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1. pick one: roses, sunflowers, lavender

2. what animal would you be?

3. what song describes you?

4. fave time to study?

5. art hoe, literature hoe, music hoe, videogames hoe or stationery hoe?

6. pick one: ruby, sapphire, amethyst

7. what question do you get asked too much in real life?

8. pastel or minimalistic?

9. describe your favourite childhood memory

10. favourite smell?

11. how much time do you spent on tumblr?

12. if you could tell every single on this earth one thing, what would it be?

13. how will life look a month from now?

14. dawn or dusk?

15. how do you spend a free day with no obligations? 

16. favourite quote?

17. how do you motivate yourself?

18. what impression do people normally have of you?

19. what books are on your to-read list?

20. favourite playlist?

Who shattered Pink Diamond?

So lots of people started to blame Yellow Diamond but this case isnt as clear as this.

First of  all while Yellow Diamond seems suspicious we should also remember that Yellow even in the past seemed to be very angry and immidately jump to conclusions. YD holds her emotions back and she mourns by using anger and revenge. YD wants to punish that gem who killed PD but her judgement is clouded by her anger. Also remember how the Diamonds were described in the past.

Blue Diamond a stoic ruler who couldnt stand imperfections and weakness  and who rarely showed emotions (just look at how Sapphire and Ruby described her), what we see now is the effect and changes what PD’s death caused in her so it isnt hard to imagine what PD’s death caused in Yellow Diamond.

We know from Peridot that her Diamond suppose to be the most rational one but now that we saw her reactions she behaves very differently or is she? When Peridot called her she behaved very official and someone who would ask logical questions but her behaviour immediately changed when Peridot started to speak about the Earth. I think that in the past YD was actually the most logical one but her sister’s death changed her and filled her with regrets and anger.

Just remember her song. Does this gem look and sound like somebody who killed her sister?

For me no instead she sounds like somebody who cant bare to thought that  her sister died and who wants immediate revenge so she can close of this part of her life as soon as possible. She wants to do this quickly because she feels that her pain will break her and not because she tries to hide that she killed her sister.

Secondly as Zircon said something is very suspicious here. How PD’s gems didnt notice anything or tried to stop Rose and why lots of them dont plan to get revenge but they seem satisfied with their lives elsewhere? We only saw BD, YD and Jasper to care and want to get revenge.

Also remember what Eyeball asked from Jasper (Amethyst) the first place before she admitted she witnessed Rose killing PD? Where were you when it happened?- My question is why would ask this at the first place? It seemed like Eyeball wanted to make sure that Jasper was there or not, but why? Especially because she suspected that Jasper wanted a closure. What if that Eyeball and other gems were in part of the cover up and Eyeball wanted to make sure that Jasper was in it too or that she wasnt there so she could continue the lie…

Third. There are things that still dont make that much sense. Why did the CGs tell Steven that it was Rose who did it while we know that she was innocent? Werent they there or they just assumed Rose did it and she never told them the truth? Garnet said that Rose alway did everything for the Earth and for others so why would she cover something like this up especially because Pink’s death was the reason that the Diamonds used corruption and the cluster against Earth? Who did she try to protect with this?

Fourth. Why Pearl reacted so badly on the Moon base? She looked like somebody who saw something horrible but she also doesnt want to speak about it. Lots people say that it might have been Pearl because she could get close to PD and she also uses swords and she is important enough for Rose to take the blame for but how she could cover it up? Would the other gems deny that it was a Pearl who killed their leaders because of shame? And why would Pearl still held PD’s symbole if she did it? Although for me it is a little bit suspicious that we have never saw her shapeshifting. Maybe she used Rose appearance to make her a hero? Still was she strong enough to crush a diamond?

Then who could do it and why?  I have two (maybe three) theories about this.

1. It was White Diamond. 

We didnt really see her but we see her influence through the show.

Remember the temple pictures? We saw Rose Quartz holding a Diamond against somebody who looks like White Diamond.

What if Pink Diamond took part in the rebelion but she did it under cover. Maybe Rose managed to influence her or it happened the other way around. Maybe PD didnt like how things went on HW and she wanted to creat a whole different system and colony but White Diamond found it out or she just wanted to get rid off her because she opposed her ideas so she killed her.

 She also had enough influence to cover it up.

 And if the theory about Pearl was White Diamond’s Pearl first is true and later on PD accepted her then maybe she wasnt the only gem who PD managed to get away form WD and maybe she was losing many of her followers so she had to kill her sister to mantain her power. It is also very suspicious that only the two other sister care about the killer of PD. And we also saw that WD as the more dominant diamond in the corruption and even in the trial platform too. So she is very suspicious for me.

2.       PD’s followers

 So we heard from Eyeball (and other witnesses also said too) that she saw Rose Quartz shatter PD but if it isnt true and Rose  wasnt there and neither of them Diamonds committed the crime then only the followers left.

 Remember the temple pictures again?

It seems like the hands go toward a diamond. For others this seemed like a praise and the sign of admiration but for me it looked more like gems wanted to tear apart their diamond. It wouldnt be the first time that people=gems rebel against their ruler and kill them. They could have the time and could cover it up and they dont seem to mind PD’s absence that much (except Jasper) and it would also make sense why Pearl was in shock and why she fled and why would  Rose cover it up especially if some of her friends took part in it, maybe the rebels managed to convince the other gems to take part in the rebelion and they wanted to get rid off PD. I mean it probably wasnt only Bismuth who thought shattering a diamond will bring peace and freedom.

But we still have to answer lots of questions like how? They probably needed much more strenght to accomplish this but were they really able to do it? Maybe with fusion or they used some kind of weapon?

3+. Which is a combination of the two.

WD managed to use PD’s followers and the rebels to turn against PD and helped them out to shatter her. This seems the most possible for me.

 I still have questions tho. Why were the pearls so suprised about PD’s Pearl? Did they just forget about her or assumed that she died?

And why did the Diamonds get rid off PD’s symbole? It seems that somebody works very hard to destroy even the memory of Pink Diamond.

Last picture is from the Su wiki.

Ain’t that the damn truth. 

Sure, there’s infatuation - that feeling that gnaws at you when you first start liking someone. You think about them all the time, you envision what being together would/will be like, you don’t quite act yourself - and it can feel very intense, and it can trick you into thinking you’re in love, but chances are that flame will die out. No, love is more than that; love is something that grows over time. Love isn’t the intense flames of passion, but the dull, steady burn that follows. It’s a place of comfort, and it’s something that takes nurture and care to keep alive. 

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I have a drawing prompt: draw Meeshell as different types of Mermaids; artic, deep sea, swamp, etc. (Excluding tropical because she's already a tropical mermaid.) 😉

lmao i spent so long on this one that i don’t have time to do more but ooohhhhh well if somethings worth doing its worth overdoing

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Steven Universe!

The first character I first fell in love with: 

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: 

I’m pretty neutral on these two, I guess? They’re good foils.

The character I love that everyone else hates:

The character I used to love but don’t any longer:


The character I would totally smooch: 

Let’s be real they’re all really fratchin’ pretty.

The character I’d want to be like: 

The character I’d slap: 

I can’t wait for her redemption arc.

A pairing that I love:

A pairing that I despise: 

honestly tho yellow diamond as the sympathetic diamond is so much more compelling

because with blue, they made her sympathetic by stripping her of all her intimidation and dignity. she cries and mopes and aside from that ONE shot of her questioning sapphire she’s a blubbering mess. it’s not interesting?? we cant hate her because she’s oh so sad, but we cant like her because shes a dictator. it’s so wishy washy and leaves her with virtually no character depth

but yellow?? she’s angry. she’s bitter and wants to erase every scrap of the earth and the rebellion, even if its a waste of resources. it makes her multi-faceted while STILL being an intimidating villain. you know she’ll never be a good person, but she’s still interesting and you can feel for her. i could just imagine her like, slowly becoming more obsessive over destroying the earth, disobeying commands from the other diamonds and making her own armies question her, ultimately dooming herself to failure. it’d be so cool and GOD damn do i hope they go that route and just pretend blue diamond doesnt exist.

StevenBomb 6 [ Heavy Spoiler Warning]

First, if you have watched the leaked videos, please try to watch them on TV when officially come out or on the CN app. Support the show. Please.

This is the edited version with the keep reading line so as not to accidentally spoil anyone who has yet to watch the Bomb or does not plan to watch until the May 8th (The Keep Reading/Read More is having trouble please let me know if it shows up)

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The latest SU episodes raised up more questions than it answers Spoilers under the cut:

The WANTED event came and went and while I did like it I am disappointed that we are now more in the dark than we used to be about plot related stuff.

First of the things I liked are Homeworld, little we got to see of it, the new gems who have really creative designs and the Diamonds themselves. I loved seeing YD and BD just work off of one another and interact. Also, seeing a less mopey Blue was nice for a change. I was surpised that she was willing to listen to Steven because she wanted to know how Rose did it. I also really liked it when YD started poofing gems left and right. FInally something bad she did on screen.

What I didn’t like in this bomb is the fact that we now have more questions thn before. Some questions were given answers.

Answers we got:

  • How Lion came to be.
  • Where was Pink Diamond killed
  • How Homeworld looks
  • Different types of fusions
  • We learnt there are different types of Sapphire

Question raised because of all that happned:

  • Where the hell is White Diamond? Does she exist? Why is no one acknowledging her existence? Is she a fusion? Is she dead? There is no reason to keep this secret. We could have at least gotten a line saying she was away conquering a planet or something or that she is dead.
  • How did Pink Diamond end up shattered? Blue Zircon said it couldn’t have been Rose because she wasn’t close to her, as PD had no Roses in her court at that point in time because, probably all where bubbled because Rose rebelled. Frankly, I don’t like this implication that Yellow shattered her and because she did so she panciked when Zircon implied that. It kind of takes away from the fact that Rose did an unspeakable thing to stop the war, because it was YOU KNOW, WAR. It made Rose a more interesting character. Shattering PD and still feeling bad and guilty about it but she had to do it to get a point across. Now she is practically innocent until proven otherwise.
  • Why does Steven have a new power? It has been well established his tears did not heal. How come now they can heal dead organic matter? Why would any gem need that ability? Being that neither them nor their planet is organic.
  • Why are Rose Quartzes so incredibly powerful? They have such an amazing and long list of powers that other gems seem pretty much useless next to them.

I think this is pretty much it. I loved the episodes and I wish that they would give us plot related ones more often. And I hope they won’t go back to slice of life episodes and forget that Lars is on Homeworld cus that would suck.

Also, what happened to the two Zircons and Topazes?

Hey guys wanna see my Gemsona

Her name is Granite

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 970

A/N: A short drabble where the reader has trouble sleeping. Mild angst with mentions of sleeplessness and anxiety/nightmares. Also, serious fluff courtesy of the sweetest seraph ever.

The unseasonably cool evening air kissed the still sunlight warmed asphalt, raising a gauzy mist to swirl about your feet as you strolled the deserted roadside. So cold was the night, even the song of the crickets, toads, owls, and other melodic denizens of the wee hours were numbed to silence. Only your deep rhythmic breath, billowing out before you in swiftly dissipating grey clouds, and the soft cadence of your footfalls disturbed the hush – all the world seemed asleep save yourself. Nights like these, when the dread of anxious disquiet dreams and nightmares seized you before you could so much as close your eyes to begin the search for rest, you found a semblance of peace in this waking walking solitude.

The familiar welcome ruffle of celestial wings tickled your ears mere milliseconds before you felt the buckled sleeve of a trench coat lightly brush the back of your hand. You subtly shivered, but not from the cold or the unexpectedness of his arrival.

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But also: nearsighted Garnet, who got it from Ruby. That's why she never takes her shades off- they work sort of like glasses, but it's only as a fusion she has the ability to make them (but if people think they just look cool then she's fine with that). That's also why she was crouching down really close to Steven in Jailbreak after reforming, because shE COULDN'T SEE HIM help I'm emotional about nearsighted Garnet.

(I like the way you think, Anon.)