sappy mireu tbh

Everyone falls in love at one point in their lives. It happens unexpectedly, maybe at the right time, or at the wrong time. It’s not a choice at all. Nobody’s perfect, but in your eyes, that one that you’re in love with should be. You should love everything about them. Flaws or imperfections shouldn’t matter. You should treat them like a lover, not like a toy. You should cherish them, because you might lose them some day. You’re there to be their saint, their hero, the person that can make them happy. You’re supposed to be their best friend, as they are to be yours as well. 

Hold their hands, share sweet kisses, hold them close, make them smile, cuddle with them, go on dates with them, do anything that they will love. It shows that you really love them. They’ll appreciate it. Please treat them right, they’re yours.  You don’t want to lose them, do you?