The Boys When They’re Drunk:

Noctis: Noctis, when intoxicated, would become a enlarged version of normal personality. Basically he’d become more sassier than normal just with the added benefit of a slur on all his words.  His go to phrase would be ‘Yeah? Fight me,’ punctuated by another swig of his drink from the bottle.

Prompto: He’s so gone he will literally do all the stupid shit you tell him to do. Piss in the bushes outside? Hell yeah. Kiss Ignis? Why the hell not!!! Not like he’ll remember any of this tomorrow. Everything also becomes extra funny to him.

Gladio: Once he’s loosened up with a few drinks, Gladio suddenly becomes everyone’s buddy. He’s super chummy with everyone and goes around pointing out his friends to new people he meets. He also gets into a “sling your arm around everyone’s shoulders” mood.

Ignis: He has the best drunken dance. Once this man is drunk, he can’t walk for more than a couple feet without stumbling sideways. One of the best moments saved in Prompto’s phone is a video of Ignis tripping over his own feet past the campfire and tumbling off the cliff. It’s cool though. Only took eight stitches and a potion to have him up and running in a couple days. Since that incident the group doesn’t build the campfires close to the edge of the cliff anymore.

(BONUS YAY) Their preferred drinks:

Noctis: Wine, though he prefers white wine over red.

Prompto: Mixed drinks - he prefers a shot of Fireball mixed with some pineapple or apple juice.

Gladio: Beer all the way, most likely Coors Light or Blue Moon

Ignis: Scotch.

(DOUBLE BONUS WOAH) How many drinks it takes to get them drunk(In terms of their favored drinks):

Noctis: 2-3 glasses.

Prompto: 4-5 red solo cups

Gladio: 9 beer bottles

Ignis: 2 glasses (super featherweight champion)

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