”

“Needy little thing, aren’t you?”

You laugh, tilting your head and puckering up your lips. He immediately fastens his lips to yours in a smiley and lingering kiss.

One Morning

Title: Just One Morning and a Dream
Length: 1,179 words
Pairing: EliUmi
Summary: In which, Eli appreciates the happiness of loving and being loved.

Author’s Note: I haven’t written anything at all lately. Though that’s not completely true, isn’t it? -looks at the blips she has written that cannot be uploaded-. So I decided to take an hour and just write. I didn’t even think of what I wanted to write or which characters or whatever. I just started typing with a particular mood in mind and this is what I came up with. This is just an exercise, so expect some typos and mistakes. OTL

Do note that this is written in 2nd Person. Those who know my writing from ages ago should know that this is actually the POV I’m more comfortable writing so please at least give it a shot. It’s just something short and sweet, a little treat for you EliUmi fans out there.

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