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Day one of the eternity away from his siblings, his family, his daughter. There was a small solace that the hybrid had that he still had his wife, and his son in Henrik to keep him going, who would stay with him so he wasn’t eternally alone. But now thanks to the Hollow taking partial route inside of him, he was separated from Hope for good. There was no greater pain in being separated from your child, and Klaus Mikaelson knew that well and truly after the five years he spent as Marcel’s hostage. He had compelled a private jet for the three of them, setting them off to London. Sapphire had a home there, the two of them loved the place, and it was somewhere they could find solace as they raised their son together.

“Off to London it is then.” His arm directed them across the tarmac, leading them up to the steps that would take them on their journey to a new beginning. “Just us.”


It started with that London accent, reminding me of home!  And then those killer thighs, that attitude! I didn’t think I could love Garnet any more than I already did… then I watched Jailbreak and I think my love transcended human emotion.  I could write a ten page essay on how great a character she is, I don’t want to spoil recent episodes but 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn shes cool


Seal His Look: Drunk Naked Aph England 

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