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Hi! Could you tell us about or show us the oldest tiara still in use in the royal collections? Thank you.

Ok, I’m going to try my best to identify the oldest tiara still in use by each of the current European royal families but some of these are just my best guess because we don’t always know when a tiara was created.  Here we go…

Belgium - circa 1925 - Queen Elisabeth of Belgium’s Diamond Bandeau Tiara

Denmark - circa 1804 - Queen Désirée of Sweden’s Ruby Parure Tiara (though the original set of hair ornaments weren’t turned into a tiara until much later)

Liechtenstein - circa 1870 - Kinsky Honeysuckle Tiara

Luxembourg - early 1800s - Luxembourg Empire Tiara

Monaco - 1949 - Princess Charlotte’s Pearl Drop Tiara

Netherlands - 1881 - Queen Emma of the Netherlands’s Sapphire Parure Tiara

Norway - early 1800s - Duchess of Leuchtenberg’s Emerald Parure Tiara

Spain - 1867 - Infanta Isabella of Spain’s Shell Tiara

Sweden - circa 1806 - Duchess of Leuchtenberg’s Sapphire Parure Tiara

United Kingdom - 1820 - King George IV of the United Kingdom’s Diamond Diadem

lil ask meme

1. pick one: roses, sunflowers, lavender

2. what animal would you be?

3. what song describes you?

4. fave time to study?

5. art hoe, literature hoe, music hoe, videogames hoe or stationery hoe?

6. pick one: ruby, sapphire, amethyst

7. what question do you get asked too much in real life?

8. pastel or minimalistic?

9. describe your favourite childhood memory

10. favourite smell?

11. how much time do you spent on tumblr?

12. if you could tell every single on this earth one thing, what would it be?

13. how will life look a month from now?

14. dawn or dusk?

15. how do you spend a free day with no obligations? 

16. favourite quote?

17. how do you motivate yourself?

18. what impression do people normally have of you?

19. what books are on your to-read list?

20. favourite playlist?

Steven Universe Theory: Steven is bilingual

Steven Universe (or Steven DeMayo) is at the very least bilingual and this is proven in the recently released Steven Universe episodes. In Gem Heist, Steven speaks a little Spanish but that’s not the focus of this theory.

In the episode, Holly Blue says, “Ugh, their insistent barking. What is it saying?” This shows that Holly Blue doesn’t understand English but Steven understood what Holly Blue said. It’s proven again when Steven said (more like wailed), “How do you get into the zoo?” and Holly Blue brushes off the question as a hilarious noise, but when Sapphire asked the same question Holly Blue responds with “Excellent question!”

Steven a receptive bilingual. He clearly understands what any gem is saying but can’t speak (proven in Gem Heist) or read (proven in Monster Reunion) the gem language or languages.

Spoilers for Steven bomb

“Is this going to work?”“no”
So when blue diamond questions sapphire you know how she froze up?? It’s was probably suppose to end there and they all get captured. But you know what??? Ruby fucks with the future again and grabs sapphire’s hand to comfort her. RUBY CHANGES THE FUTURE EVERYTIME. Like in “hit the diamond” she says baseball and screws with the future. In “the answer” she fuses with sapphire and changes it again. In “that will be all” she comforts sapphire and gives her strength that changes it again. So yeah Ruby screws with the future a lot


Ruby: Hey everybody! We’re a new family here at Beach City and we decided..

Sapphire: That we would make a blog for our little adventures and the different memories made!

Ruby: So send us in any questions ya like, make sure to send some in to the little squirt too! She’s the coolest kid in town.

Garnet: Ask us.

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Also, keystone motel, we see that rubys weapon is a gauntlet, this brings up the question, whats sapphires? does she have one? is it a gauntlet too? or something else?

im pretty sure its a gauntlet if she has s weapon, since ruby summoned one n it doesnt seem like anything could combine with hers n have garnets weapon be gauntlets

Okay, so I’ve been thinking. When garnet pearl and amethyst fuse they create alexandrite. But what would happen if pearl fused with sapphire and amethyst fused with ruby, and then those two fusions fused with each other, would they still make alexandrite? Or what if sugilite fused with pearl, would that make alexandrite? Basically what I’m saying is, is it a strict formula of garnet plus pearl plus amethyst equals alexandrite or is it just ruby sapphire pearl and amethyst fused in any combination makes alexandrite. Because this leaves potential for a handful of new fusions still


so i was thinking, when Peridot says “Don’t touch that! You clods don’t know what you’re doing!” in Jail Break, i wonder which definition she was referring to because the first definition could be an insult to the crystal gems for them living on earth, which would kinda make sense

but also the second definition means stupid, and by saying they don’t know what they’re doing it would make sense to be calling them stupid
or maybe they chose that word specifically so they could get away with both of the definitions which would be pretty cool