sapphsabre  asked:

Being a snake, I bet you like massages (since you are most mostly muscle). Is this true?

Oooh, that’s a good question - how about you give me one and we’ll find out, cutie?~

Massages are very, very nice.  But also kinda frustrating: Scales only feel smooth in one direction, you know.  Rub the other way too hard and you can bend them or chip them or even tear them off, so anybody trying to give a snake a massage had better be darned careful about it.

But when done right you can turn even the meanest, nastiest, most vicious Arbok into a semi-comatose lump of relaxation and calm with a good one.

sapphsabre  asked:

Nidoking, I have a question. Is there a reason why some Pokemon prefer to be petted in some places more than others in Amie? Is there a uniqueness between Pokemon that allows them to like being rubbed in different spots? And finally, which spot do you like being rubbed (belly, back, etc.)?

Not sure I know what you mean by Amie, but there’s plenty to say about this!  Pokémon, just like humans and other animals, have individual preferences for contact - some like a lot, some like as little as possible, and where they prefer it varies from person to person!

However, admittedly, Pokémon species do tend to have some locations that are more likely to get a good response than others!  Some Pokémon really like being rubbed on or around their ears, for instance!  Me, I would ask you to kindly stay away, because they’re a bit too sensitive for that!  Pokémon may have spots on their body that aren’t comfortable to touch - say, for various electric rodents like Pikachu, their cheek pouches aren’t good contact points, not only because they’re a source of electricity storage but because they’re super sensitive, as damage to them is worse than in a lot of other places.

On the other hand, there are some locations that tend to be generally acceptable, after accounting for individual differences!  I don’t know a lot of species that would say no to a good belly rub, for instance!  Tails also tend to be good for contact on the species that have them!

As for me, belly and tail are probably my favorite, and probably the best for anyone who wants to make contact!  They have the fewest barbs of all my surfaces, and those can hurt even if I keep myself from secreting poison through them!  So yeah,I won’t say no to a nice belly rub!  Play your cards right, of course, and maybe I’ll let you rub a little lower, heh heh.