Re: SasoSaku

Hello! I’ve been an avid SasoSaku shipper for roughly 7 years now, and I’ve been asked lots on why that is the case, so I wanted to write my own stance on it. I hope this will help those who asked understand my jumbled thought process.

The disclaimers are the same as the ones on my other essay, Re: Sasori vs Sakura, albeit extended.

First off, I don’t really want to give too much credit, because Kishimoto seems to give off the impression that he doesn’t care about women, so I’m taking the interactions with a grain of salt.

Second, English is not my native language and I suck at explaining myself. My vocabulary is limited, I make typos and I tend to use phrases over and over again (please do not let this hinder you)

Third, I’m a shipper but I don’t support the romanticizing of this fight. I do not consider the anime/games canon which I will explain further down. At last, when I talk about Sakura and co, I mean their characterization up until the Kazekage Rescue Arc, and not beyond that. Sasori himself up until the moment in the war arc. All source material is from the manga.

What this essay will be about:

  • Exploring the dynamic presented in the manga, “What if”s
  • Applying that dynamic to AUs, and why I prefer to keep canon platonic
  • Crack or Canon?

What this essay won’t be about:

  • Why SasoSaku is so much better than ship xyz
  • Why people aren’t allowed to criticize SasoSaku
  • Why Sasori and Sakura are super duper heterostraight

Without further ado, enjoy your read! (RIP to mobile users)

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R : counting elements in a list of data.frames (without loop, single line-sapply)


Suppose you have a list of 20 dataframes, each of data frame has 10 columns but different rows. You want to know the length of rows in each dataframe without using loop in a single line.


where x is a list

If you are after a specific column, just replace the number [[1]] with it.