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That feeling when you’re reading a book and maybe it’s a love scene, or maybe it’s a character learning something about him or herself, or maybe it’s something that you’ve always thought but never knew anyone else thought or felt that way too, and your whole body grows warm and tingly and there are tears in your eyes… that. That’s why I read. To feel. To connect. To understand. To have my whole body warmed while I forget to breathe.

They’re saps

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again and I’ll say it till the end of time, the attention to detail that Harry and his team give to every single thing that is shared consistently blows my mind. Nothing is sloppy, nothing is rushed or half-assed. Thought and creativity has gone into every single thing. It makes it so clear that he respects not just his craft, in all senses, but also us as fans and consumers, that his is always giving us the highest quality and his fullest efforts. 

Fated Flowers

Summary: Soulmate AU where, every time your soulmate realizes new feelings for you, you get a rose. One random day in 2014, Dan wakes up with a red rose on his bedside table.

Word count: 8120

Warnings: Blood, food. If I missed anything please let me know.

A/N: A huge thank you goes out to Elizajane (@snowbunnylester) for letting me run with this idea based on Rachel’s (@botanistlester​) prompt for her latest fic (um if you haven’t read it wyd), for the constant encouragement, and for beta'ing this for me.

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mikeybound  asked:

Does Keith harbor any physical attraction towards Shiro at all? I don't know maybe he's not sex repulsed or just likes his aesthetic?

Keith isn’t sex repulsed ace. If he was, then he’d never even let Shiro be intimate with him in bed. However, he’d rather not have it as much as possible, which Shiro is aware of, hence their deal. 

Keith is physically and emotionally attracted to Shiro. 

He’s not blind after all, he knows that Shiro is gorgeous and heaps of people know that too. One of the reason why he’s a bit insecure because what if someone gorgeous would come along and take Shiro away from him, someone who could offer things he couldn’t. Of course, Shiro makes sure that that isn’t going to happen because he chose Keith and only Keith.

Shiro just makes Keith feel so many emotions that are so new to him. Shiro was Keith’s first crush and is his first love which he finds a little funny—he’s a late bloomer. Shiro just makes Keith so happy, yknow? Even after so many years, seeing Shiro’s face in the morning is definitely one of Keith’s fave things about his day. Like God wow. I love this person and this person loves me, too? Amazing. 

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Can you imagine little moments of affection that Steve and Soda share during their shift at the DX? Like, Steve will be on his break smoking a cigarette and Soda will shuffle up to him and smile at him before kissing the corner of his mouth? Or they're talking and having such an easy, relaxed conversation and Steve will reach out to gently run his fingers through Soda's hair? All the while, they make sure that they're completely alone and no one can see them?

Oh my god yes this is absolutely the shit I live for.

Please also consider:

  • Soda kissing the little crease that forms between Steve’s eyebrows whenever he’s upset or worrying about something and Steve’s face instantly softening.
  • Soda coming up behind Steve and wrapping his arms around his middle and holding him close.
  • Steve sliding his hand into Soda’s back pocket or linking his fingers through his belt loop.
  • Steve dropping his head onto Soda’s shoulder and nuzzling his face against his neck.
  • “Accidentally” brushing hands while they work in the garage.
  • Pressing their feet together when they’re both sitting behind the counter.
  • Driving off to a secluded spot during their lunch break and just sitting in Steve’s car while they talk and eat and laugh and exchange kisses.
  • The occasional heated make-out session in the break room or bathroom.
  • Working together in comfortable silence until their eyes meet and Soda just fucking smiles, and it’s so warm and tender and full of affection and he’s so pretty that Steve just dies for a few seconds; he stops breathing and his chest aches and he almost wants to cry because he’s so overwhelmed by how completely in love he actually is.

Imagine Bastion and Orisa hanging out. She shows them around Numbani. They have a grand time, but something happens, maybe car alarms start going off, maybe a fire hydrent explodes near them and Bas starts going in to defense mode.

Although they are fighting it, Bastion starts beeping out a distress code, that there’s danger nearby. Orisa immediately springs in to action, but finds no immediate danger. Even still, Bastion continues to be on the defensive, humans and omics around them are starting to get worried about the seemingly malfunctioning Bastion unit, all the while Orisa is trying to assure Bas there’s no danger.

From Bastions perspective, everything around them is registering as a hostile, even though it knows this is not so. So they run away.

Ori sought out Efi and explained to her what happened, that Bastion reacted to danger that was not there. Efi explained to Ori about ptsd and how that might be in a way what is effecting the Bastion.

Later Orisa and Efi find Bastion hiding in a local city park, too afraid to come out.

Orisa takes Bastion by the hand and says “Don’t worry, I will keep you safe.“ and she sits with them until they feel well enough to leave the park.

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I'm so upset by what happened during Game 3 that I cannot think of anything other than the hit and how Sid should feel. Could you write something cute about how Geno takes care of Sid after Game 3?

Hey Anon, thanks for your patience, I know this took a while. This is…sort of maybe following your prompt?

standing right there next to you

Zhenya isn’t sure what possessed him to follow Sid home. He’s seen Sid hurt before. He’s seen him spit blood and teeth onto the ice.  He’s seen him walk down the tunnel limping. He’s seen him on his knees in front of a toilet, puking his guts out due to post concussion syndrome.

It’s just…something about tonight has snapped the last frayed nerve Zhenya has in regard to watching Sid get hurt. He’d skated over, stomach heavy and sick, as the trainers had gotten Sid up because he couldn’t get up on his own at first. And he’d felt an impotent rage rise up in himself. He’s no stranger to rage, to anger, to the desire to make an entire team pay for the cruelty they mete out on Sid, night after night after night. Just because the of how beautifully and perfectly he plays.  

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✏✏✏//taBBY ILU PLS (ask-student-joonie)

Dear Taru, you are amazing. You mean so much to me and I hope we remain friends till the end♡ We only met a while ago and the fact i’m talking to my all time idol still fucks up my mind like im a nervous nerd who cries alot and you’re so cool and oppa, keep making amazing art and never give up. I’ll always be here for you darling! - love your all time fave baby boi™ @ask-student-joonie

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Dad!Sam teaching your kid how to play piano

stop that’s so soft!!!!! he’d sit them on his lap as he sat on the bench and put his hands over theirs and guide them and you’d be smiling and watching from the doorway and sam would be like “this one is your mom’s favourite. it’s the song that got her to fall in love with me.” and he’d shoot you a smile and a wink 

nonsimsical  asked:

WES! Have you ever truly been in love?

“In… love? Truly in love?” Westley frowns, his hazel eyes flickering with shadowed uncertainty. “I think so, yes. Once,” he nods. “She made my life seem important. Worthwhile. Every time she smiled at me, touched me, kissed me, I could see it, feel it, taste it. I just… I knew that I was finally home.”

  • Yurio: Dude if you like someone just fucking tell them.
  • Otabek: What if that person doesn’t feel the same way?
  • Yurio: Holy shitballs that person will. Try and practice with me.
  • Otabek: I-I’m in love with you and you changed my life. You are my muse, my inspiration and I’d like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life by your side. I would work hard for the rest of my life to make sure you wake up smiling every morning.
  • Yurio: Sappy as balls but good job. Go tell that person now. Woot.
  • Otabek: I just did.

Jinki’s Shinees strength. He’s there, strong, quiet and unrelenting. Protecting them and helping them have the strength they need to keep going.

Jonghyun is their comfort. Soft gazes and words, warmth and safety, he’s home to come back to when everything is amuck

Kibum is their determination. He is there set in his ways, strong in his own right. Never letting them give up on the things they want and each other.

Minho is their heart. He’s a warm chest always ready for a hug and strong arms to keep them safe from sorrow. He’s their passion, and love.

And Taemin is their youth. Smiling, eyes crinkled. Happy as can be to just be with his members. He’s the sun to their little world, reminding them what the warmth of happiness and youth feel like.

At least… to me.

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I hope when they went home, Alec ran Magnus that hot bath he needed.

You can bet on it, Anon. And afterwards they cuddled in bed, legs entwined and holding each other’s hands, somehow not willing to close their eyes even though they both are exhausted but they just can’t stop looking into each other’s eyes, knowing that they found each other again, that the other is right here, in this bed, listening to the other’s breathing and heartbeat. Until sleep finally welcomes them. 

fourth of july 01 | jjk

Originally posted by lose-yourself-in-trips

pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, angst, and slight smut
word count: 9k+
description: you and i were fireworks that went off too soon.

A/N: this is the first part out of two! this is based off the song fourth of july by fall out boy. also, a break symbolizes a new season and italics are a flashback!


It started 5 years ago. Your infatuation was peaked when your eyes came across the boy that is Jeon Jungkook. You were only 14 years old, 2 months younger than him, and your whole world changed ever since you met it.

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It’s awesome to be able to draw Mark with his black hair again